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XX-Large Dog Pet Pillow 1200mm x 1050mm

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The perfect present to spoil your beloved four legged friend, this soft cushion will make your pet never want to leave the comfort of their bed! The Pet Pillow brand...

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The perfect present to spoil your beloved four legged friend, this soft cushion will make your pet never want to leave the comfort of their bed!

The Pet Pillow brand XX Large Pet Pillow 1200mm x 1050mm is Australian made using durable shadecloth for the top layer. This fashionable pet pillow uses a soft polyester fibre filling which is a comfy addition that will give your pets the best night sleep of their life!

Consider Pet Pillow brand Pet Pillows to be an investment in value for money and long-lived comfort for your furry friend


Versatile - These pet pillows be used as an addition to your Pet Pillow pet bed, as a pet travel bed or just about anywhere you want your pet to hang out!

Easy to clean - Our Pet Pillow brand Pet Pillows are extremely easy to clean and keep clean! Either spot clean with warm, soapy water and a sponge or for a dirtier bed, simply hose it down and leave it in a warm place to dry.

70% Shadecloth Material top layer

  • UV resistant
  • Heat build up resistant
  • Flea and mite resistant
  • Tear and fray resistant
  • Mould and mildew resistant
  • Odor resistant

Colours – Black, Green, Sand, Terracotta

Availability - Small, Medium, Large and Extra Large, XX Large

Australian made - Excellent quality and workmanship guaranteed

Recommendated XX Large Pet Pillow Sizes Suitable for:

120cm x 105cm

  • German Shepherds
  • Rottweilers
  • Retrievers etc

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What size should I get?

A: To properly match a Pet Pillow brand Pet Pillow to your dog's sleeping arrangement, we have some recommendations listed in the section above "

Recommendation Pet Bed Sizes'

If you have a dog that is bigger than the average for their breed, you might want to get the next size up.If you are still unsure, measure your dog from head to tail, in your dog's most common sleeping pattern and compare it to the size of Pet Pillow Pet Beds we offer. We would also recommend adding a bit of extra space for when your four legged friend likes to stretch out a bit.

Q: What if my order contains a defective product?

A: We guarantee the workmanship of our products. If you receive a product that is damaged or in some way defective please let us know as customer satisfaction is very important to us at Gazebos Australia.

Q: Do you offer custom sizes?

A: Unfortunately, at this time, we only offer our existing sizes of Small, Medium, Large and Extra Large, XX Large.

Shipping and Delivery Information

As you can imagine, delivering dog beds and accessories can be challenging for couriers and Australia Post due to size and weight. We will send your order with the company we believe will be best suited based on the products ordered, delivery location, price and expected delivery time. This is calculated on a per order basis, meaning we check every single order to ensure it is sent to you via the best possible service method.

In order to get the freight price, we are going to calculate the products individually. The cubic size of this product is expensive hence we can't provide a flat rate. We will then email you the freight price, whichever is higher, and for delivery via E-Go Road Transport. In some cases we may end up sending the order via Australia Post or on a different freight company (Direct Freight, Fastway Couriers, Brizfreight, etc) if we find their prices to be cheaper and/or their delivery time to be quicker to your location.

If we use a different freight company and we find their charges to be cheaper we will refund the freight amount you have been overcharged. Check our customer reviews and testimonials; you'll find that our customers often comment on shipping refunds as we find better methods of delivery.

We only charge what it costs us for freight, packaging and handling - We don't add on extra costs to the delivery charge to make money off our customers.

If you have any questions regarding the cost of delivery to you then please feel free to contact us to discuss your options.