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Small Business Ideas: What You Need to Know before Setting up Portable Gazebos, Sydney

If you’re looking for flea markets where you can spread your wares and sell some items under portable gazebos, Sydney is a great place to start looking. The city is filled with so many flea markets that offer great opportunities for small business owners looking to put up a portable shop so that you may reach a wider range of audience and customers.


The Rocks, New South Wales. Photos by wikipedia and m.claude

If you don’t have a gazebo yet, then this would be a great time to do some shopping. However, before you rush to the gazebo market, there are some considerations that must be made before purchasing a gazebo:

  • Size – the size of the portable gazebos you will be purchasing depends largely on several things like the allowable space for you to set them up in. You can know this by contacting the market organizer – a list of which is included in the later parts of this article.
  • Product – some products will require different kinds of portable gazebos. A stall that sells items like clothes and toys may settle for smaller ones, while food stalls will definitely require bigger portable gazebos given the need for tables and benches and cooking and food preparation equipments.
  • Weather – knowing this will help to identify not only the kind of portable gazebos to buy but also the accessories that you may need, like gutter kits for rainy days and awnings for those hot and sunny ones.

Sydney Climate: This capital city is a wonderful place for small business owners to setup portable gazebos. Sydney has an overall temperate climate. The summers are pretty warm, with the hottest month being in January at around 60-80 degrees Fahrenheit, while the coldest month is July where the temperature falls down to 40-60 degrees Fahrenheit.

Which Portable Gazebo Should You Choose?

Choosing the right portable gazebos is one of the major factors that can make or break your small business and market stall, and thus it is important that you have a good range of options to choose from prior to making a purchase.


OZtrail Green and White Canopy. Photos by Gazebos Australia

If you have the space, then it is a good idea to go for a bigger sized gazebo like the OZtrail Deluxe Gazebo 3x3m. This 3×3 metre gazebo should be big enough to suit the purpose of any small business, whether you’re running clothing apparels or food business, this size should be enough to get you covered. Portable gazebos of this size have large enough canopies, and have heavier legs as well. Because of their size, it is but natural that they be made using quality and sturdy materials in order to withstand damages from use.

If the size allotted for you is quite limited and you are only allowed to set up small portable gazebos, then a more compact portable gazebo like the OZtrail Deluxe Compact Gazebo 2.4×2.4 metres should do the trick. Gazebos this size are pretty light, and thus perfect if you need to take them down at the end of the day and put them back up the following day. Despite the lighter weight, this gazebo is pretty sturdy because they are made of quality materials that are sure to withstand everyday use.

Portable Gazebos Accessories

Gazebos also come with different accessories which further enhance the aesthetics and functionality of the gazebo itself.

  • Coloured Canopies– If you want to make your stall stand out from among the rest, then installing a coloured canopy on your gazebo will do the trick. You can choose from different colours like bright reds and yellows and whites. These bright colours will surely stand out from the normal blue or black colours used in many gazebos. Also, the colour of the canopy should be suitable with the product you are selling. If you are selling clothes and children’s toys for example, a bright coloured canopy is best. On the other hand, if you are selling classy products like wines, then a black canopy would be a better option.
  • Leg weights – cyclones and tornadoes do not pass across Sydney, but the weather can get windy at times. In order to keep your portable gazebos from flying you can attach leg weights on them.


OZtrail Gazebos and Accessories. Photos by gazebosaustralia

There are two main types of leg weights that you can use namely sandbags and base pods, both of which come with their own advantages and disadvantages. Sandbags are made from quality canvas material which doesn’t rip easily, and since it is already filled with sand, all you need to do is to tie them on your gazebo’s legs. However, they can be quite heavy to lug around, unlike base pods which are empty upon purchase, making them easier to bring along. You can simply fill them with tap water once you get to the market, screw them in the legs and empty them again when closing time comes.

