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Oztrail Sports and Events Gazebo Package

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Sports & Events Package Whether you will watch a sporting event, set up a first aid station at a run, or need a stall for a fundraising event, the OZtrail...

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Sports & Events Package

Whether you will watch a sporting event, set up a first aid station at a run, or need a stall for a fundraising event, the OZtrail Sports and Events Package has everything that you will need to create a sturdy, well-protected stall that offers a bit of privacy. It combines a few of OZtrail’s best-selling products:

  • 1 x OZtrail Deluxe 3.0 Gazebo 3m x 3m (Blue, Red, Yellow, Black or Green)
  • 1 x Removable Awning Kit
  • 3 x OZtrail Solid Side Walls (White)

A Reliable All-Weather Gazebo

In the centre of this package is the OZtrail Deluxe 3.0 Gazebo. Its ground and canopy coverage is just right - suitable to fit in a small group of people comfortably, even with chairs and maybe a table added in.

The OZtrail Deluxe 3m x 3m Gazebo has strong legs and struts which makes it quite a stable structure. This is a feature that you should keep in mind if you will be at a big event and there will be quite a crowd.

This gazebo also has an excellent 300-denier polyester canopy which is silvercoated, waterproof, and can block up to 98% of UV rays. So it doesn’t matter if the sun is beating down hard, or the rain is pouring heavily, you will stay comfortable under this gazebo.

Increase Your Protection

The OZtrail Deluxe 3m x 3m Gazebo is fantastic on its own but imagine if you can make it better. By adding the OZtrail Removable Awning, you will be able to extend your gazebo’s canopy coverage by 1 metre. Or you can position it at an angle and block out more sunlight or rain. Made with the same material as the OZtrail Deluxe Gazebo’s canopy, this 300-denier polyester removable awning is waterproof and UV-treated.

Enclose Your Space

This package comes with 3 pieces of OZtrail Solid 3m Side Walls. By attaching the walls on 3 sides of the gazebo and keeping one side free, you will be able to create a private space with a view. Though they are made with lighter polyester material, these walls are still waterproof and capable of blocking UV rays.

Ensure Clean Floors

Keep the floors clean and free from dust and water with the OZtrail Gazebo Removable Floor. This 3m x 3m waterproof polyethylene flooring will fit the OZtrail Deluxe 3m x 3m Gazebo perfectly. It has peg down points and hooks on each corner for easy attachment.


OZtrail Deluxe 3.0 Gazebo

Dimensions: 3m x 3m
Maximum Peak Height: 355cm
Total Weight: approx. 26kg
Colour: Blue, Yellow, Red, Black or Green
Walk-In Height Positions: 193cm, 208cm and 223cm
Packed Size in Carry Bag: 160cm x 28cm x 22cm

OZtrail Removable Awning Kit

Size: 2.95m x 1.02m
Frame: Steel
Material: 300-denier polyester
Colour: Navy Blue

OZtrail Solid 3m Side Walls

Size: 3m x 2.1m
Weight: approx. 500gms
Material: Polyester
Colour: White

OZtrail Gazebo Removable Floor

Size: 3m x 3m
Weight: 230gms
Material: Polyethylene
Colour: Black


  • 300 Denier Water Repellent UVTex Suntough Canopy
  • Triple Layer 600 Denier Polyester Reinforcing Points in key wear locations
  • Silver Internal Lining on Canopy blocks more than 98% UV Radiation
  • Externally Bound Roof Line Seams to improve tension in the canopy
  • Large Roof Vents for improved heat and wind dissipation
  • Fire Retardant Material used in Canopy
  • Canopy Colour – Black, Blue, Green, Red or Yellow

OZtrail use an UVTex Suntough Polyester Canopy which is Silver Lined and provides UPF 50+ Sun Protection (Tested in Australia to block out more than 98% of UV Radiation). The canopy material is Water Repellent, meaning if there is light rain water won't pour through the material, though it may drip through the stitch lines.

In constant or heavy rain the canopy will fill up with water so keep an eye on it because if this happens your frame may collapse and damage the frame and anything, or anyone, underneath it. Once the canopy fills with water it will stretch the material and will never go back to it's original shape (so will sag and move around a lot more in the breeze).

If your gazebo or canopy gets damaged by wind or rain (or misuse) it won't be covered by the OZtrail warranty.

OZtrail Gazebos manufacture a number of gazebos that are re-branded and widely sold throughout Australia under various other brand names at major stores like Anaconda (Spinifex), Bunnings (Marquee Easy Up) and Masters Hardware (Swift Pitch), just to name a few, so if you want to compare models and prices be sure you are comparing OZtrail to OZtrail.

Warranty Information

For all gazebos, parts and accessories there is a standard 1-year manufacturers warranty in case of UV breakdown on fabric, faulty workmanship on the frame and parts. Keep in mind that the gazebos are intended ONLY as a temporary shade structure. They are not designed to be left up permanently or to stay grounded in strong winds and rains. Check the WARRANTY PAGE for further information.