Oztrail Gazebos



OZtrail was founded in the early 1990’s in Queensland, Australia by the visionary Whitaker Family. And to date, OZtrail exists for the sole purpose of bringing you the highest quality camping and outdoor products at very reasonable prices.

And decades later OZtrail has managed to remain the brand of choice for most of the Australian outdoor adventurers. A quick walk through any campsite, weekend market, beach, school event, pet show, fete, or even backyard barbeque across the country would prove this point. The OZtrail brand continues to be a favourite.

Why Buy OZtrail Gazebo Tents?

There’s a good reason as to why OZtrail continues to enjoy a constant presence at outdoor and camping events. Here are some of the Oztrail features.

  • Combine high-quality materials and up-to-date construction techniques
  • Create portable shelters that’ll stand strong against the harsh Australian weather
  • Make durable products that will outlive use
  • Provide a wide range of accessories
  • Readily available spare parts so you don’t have to throw your frame out when a couple of arms break

All these are made possible by the fact that OZtrail has an in-depth understanding of the changing need of Australian customers. Besides staying true to their mission of providing good quality products at pocket-friendly prices.

OZtrail delivers excellence in every product that they craft. And they give you the liberty to accessorise your gazebo, awnings and many other with a whole range of walls, replacement canopies, accessories, and spare parts. All readily available and fits in easily and perfectly.

OZtrail Products in Australia

OZtrail offers a wide selection of outdoor and camping products to Australian customers.   

Best Selling OZtrail Gazebos


OZtrail Deluxe 3.0 Gazebo 3m x 3m

This beauty has proved itself as a favourite for Australians and the world over. It’s a rugged, professional, and completely portable shelter that’s easy-to-use and built to last. Still our best-seller and makes a perfect market stall.


OZtrail Deluxe 2.4 Gazebo 2.4m x 2.4m

This is the best gazebo when you have tight space for your market stall or any other outdoor activity that requires a small shade. Easily portable as it weighs less than the popular 3m x 3m.

OZtrail Fiesta Compact 4.8 Gazebo 2.4m x 2.4m

This gazebo is slightly bigger than the 3m sided deluxe gazebo but narrower. Canopy and walls replacements in those dimensions are readily available. You can pick from a wide array of colour to suit your brand or taste.


Oztrail Hydroflow Deluxe 6.0 Gazebo 3m x 6m

The Hydroflow Deluxe Gazebo Range has anti-ponding supports in each corner to reduce the chance of water pooling in the canopy and collapsing the frame. It provides maximum space thus is a perfect gazebo for your extra special gatherings.

Privacy shouldn’t be an issue because Oztrail offers 6 meters by 6 meters side walls to suit your needs. Plus, they fit perfectly on this gazebo. The walls are most ideal when the weather is unfriendly, or you just need an enclosed space with some privacy.

Benefits of an OZtrail Gazebo

Here are two videos giving an overview of gazebos features as well as benefits of the OZtrail Deluxe Gazebo. For more informational videos about your favourite OZtrail products our official YouTube channel here.

OZtrail Gazebo Customer Reviews

Easy Set Up and Pack Up

This gazebo is well worth your money. It’s easy to put up and down quick pack up and very sturdy. I will definitely be purchasing another when I need too.
Brooke, Brisbane

Simple Set Up

Set up is simple enough, but you do need two people to do it. It’s about 23 kg, a little bit heavy to put on the roof rack basket on my Kia Carnival, is the con from me. Also, it will be very handy if the carry bag got hook/ring on it to help to secure it on the roof rack.
David S.

Convenient for Camping

I have the 3 x 3 meter of this and it’s convenient and easy to take camping, its compact enough that it packs away for easy storage when not in use.

Good Quality

I ordered the 3.0 (Size 3x3m) gazebo after reading lots of reviews. Across the board, it seems to be very well reviewed. I was able to put it up on my own (though definitely easier and quicker with two people). The gazebo seems very well constructed and of good quality.
We have bought it to go camping and will have it up for a week, rain and sun are forecast. I will update my review if needed but at this point am very happy with our purchase.

Does What It’s Supposed to Do

Great value for money – easy to erect by one person, easier with two, a breeze with four. Provides good shade, variable height adjustment, does what it is supposed to do.

Getting the cover back in the bag – never managed it with any tent I’ve bought without some patience and careful folding. Goes in with care and tenacity though.
Andy, Brisbane

Great Gazebo

Our 3×3 deluxe gazebo has been great yes 2 or 3 people to put it up easier but I can do it by myself albeit slowly. All in all its really good ours gets used regularly and is put away after use.  Common sense says you don’t use it in windy/gusty weather or large rain events, though we’ve used ours in the rain. Dry before storing. Great Product.
Sandy L.