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OZtrail Deluxe Scissor Arm Strut 1450mm Long

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You don't have to explain. We've heard it before! At the annual family get-together your hefty cousin Bill caught the gazebo instead of the football. Fear not - you're not...

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You don't have to explain. We've heard it before! At the annual family get-together your hefty cousin Bill caught the gazebo instead of the football. Fear not - you're not stuck with a mangled gazebo arm forever!

In these situations you don't have to replace the entire gazebo frame. For your convenience we offer replacement arms to ameliorate those special family moments.

You are buying a single 1450mm / 1.45m / 145cm long, steel strut arm for the Deluxe model of OZtrail gazebos. It is a joined pair of lightweight steel arms with scissor action, moulded plastic mechanism in the middle. 


  • Suits Deluxe, Deluxe Mega, Deluxe Pavilion & Deluxe Mega Pavilion
  • Screws not included (sold separately)
  • Complete with Cross Over Hinge Joiner
  • 1450mm Long
  • There is now two different types of deluxe struts for Oztrail Gazebos (Old and New) so all Deluxe Struts will come with two different size spacers, you will just need to work out which spacer is the same size as your existing struts and use that one (so it may involve you having to undo a screw to change the spacer over)

The Oztrail Replacement Scissor Arm Strut comprises of two straight metal struts joined at the centre via the black plastic Scissor Action Hinge. They are relatively easy to replace on your damaged gazebo simply by removing the old strut (by undoing a few screws) and replacing it.

Don't have an OZtrail Gazebo?

If you are looking for a replacement part for a different gazebo brand then you might just be in luck! OZtrail Gazebos manufacture a number of marquees that are simply re-branded and then sold throughout Australia under other brand names.

The same OZtrail gazebo is branded Spinifex (by Anaconda Camping & Adventure), Marquee Easy Up (by Bunnings Warehouse), Swift Pitch (by Masters Hardware), and QuickTop Weekender, just to name a few. This means that if you don't have an OZtrail gazebo there is a good chance that you will be able to use OZtrail parts and accessories.

If you're not sure if the brand you have is in fact a re-branded OZtrail, or whether the part will be a perfect match, then please email us. We need a photo of your broken part and the brand name. We're very friendly and will respond asap. However, please note that we can only guarantee it will fit an OZtrail Gazebo. If it doesn't fit your gazebo we can't refund or exchange the part.

Other replacement accessories such as Bolts & Screws, Pegs & Ropes, Carry Bags, Legs, Moulded Plastic Fittings, Struts and Canopies are also available via the Gazebos Australia store.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: We have an Eazyshade gazebo that has damaged scissor arms. We were wondering if the arm kit that you have on your site will fit what we have. Size of broken arms are 25mm x 12mm x 1.43m
- Don (Feb 2014)

A: The Oztrail Deluxe Replacement Struts (arms) measure approx 1450mm x 23mm x 11mm so they are close but not exact and we can only guarantee they will fit an Oztrail Deluxe series gazebo. So, if you purchase some and they don't fit we wouldn't be able to refund or exchange them.
- Gazebos Australia

Q: Hi! Are the replacement Gazebo arms (1.45m) steel or Alloy?
- Frankie (Jan 2014)

A: These replacements arms are steel and designed to fit the Oztrail Deluxe Gazebo.
- Gazebos Australia

Q: Can you supply 4 scissor tubes (2 scissors). The plastic parts survived but the tubes are damaged/broken.
- Grant (May 2014)

A: We just sell the Tubes (Arms) as a set of two with the plastic hinge, as it's actually cheaper to purchase the complete Scissor Action Strut rather than the 2 arms separately.
- Gazebos Australia

Q: I have the a gazebo and have broken 1 side scissor and bent one that goes into the middle. Would they be a generic size? I measured it to be 1480mm. Would you have something to suit. Thank you.
- Justin (June 2014)

A:There are many different brands of gazebos on the market and they all tend to be a little different so that you can't use parts or accessories from one brand on a different one. The length of the Deluxe arm for an OZtrail Gazebo is 1450mm long, however it may have holes in a different place or be wider than the brand you have so we can't guarantee it would fit.

At the end of each arm there is a hole starting approx 10mm from the end of the arm. The hole diameter is approx 6mm.
- Gazebos Australia

Q: Hi, chasing a Scissor Action Strut for a Deluxe Pavilion gazebo, it is the struts between the legs, not the between the leg and centre pole?
- Matt (November 2014)

A: The Scissor Arm Struts on the 6m x 3m Deuxe Pavilion are all the same length at 1450mm long.
- Gazebos Australia

Q: What is the difference between a Deluxe Scissor Action Strut 1450mm and a Strut Arm Deluxe 1450mm.
- Sue (December 2014)

A: Both those parts are the same. The actual part is called a Scissor Action Strut however we find most customers and other sellers of OZtrail gazebos call them a scissor arm strut so we put both descriptions to make it easier for people to find them during a Google search. The important thing is to make sure you have an OZtrail manufactured Deluxe Gazebo and the struts are the same length as the strut you are purchasing.
- Gazebos Australia

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