Shelta Shade Umbrellas



Shelta has been around for over a century making furniture and shade products to enhance your outdoor living experience and make it a pleasure. Therefore, you can confidently use your Shelta products every day. They are built to be comfortable and durable.

Notably, Shelta leads the Australian market for rain and outdoor umbrellas. In fact, this was Sheltas original heritage business before diversifying into outdoor furniture.

But they’ve evolved over the years. Here’s a brief overview of their history.

How it All Began

The year was 1911. An umbrella business, Excelsior Umbrellas, based in Sydney Australia had been ravaged by fire. But three brothers William, Albert, and Alfred House and a friend Ebenezer Phillips bought the remains of this business and renamed it ‘Shelta’. And in January 1911, in Kent Street, Sydney, Shelta opened for business.

Shelta’s Century-Long Journey

  • Mid 1930’s – Shelta expanded to beach and garden umbrellas
  • 1937- Shelta opened a second factory in South Brisbane
  • The mid-1950’s- Shelta had employed over 250 employees
  • 1961- William, Herbert, and Alfred retired leaving their children Ralph and Douglas to run the business.
  • 1960’s and 1970’s – Telescopic rain umbrellas (Shelta and Knirps) and floral printed and fringed vinyl garden umbrellas (Waikiki and Valencia) boomed.
  • Mid 1980’s – Ralph and Douglas retired. They handed the company over to their children David, Anthony, and Julie.
  • Early 1990’s – The three became intrigued by the then thriving East Asia’s outdoor furniture industry.
  • 1994 – Started importing outdoor furniture. Learnt the ropes and loops of the business.
  • 2000 and beyond – Launched a myriad of Resin Wicker Modulars, Coffee settings, Deep Seat, Dining settings.

Despite having moved to a much larger premise in 2004, Shelta continues to enjoy tremendous growth in their business. Today, Shelta is a leading name in both umbrellas and outdoor furniture.

Best Selling Shelta Australia Outdoor Umbrellas

The Shelta name is recognized and trusted Australia wide for its wide selection of umbrellas and outdoor furniture. Their umbrella product range is easily classified into the following:

Shade Umbrellas

Designed to last you longer no matter the weather, these shade umbrellas can make your outdoor living space a lot more livable. That’s because the great scenic outdoors can quickly turn into “not so great” when it is sunny and it gets uncomfortably hot.

But, with the best umbrella shade, you will enjoy a perfect shade without having to worry about getting scorched.

Here are Shelta Australia’s finest shade umbrellas. Choose from a wide selection of colours and sizes to suit your taste. 

Beach Umbrellas

A trip to the beach is never complete without a beach umbrella. It is most likely going to be hot or windy. And there’s no better way to shield yourself against nature’s elements than to grab yourself a Shelta Australia beach umbrella.

Shelta Australia beach umbrellas are lightweight, durable, and UV-treated for extra protection. Th beach umbrellas are inbuilt with smart mechanisms for easier usability.

Here are Shelta’s top-selling beach umbrellas. So why not grab this beauty and say bye bye to sunburns?

Rain Umbrellas

Get stylish in the rain with Shelta’s innovative rain umbrella. Built from the choicest materials, this sturdy rain umbrella will last you a lifetime. Feel free to use it even on sunny days. Rain or shine, stay in style.

Check How Strong Shelta Umbrellas Are!

Shelta Products Review

Can’t Live Without Umbrella

Umbrellas make the outdoors bearable, enjoyable and remind us that we’re a sunburnt country. Scorching yet beautiful to be part of and lap up the sunny days. Australia has a very high rate of melanomas so a good quality umbrella is a must!
Joan M.

Sturdy and Excellent Sun Protection

Bought for someone who is very sun sensitive – this umbrella offers excellent sun protection, and it is also solidly built and able to withstand reasonable wind gusts. Still a compact size too. Highly recommended.
Happy Customer