Accessories & Parts

The beauty of OZtrail gazebos is how they are so easily customisable. With just a few add-ons, your gazebos will be ready to take on any market day, sporting event, pet show, or family gathering.

Keeping your market stall well-lighted can do wonder for your sales. The OZtrail Gazebo Deluxe LED Spotlight will help give your customers a better view of your merchandise. For more tips on how to sell more, read 17 Ideas to Sell More at Your Market Stall.

Lastly, say goodbye to your windy-day woes with the OZtrail Sand Bag Kit Deluxe which will add weight and stabilize your market stall.


Gazebo Frames

Gazebos are fun and trendy while others are corporate looking. But a gazebo is nothing without its frame. A gazebo frame is a very first piece that needs to be installed for a gazebo to stand as sturdy as possible. OZtrail Gazebo Frames offers heavy duty powder coated steel frames. Gazebo Frames from OZtrail have been certified by Australian Engineers for sufficiency of design to meet the Building Code of Australia for temporary structures. So what are you waiting for? Check the list of OZtrail’s Gazebo Frames to find the one that best suits your needs or contact us through our Live Chat below!

Gazebo Spare Parts

We stock the largest range of OZtrail spare parts and replacement accessories in our Australian warehouse, ready to be shipped to your door. If you need a new replacement part for your gazebo to check the lists below. Sounds confusing? Just click on the Live Chat below and we’ll help you sort it out. For all other fittings not found in this page, please send your request via with clear photographs or provide an OZtrail item code. 

Gazebo Replacement Canopies

OZtrail Gazebo canopies are the best of the best. But if you have one for many, many years, and the signs of wear and tear are starting to become apparent – then perhaps it’s time for a replacement. Take your pick from the selection of replacement canopies below. They come in all different colours, sizes and fabric weight.

Gazebo Walls

Improve your OZtrail gazebo’s privacy and weather protection with these wall kits. As durable as the gazebos themselves, you will find it very convenient to have them attached to your gazebo. Certain varieties can double as shade or awning, too. Versatile and gives you a bang for your buck.

Other Accessories

OZtrail accessories can make your experience a bit better. You can use the OZtrail Pod Kit, OZtrail Sand Bag Kit Deluxe and OZtrail Removable Awning Kit on windy and rainy days. And so much more that suit your needs.

Umbrella Accessories

Simply having a huge umbrella at the beach may not always be enough to keep your beach trip hassle-free. Especially when it gets extra windy, you might need to keep your stuff from getting blown away. That’s where a beach umbrella securing system or a sand auger might come in handy. Snack time will also be more fun if you a seat stick or an umbrella table for your food!