Top 5 School Fundraising Ideas that Do Not Involve Selling Food

One of the things that you'll notice in a school fair is that there will be many stalls that will be selling foods like cakes and cookies.

If you want your gazebo and products to stand out from the rest, then you can choose from this list of 5 great yet simple fundraising ideas that do not involve food.

Ornamental Flowers

If baking is not your thing, then selling ornamental flowers is an option that you can look into. This will however require at least a month's preparation or even longer, depending on the kind of flowers that you are growing. You'll have to make sure to protect your flowers or merchandise so that they will not wilt easily, so attaching a protective awning to your green-canopied gazebo is a definite must.

Most schools have their own class gardens, and some classes even grow their flowers inside their classrooms in pots. You can sell these flowers during the fair, or if not, the students can ask their parents for some cuttings in their gardens.

In order to make your products sell, you'll have to be creative about arranging your flowers. You can't just sell flowers in a brown clay pot. Instead, try to look at other things you can use as pots live big cups or multicoloured ones and make flower arrangements. You can also make bouquets wrapped in colourful and lovely wrappers.

You can get cheap flower seeds from Bulbs Direct, who sells various flower seeds especially aimed at clients who are planning fundraisers. Some of their products include the following:

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Personalized Calendars, Cards and Diaries

Another great option that will surely sell is personalized items and souvenirs like calendars, cards, and diaries. This is one of the things that you do not often see in school fundraisers, and so there is a high chance that you will be the only ones who will be selling these stuffs, which means low competition and more profits.

With a little creativity, you can learn how to make your own customized calendars, cards and diaries using Photoshop and other similar computer software. You can even use the students' artworks and as calendar and diary covers. However, if you want more professional looking ones, then you can visit Crazy Camel Fundraising. Check out their pricing page to see how much it will cost you to have these personalized items created and how much profit you can make.

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Customized Pens and Pencils

Customized sets of pens and pencils can make a wonderful addition to your stalls of personalized calendars, cards and diaries. They are quite cheap and promote your class, club or organization and even your school by having your names engraved on them.

Fundraysia is a great source of customized pens. You can choose from the different quality ballpoint pens with soft grips and have them customize it for you. Aside from names, you can also give them your logos and symbols and have them printed on the pens as well. Priced correctly, you can get back as much as 100% profit or about $25 for a set of 25 pens. They offer free deliveries, too.

As for the pencils, you can get special sets of pencils from Smencils. These pencils are packed with special features that make them some of the best fundraising ideas that you can have for your school fair. For one, they are environment friendly as they are made from recycled papers instead of wood. Second, they have unique scents (cinnamon, wild berry, mocha, etc.) that make them very appealing especially among children.

As mentioned, you can add these items in your inventory and sell them, and give away the unsold ones as prizes for your raffles and games.

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Scratch Cards

Having a game or a raffle is another fundraising idea which will surely earn your club or class great profit, and scratch cards are some of the easiest fundraising ideas that you can have for your school fair. They are enticing to both students and adults so long as you have an attractive scratch card and a great prize. Speaking of prizes, it is also a good idea to have a picture of your prize printed on the banner on your gazebo, something which should encourage people to come and pay your stall a visit.

Fast Fundraising is one company that you can turn to in the making of your customized scratch cards. They will design the scratch card booklet cover for so you only have to worry about selling them and giving the prize.

There are many types of prizes that you can give away in your scratch card raffles. For one, you can stock up on cute and crafty school supplies like pencils and notebooks, and even toys if you're school fair caters to pre-school and elementary students. Boxes of cupcakes are also a good idea. You can bake one or ask your parents to bake one for you.

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Customized Handbands/Wristbands

If you are planning to put up fashion and accessories stalls, then you can include customized handbands or wristbands in your inventory.

Also known as baller bands, this silicone based wristbands are some of the trendiest fashion accessories nowadays. They are worn by kids of all ages and even adults. You can customize your baller bands by having it embossed with your school's name, your club's name, or a quote or statement that you find fitting for your organization. You can contact Handband and inquire about the different packages that they offer for schools and fundraising events.

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Brainstorming fundraising ideas for your upcoming school fairs is not as difficult as it seems. With careful planning, a well-set up gazebo and the right choice of products and items, you may find your fundraising event more successful than you anticipated.