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Shelta 2.3m x 1.5m Cancer Council Family Pop-up Cabana with UPF50+

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These days, protection from too much exposure to the sun is a must. You cannot go out and expose yourself to the sun for too long because you run the...

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These days, protection from too much exposure to the sun is a must. You cannot go out and expose yourself to the sun for too long because you run the risk of getting skin cancer. 

With over 40,000 Australians getting treated for skin cancer each year, it's a real health risk.

This is why you need to bring a good shelter with you when you will have an outing, like when you go to the beach. While you're at it, you might as well get the best shelter available.

The Shelta Pop-up Cabana is Cancer Council approved. The Cancer Council is a private organization that funds cancer research. This means that the Pop-up Cabana has really what it takes to protect you from the harsh effect of the sun. 

The 2.3m x 1.5m Pop-up Cabana has a very durable lined canopy that has a UV protection factor of 50+ which is the highest rated in Australia.

Ultraviolet Protection Factor (UPF) is similar to the SPF rating used in sunscreens. UPF rating is used in garments to measure the amount of protection that a garment can provide from the ultraviolet rays of the sun. 

A garment with a UPF rating of UPF 50+ like the Shelta Pop-up Cabana can block 98% of the sun's harmful rays. With its lightweight quality and easy-to-use, pop-up action can set it up with ease.


  • Carry Bag
  • Zipper opening back wall
  • Cancer Council Approved
  • 2 Rear Screened Windows
  • Sand Pockets & Pegs for Securing
  • Fibreglass Tube with Moulded Hinges
  • Silver Lined Nylon Canopy 98% UV/50+UPF
  • Lightweight Breathable Sewn In Nylon Floor
  • Simple pop-up action, no assembly required


  • Size: 2.3m x 1.5m, Family-size
  • Color: Navy with Yellow Trim
  • Weight: Approximately 4Kg
  • Dimensions when closed: 55cm x 55cm x 5cm
  • Dimensions when opened: 230cm wide, 150cm deep, 135cm wide

How to Use the Pop-up Beach Shelter

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Product Reviews

- By Darren, Berkshire 30 June 2011

Finally, a piece of kit that makes life on the beach so easy. Other people at the beach were amazed when we slide the Shelta out of the handy carry bag, let it unfold on its own and then pull up the cord. Press where instructed and the Shelta collapses as easy as it went up.

I am a hard customer to impress but I was stunned by the ease with which this thing went up and down. It comes with weight bags and 4 easy to insert pegs - which went in (and stayed in) by hand. No mallets, no poles to insert, no piecing things together - an utter joy.

We had a windy week and the Shelta bends and adjusts with the gusts - quickly folding back into shape on its own without collapsing on the family. It is also light to carry - no sore shoulders when climbing up and down the Cornish cliffs!

- By Robert E. Dawes - 14 June 2010

In the past we have tried and hopelessly failed with other beach tents - spending ages trying to assemble them and keeping them from blowing away, but this tent from Shelta is an absolute doddle - even for someone as inept as me. It literally pops up in a few seconds, and then can be collapsed again without fuss.

- By SPK - 16 August 2011

This tent is brilliant. Excellent design. You can set it up and take it down within minutes with no bother. It is also very compact and easy to transport. Well, worth the money compared to all the trouble with cheaper tents, fiddling with poles snapping etc.

- By Jennifer Clarke - 25 May 2012

I was a little apprehensive at first, spending this much when cheaper options were available, especially as I would need to explain it to my husband! But my goodness, this is worth every single penny! The construction seems really robust with the good quality material used. This is no flimsy one-summers-use purchase. I am delighted with this. It is genuinely easy to use, a good size for a family and very well made. Would recommend without hesitation. 

- By Andrew Barnett - 26 July 2013

This is really a really good sun shield. Pops up easily mad packs up into lightweight carrying bag. Why won't this amazon system let me post until I have written what it things are enough words!

- By PJKatt - 8 September 2013

I wish I had thought of this. This is excellent for anyone who enjoys the beach life. Easy to use and light to carry.

- By Mrs. Masami Rogers - 29 December 2013

Goes up and down easily, very spacious - fits 4 people. Can be weighted down with sand or stones in pockets. Coped with a strong breeze on the beach.