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Shelta Flying Saucer Light (also suits some Oztrail Gazebo's)

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The Shelta Flying Saucer Light is meant to clip around the umbrellas poles. Its diameter is measured between 33.5mm to 50.8mm. Although, it can also be used to those Gazebos that...

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The Shelta Flying Saucer Light is meant to clip around the umbrellas poles. Its diameter is measured between 33.5mm to 50.8mm. Although, it can also be used to those Gazebos that has centre pole/leg such as the OZtrail Deluxe models

Its 24 LED globes can give enough light to your market stalls, campsites or any other outdoor activities. The LED also consists of 4 bright reflectors, all packed in its 16cm diameter frame.

This light is also designed to save energy and runs on 3AA batteries (not included). Above all, it is easy to setup


  • 16cm diameter
  • 24 powerful LED bulbs
  • 4 bright reflectors
  • Runs on 3 AA batteries (not included)
  • Compatible to poles up to 48mm diameter
  • Colour: Black
  • Clips onto the Retractable Light Bracket on Shelta Cantilever Umbrellas

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Umbrella Safety

The umbrella must be lowered when unattended or in gusty or breezy conditions. The wind puts great stress on umbrella frames which can cause damage to the umbrella and danger to people.

This umbrella is not recommended for use in exposed environments, such as high balconies or rooftops. Please follow instructions carefully when installing and opening.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Hi, I’m looking for a lighting solution for my gazebo which I use for markets. I’ve seen your Shelta Flying saucer light and was wondering if it would work on my set up? (March 2014)

A: The Flying Saucer light opens and closes around the centre pole on the Oztrail Gazebo (or an umbrella pole), just above a cross support (which stops it from falling off. Provided your gazebo had an upright pole (going vertical) in the middle of the gazebo and a horizontal support under it to stop it from falling off then the light should be able to close around it to get secured in place. Hopefully my description gives you some idea of how it works.
-Gazebos Australia

Q: Which is your best selling gazebo light the saucer for middle or set if 4 runs on batteries. Do they give good light? I would like to order, if it's not right do you refund? Also do you think you would need lights on either corner of gazebo and in the middle? Cheers (May 2014)

A: We tend to sell more of the Gazebo Lights that clip onto the struts, but it really depends on the customer and what they want or need. The light is adequate to see underneath but you wouldn't be able to easily read a book or newspaper. The fresher the batteries the better the light also. We do not offer any refunds or exchanges for any items unless they are faulty. If you happen to purchase something to try out to see if it suits you and does what you want it to do then we would not be offering any refund or exchange.
-Gazebos Australia

Q: I'm looking for lighting for my market stall & would like to know if the flying saucer would be sufficient lighting or would I require other lighting also? What size area does it light up? Also how long does it run on one set if batteries? Same questions apply for your set of 4 led round lights. (August 2014)

A: All the gazebo lights are designed to provide enough light to see underneath to set up stalls or if you are camping to see things on the ground but they aren't that bright that you could read a book, newspaper, etc. There is no mention of the diameter of the light that either style of light will light up. The set of 4 gazebo lights allow you to attach them to any of the struts so you can move the lights around to where you need them whereas the Flying Saucer Light can only be attached to the Centre Pole Section so will only shine light down to the centre area of the gazebo. The Flying Saucer light can last up to 40hrs whilst the Gazebo Lights can last up to 35hrs though it will depend on the quality of the batteries you use in the lights.
-Gazebos Australia

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