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Shade Sail Guides


Shade Cloth. Image from Michael Coghlan (mikecogh) on Flickr. Some Rights Reserved.

101 Ways to Create Shade

Be inspired by a gallery of photographs of fantastic shade sail installations and design compiled from all over the globe, from minimal modern patios to contemporary expressive verandas. Browse through the numerous ways on how you can design your home or restaurant artistically using these shade structures.

Shade Sails Definitions

Shade Sails terms might sound too jargonistic and might just cause confusion. We aim to aid you in making the right purchasing decisions. So check out some definitions here to help you get through these terms with much better understanding.

Reduce Your Cooling Bill, Install A Shade Sail

Learn about the many environmental as well as cost effective benefits that come with installing shade sails; likewise see for yourself the many ways these amazing products are utilised for protection in Australia and other places around the world.

Do I Need a Building Permit Approval for Shade Sail Installation?

Find out what you need to know before installing shade sails as well as some non-negotiable points, facts and tips before you can incorporate these amazing, maintenance-free pieces to your exterior designs.

GA Shows Homeowners How to Increase Home Value on a Budget with Shade Sails

Australia-based portable shade specialty store Gazebos Australia reveals how homeowners can increase home value through economical means. Find out the 8 ways to improve your home and cut costs with shade sails.

Shade Sails: The Advantages and Disadvantages of Owning One

Shade Sails are becoming more popular these days. Know the advantages of using shade sails, its benefits to our home and the environment as well as the disadvantages that discourages many people of buying one.

Handy Shade Sail Attachment Guide

Know what materials are needed in installing shade sails, how to prepare, position, and set up the support posts, and how to attach the shade sails to them. Learn the types of connection you can opt to use in attaching a shade sail to its support post. Included in this guide is a set of points and tips you must keep in mind when putting up shade sails.

Shop Smart: How to Avoid Poor Quality Shade Sails

Find out the things to consider when it comes to purchasing shade sails. These are going to be part of your property so you should invest in quality shade sails instead of cheaper ones. You’ll then be able to differentiate a quality grade with those which are not.

Buy the Right Outdoor Shade and Get Your Money’s Worth

With the different shade sails available in the market today, buying the right outdoor shade is a lot harder. But then again, it is no rocket science, if you know how and what to look for. Know what things to consider in buying shade sail for your place or property.

10 Tips for Maintaining the Value of Your Outdoor Shade Sails

Quality shade sails are built with high-quality materials. However, we still need proper ways to maintain its long lasting quality. This article will show you tips on proper maintenance and how to ensure that they are able to perform their functions well.

The Pros and Cons of Shade Sails That Every Buyer Should Know About

Shade sails on residential and commercial buildings are a common sight not only in Australia but across the globe. Find out what every buyer should know about the Pros and Cons of Shade Sails. Do the benefits offset the accompanying drawbacks?

What to Look for in a Quality Shade Sail

Shade sail comes in a variety of colours and designs, makes it easy to give patios, decks, or other outdoor areas a visually striking appearance while providing necessary protection from the sun. With all the many choices available in the market right now, choosing the right shade sail worth your dollar can be a tough task. However, this can be made easier if you know what you need to look for when buying a shade sail.

Five Tips To Getting The Best Price For Outdoor Shades

When looking to improve your home or workplace, installing an outdoor shade is one of the best options that you have. They are way cheaper than having a roof over your garden or porch built, and they are much more flexible. So you need to know which one offers you the best deal for your money. Know how to get the most out of your buck when you buy a shade sail.

GA Presents An Economical Home Improvement Idea To Increase Home’s Appeal

Improving the aesthetics of your property to increase value is often very costly. Gazebos Australia presents a more cost-effective option in improving your home – installing a shade sail. Find out why and how here.

A Practical Solution To Cut Electricity Costs Presented By Gazebos Australia

Though energy-switching plans offered by different providers may give some relief, consumers find the savings to be minimal. The real money-saver is in reducing consumption. Gazebos Australia introduces a simple solution: an environmentally-friendly and economical product that will help in keeping internal temperature low by blocking heat from external sources. Find out what it is.

How to Take Care of Your Outdoor Shade Sails

To maximize the lifespan of your outdoor shade sails, here are tips and advices to assure yourself of a great looking and functional shade sail even after years of having them installed.