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Ultimate Checklist for a Professional Market Stall


Uzes Market by Peter and Orchid Seller by TimothyJ on Flickr.

In order to make a sale, you need to make people want to come to your market stall and take a look at your products. Now, although this is sometimes easier said than done, it is not rocket science. There are many ways to attract potential customers and one of which is by having a professional looking market stall that looks ready for business.

There are many ways to make your stalls and gazebos look pro, and the following list of necessary items and must do’s should help you get started. A PDF guide is also available for download if you’re looking for something easier to hold and check.

1. The Right Gazebo

First off is choosing the right gazebo to use. When setting up your market stall, first thing you need to make sure is that it has the right foundation by using a gazebo that will fit your needs. You will be spending most of your time under your gazebo that is why it is very important to choose one that is high-quality and not something that will break in a couple of weeks’ use. 

After choosing the right gazebo that will serve as your main stall, then it’s time think about what you will place in and around it. Every market stall presentation is an art – this will allow you to show your talent and be more creative. A good looking market stall will surely win the heart of every customer. We suggest you read about the best market stall presentation ideas.


Day Market Stall by Morgan Davis and Night Market Stall by Brian Jeffery Beggerly

Every business owner should know that choosing the right portable gazebos is one of the major factors that can make or break your small business and market stall. There are many considerations that must be taken in choosing your gazebo, and some of them are outlined below:

  • Colour – The colour of your gazebo should reflect the brand or product that you are selling. For example, if you sell perfumes and wines, a black-canopied gazebo can be used, as this colour is often associated with class and style. On the other hand, if you are reselling children’s toys or hip and fancy fashion accessories, bright coloured gazebos are more appropriate.
  • Accessories – Gazebo accessories add a touch of professionalism to your market stall, along with a whole lot of other functions.
  • Gazebo Walls – Installing a gazebo wall is a great way to keep insects and dust from entering your gazebo and getting on your products.
  • Floorings – When people walk into your shops, it cannot be helped that they are going to kick up the dust as they trod along. Thus, it is helpful to layout a flooring for your gazebo, especially if it is one about.
  • Lighting – Installing lights for your gazebo is a necessity when you have walls and the natural light is limited like in those dark rainy days. It will also make your market stall look brighter, warmer, and more welcoming.
  • Awnings and Gutter Systems – To further protect you, your products and your customers from the weather, you will have to install a gazebo awning for added shade or a gutter system to redirect the rainwater and keep them from dripping on your gazebo.

2. Signage and Banners

A business with no sign is a sign of no business.” If you want people to remember your stall a banner or signage will help. Make sure you use a banner or signage that can go along with your gazebo. When it comes to your banners, you need to:

  • Make sure that it is big enough to be seen even from afar, but not too big that it will make your stall look small and awkward.
  • Your business or brand name is not only readable but printed clearly and correctly.
  • Be sure to have your business or brand logo printed on the banner as well.


Spring Valley Farm by Elvert Barnes and Ironwood Farm by Brian Chow

Having a banner on your market stall does not only tell people that you and your business exists, but also helps give them something to remember you by.

3. Show People Your Achievements

Awards and Recognitions

You can make your stall look professional by displaying any award or recognition you received for your business or products. It would be nice to have some national recognitions, but even ones from the locale or community will do. These things will let potential customers know that your product is of good quality and is one of the best available, which in turn can influence their buying behaviour. In addition, displaying these things will give you an edge over your competitors if there are any.

Government Certificates

Government certificates also help to boost the professional presence of your market stall. Certificates issued by the government like sanitation certificates, fire safety inspections and others show your customers that you are a serious business person, and not just any fly-by-night market stall owner.

There is no singular secret to running a widely-successful market stall. It takes the right combination of factors and steps to achieve a memorable and profitable stall. There are several Essential Tips to Ensure Market Stall Success – in this guide you will learn the most basic ingredients to help you whip up the perfect market stall.

4. Product Display

The way you display your products also affects the overall image of your market stall. It doesn’t matter if your gazebo is the best looking in the market if all your products look like a messed up head on the table.


Jewelry Booth by Sandra Callau and Bonnet and Scarf by Anneheathen

The most common display method is by putting your products on the table, but if you’re aiming for a professional looking stall, you may want to get glass cabinets and some extra shelves to put your products in. These are especially helpful if you are selling food or anything that needs to be protected from dust and dirt.

As for your tables, you would want to spice them up a bit by using tablecloths that complement your products. You need to choose the right colours (dark vs. light colours) and the right design (plain or printed). You can also make use of small boxes to give some element of elevation, which you can also use to highlight the best of your products.

You can also make use of props along with your products. For example, if you are selling jewellery and make-up, a small table mirror is necessary. You can also use a mannequin head for headbands, hats, wigs and other head accessories.

5. Display Price Tags

One of the greatest factors that influence consumer behaviour is the price of the item. In this sense, it is a good idea to make price cards and place them right next to the item. These price cards should be big enough to be spotted by consumers even if they are in the stall in front of you. Great products and items should be able to attract customers, and displaying their price tags helps to increase the chances that customers will come to your stall and take a look.


Baguette, Menard Sourdough by Alpha and Bread by reca2g

It is true that setting up your gazebo to make it look like a professional market stall does take some work. But then again, the benefits and rewards more than makeup for all the effort that you spent in the endeavour. Remember though that it takes more than a professional looking gazebo in order to make it in this business – you should make sure that professionalism goes beyond the stall – it extends to your products and you, as the stall owner as well.

To help you further, you can download a PDF copy of the complete checklist to creating a professional market stall so you can tick away as you go.