  • Awning – the Sydney weather can be quite sunny and hot at times, and so you would want something like an awning. These items should do an exceptional job of protecting you, your goods and your customers from the Sydney sun.
  • Gutter System – rain is pretty spread out throughout the year in Sydney, and so you would want something to protect your customers and your goods from getting wet. A gutter system would be sufficient enough to do this by directing the rain to a gutter so they don’t splatter around your gazebo.
  • Lighting Systems – when your flea market last into the night as most do, then you would definitely need a lighting system. This lighting system will make sure that your products are well lighted even at night. You can install a concentrated lighting system which gives enough light to flood your gazebo, as well as light ropes which add a bit of light and colour to your gazebo.
  • Banner Kits – A business without a sign is a sign of no business, so be sure to have a banner attached to your gazebo. You can buy banner kits and have them be printed by many screen printers in Sydney like Sign Kiosk or Banner Signage.
  • Canopy Replacements – If you find that your canopy is starting to show some signs of fading colour, you can always buy a new replacement canopy. Even if the original canopy still looks okay, you can also a buy a replacement canopy just so you have an option to change your canopy’s colour to match your products and the surrounding areas, or to make them stand out among the competition.

Famous Farmers and Flea markets in Sydney

There are many farmers and flea markets where you can put up your business stalls. Here is a list of some of them:


Sydney Flea Markets. Photos by Gillian McLaughlin and pelican

Bondi Area

If you’re planning to sell some beach items as well as food that beach goer’s love, then the Bondi Beach Community Night Market in Carl Jeppesen Place, Bondi Beach is the place you ought to be. Trading season starts in September and runs until April the following year. You can learn more about their stall costs and regulations by visiting their website.

Aside from the Bondi Beach Night Market, there is also the Bondi Markets held in the Bondi Primary School Grounds where you can sell almost any kind of stuff from fashion to agricultural products.

Surry Hills Area

The Surry Hills Market is in Surry Hills and takes place every first Saturday of the month. They even have an email service to help you keep updated about the latest news and events happening in Surry Hills Markets.


Surry Hills Market. Photos by Surry Hills Neighbourhood Centre

Kirribili Area

Kirribili is another great place to setup a portable gazebo. Sydney’s Kirribili district has three markets that you may want to visit in Kirribili. There is the general market in Burton Street Tunnel and Bradfield Park Bowling Green which is held every fourth Sunday of the month, the Kirribilli Art and Design Market at Burton Street Tunnel, Milsons Point is which is held every second Sunday of the month, and the fashion market which is held from 9 to 3 at Bradfield Park Bowling Green on the second Sunday of the month.


Sydney Kirribilli Market Area. Photos by thekirribillicentre

Glebe Area

Glebe Market located in Derby Place and Glebe Point Road. They also have one held in the Glebe Public School grounds on Saturdays from 10 am to 4 pm. You can sell almost everything from new and second hand items.


Glebe Market. Photos by www.airbnb.com

Rozelle Area

The Rozelle Markets is more famous among shoppers because of the low cost second hand items sold there. The market is located in Darling Street, Rozelle are open on the weekends from 9 am to 4 pm.

Approximate Delivery Costs

It can be difficult to tell exactly how much it will cost to ship a portable gazebo, Sydney especially given the number of districts and suburbs, but here is a rough estimate of how much you can expect.

For the following places, a shipping fee of around AUD $41.20 can be expected:

  • St. George
  • Camden
  • Hawkesburry
  • Chatswood

For the following places, a shipping fee of AUD $29.50 can be expected:

  • Parambata
  • Hornsby
  • Bondi Junction
  • Campbelltown
  • Newtown
  • Strathfield
  • Sutherland
  • Penrith
  • Liverpool
  • Western Sydney
  • Canterburry

Flea markets are some of the most frequented places in Sydney, and are thus the perfect place to set up a portable shop in a gazebo. Now, you wouldn’t want to end up with a rip canvass in the middle of market day would you, or a set of wobbly legs which can compromise the safety of your products and the people in the gazebo? Thus, be sure to get only the best gazebo available.

You can visit Gazebos Australia for a full range of high quality gazebos and gazebo accessories which are more than capable for the job.


Rope Lighting and OZtrail 3m Mesh Wall. Photos by www.gazebosaustralia.com

If you are having a hard time choosing a gazebo, Gazebos Australia has personnel standing by to take your hand and walk you through and help you find that perfect gazebo for your business.