Coolaroo Shade Sails



Also known as GALE Pacific, Coolaroo is an Australian company located in Melbourne, Australia. They manufacture quality shading, screening, and garden products. Impressively, their manufacturing operations operate beyond Melbourne to Asia and the USA.

It is also noteworthy that they have a global presence including New Zealand, the Middle East, the United States and throughout Europe

For 50 years and counting, Coolaroo is the leading brand for quality outdoor lifestyle products such as Shade Sails.

Why choose Coolaroo?

For years now, Coolaroo has relentlessly kept on researching and improving its craft. Coolaroo has set very high manufacturing standards that are yet to be surpassed. As a result, they’ve met and exceeded the expectations of their customers Australia Wide.

Coolaroo understands Australia that’s why in an effort to solve the persistent problem of harsh Australian heat and unpredictable weather, they’ve created a wonderful product called the Coolaroo fabric. It is created to block out harmful UV rays while letting air to pass through. The result is a cooler protected shade for you.

Coolaroo sells a wide range of portable shade and shelter products as well as speciality items. These include placemats and exterior curtains that boost both indoor and outdoor designs and layouts.

Coolaroo Shade Solutions include:

Popular Coolaroo Products Available In Our Store

Here at Gazebos Australia, we stock popular Coolaroo shade sails. If you don’t see what you need, then please email us for a personalised quote.

Retractable Blinds


Retractable blinds are capable of adding insulation, privacy and light control to the outside areas of your home and other entertaining or workspaces. It is capable of reducing temperatures by up to 32% compared with direct sunlight which is independently tested by CSIRO.

Coolaroo Retractable Blinds come in different sizes with 90% UV and 95% UV shadecloth for you to choose from. It is made of knitted UV-stabilised high-density materials which increase household energy efficiency and helps protect your interior furnishing from the harmful rays of the sun.

It is also made of breathable and durable fabric to ensure that hot air doesn’t get trapped between the blind and the window. The materials used can resist tearing, fraying, mould and mildew.

For more convenience, it is easy to operate, maintain and clean. Plus it is available in different shade (shell, charcoal, and riverstone) and sizes to suit your needs and the size of your window.

Roll-up Blinds

Coolaroo Roll-Up Blinds are a perfect addition to your home since they are unquestionably appealing and elegant while it helps keep your home cooler, especially during summer time.

This kind of window blinds is made with knitted UV-stabilised high-density material which is a durable fabric that resists tearing and fraying. It perfectly protects your interior furnishings from the harmful rays of the sun by up to 95% UV rays.

They also help increase your household energy efficiency. Moreover, their durable fabric is built to last and protect your home in numerous ways.

Savvy homeowners invest in windows without mistakes, and their decision to purchase a window roll-up shade is based either on décor or security needs. Selecting this for your window shades installation can give you the best solution for light control and privacy concerns.

Coolaroo Shade Sail

Coolaroo Shade Sail will amazingly spruce up your backyard while reducing your cooling costs. Whether you want to install your shade sail on your patio, deck, or playground you will always end up with a good relaxation area.

The shade sail fabric is specially designed to block up to 95% of harmful UV rays while still allowing air to pass through the fabric. It doesn’t fade under because the fabric is UV stabilised.

You can then enjoy staying outdoors and appreciating the beauty of nature without worrying about exposing your skin to the harsh sun especially when it’s way up high.

How to Easily Install Your Coolaroo Shade Sail

Installing your Coolaroo Shade Sail is easy, although it requires time and proper planning to make sure that it will stand all kinds of weather.