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Other Famous Markets From Around Australia

“The three basic elements of any market or event are the organiser, the stallholder and the shopper. For a successful market, they all have to be there…two out of three doesn’t work!” – The Market Guide Australia

Markets have a way with us Australians; it is where we mingle, haggle and enjoy. In markets we get to taste new and exciting things, or reminisce with the flavours we’ve known since.

Under the gazebos found in these areas, we hunt for treasures, set our sights on unique crafts or simply immerse in the multi-faceted crowd that roam alongside us. But do you know there are many more markets in the country to see and be in?

If you’ve been to Victoria, Paddington, Salamanca or Balmain before, you’d like these other bustling marketplaces, each famous in their own right.

Old Bus Depot Markets


Some Amazing Market Action in OBD. Photos by obdm.com.au

Location: 21 Wentworth Avenue, Kingston Foreshore

Canberra, Australian Capital Territory, Australia

Canberra’s Sunday best!”

This national award winning indoor Sunday market boasts of over 200 stalls housed within a wonderfully old industrial building, showcasing the products that result from the talent and creativity of the region’s arts and crafters.

Pick from a list of unique handmade items like ceramics, water features, glass art pieces and leather items, or browse and take your fill of fine food like gourmet home dishes, wines, confectionery, flavoured dried pasta and freshly ground coffee.

The Old Bus Depot Markets are easy to access when you’re in the area, with facilities that make certain your day goes a smoothly as the trading goes here. And besides the wide range of stalls, enjoy a multicultural adventure as you watch talented musicians perform, try some tarot reading on the side and take in the energy of the local crowd and tourists.

An assortment of special themed events such as the Retro Depot, Kids in the Shed or Creative Fibre happens regularly throughout the year in OBD.

Market Video:

Chinatown Night Markets


Food And The Crowd. Photos by Alpha and Newtown grafitti

Location: Dixon Street Mall, Sydney

NSW, Australia

Going Oriental Down Under…”

This unique and exciting Chinatown lights up many a Friday night on Dixon Street Sydney, and opens a wide array of stalls and products to the public.

They have bags, computer accessories, Asian arts and crafts, fragrances, crystals, home décor, candles and handmade goods available for bargaining (get your haggling talents on). Some of the more distinctive features of the markets are traditional dragon beard candy making, Chinese dough sculpturing, masseurs and caricature artists, bundled with the electric atmosphere of street performers, fortune tellers and music.

Exotic Asian cuisines are also available for the hungry as gourmet food stalls from various Chinese provinces along with Indonesian, Japanese, Malaysian and Taiwanese also set up shop here.

Browse, shop and stroll about—this is as close an experience to the true Asian nightlife you can ever get in the country…but with an Australian flavour that makes it distinctly our own.

Market Video:

Penrith Showground Markets Wednesday


Penrith Showground Markets. Photos by clubpacewaypenrith.com

Location: Penrith Paceway, Corner of Station & Ransley Streets

Penrith, NSW, Australia

Midweek Market Magnificence come rain or shine!”

Sydney’s Penrith Markets are the biggest midweek markets that don’t pause be there rain, hail or sun! Some of the market is undercover, but business in majority happens under outdoor stalls and canopies.

You can find all types of merchandise here, including clothing, bric-a-brac, fresh produce and crafts at the best and reasonable prices. They have between 250 – 300 stalls each week, selling, trading and supplying to the public choice products as well as food!

There is a dining room and kiosk with meals available on site, so you can stop for a break and a quick bite before jumping back into the fray of the markets again.

Mindil Beach Sunset Markets


Mindil Beach Sunset Markets. Photos by exploreaustralia.net.au and joelandhelenswedding.com

Location: Office Shop 5, Air Raid Arcade, 35 Cavenagh Street Darwin

Northern Territory, Australia

The fun starts after sundown.”

Between the months of May and October, the tropical night air at Darwin’s Mindil Beach Sunset Markets is not the only thing famous in these parts Thursday and Sunday evening. The markets also come full and heaping with a magnitude of outdoor stalls offering international cuisine, arts, crafts and entertainment, making the unique combination of great food and ecstatic atmosphere a must visit.

While enjoying the spectacular sunset, up to about 60 food stalls featuring Turkish, Greek, Sri Lankan, African, Asian and other cuisines afford you the opportunity to have a picnic dinner on the beach.

Afterwards, take to the other sellers for some haggling or just unwind and let the night take its time around you. There are masseurs, tarot readers, leatherworkers, artists, tailors and jewellers to find, each more than willing to offer you something great to take home.

Market Videos:

Art and Craft on the Coast


Art and Craft on the Coast. Photos by weekendnotes.com.au and queensland.com

Location: The Esplanade Park, Gold Coast

Queensland, Australia

Beachfront setting bargains.”

The Gold Coast’s famous art and craft markets, held on Sundays on the fabulous Broadbeach, Coolangatta, and Burleigh Heads beach-fronts play setting to easy shopping and shoppers looking for gifts, souvenirs, and all the peculiar and the magnificent options to take home or to taste. Large, colourful and buzzing, these markets boast over 150 stalls, tons of gazebos, tourists, locals, visitors and a seaside atmosphere heaped with the best and most original of Australian-made products. Operating for over 20 years no and counting, the enjoyment starts 8.00 a.m. to 2.30 p.m., held all year round.

Market Videos:

Adelaide Central Market


Through The Central Market. Photo by adelaidecentralmarket.com.au

Location: Grote Street, Adelaide

SA, Australia

Life and colour all year round…

The Adelaide Central Market is alive with business, and has since then becomes a special place for regulars that prefer shopping here than anywhere else for fresh food, and an exhaustive selection of fruit and vegetables, meat and poultry, seafood, gourmet, cheeses and cakes all underneath one roof. The hippest cafes in Adelaide can also be found here, where you can stop for a much needed break and soak it the lovely shopping experience—the noise, the smells, the variety, the colour. Or time your visit during those anticipated stall tasting days, Thursdays, Fridays and Saturdays, and get to taste a load of goodies: mushroom soup, yoghurt, game meat, cheese, Italian, seasonal fruit, Moroccan among others.

Market Video:

The Stirling Market


Under The Leaves and Canopies, Stirling. Photo by stirlingmarket.com.au

Location: Druid Avenue, Stirling SA, Australia

“The Stirling idea…”

Renowned for the diversity and quality of goods on offer, the Stirling Market is a monthly, award winning market with around 80 outdoor stalls which make, bake or grow a myriad of delights for locals and visitors alike. It is a street closure market, best seen under the fall of leaves that add to the romanticism of the place, and in co-operation with local businesses, the ambience is made even more attractive.

Monies raised from the stallholders are used to provide assistance to local groups and charities so the visit is worth the time and effort you spend. Open the fourth Sunday of the month 10am to 4pm except during December when the market welcomes guests and all on the third Sunday instead.

Market Video:

For a complete list of markets in the country, including contact details, market times as well as information if you want to invest or start your own stall, visit The Market Guide and Holidayz Market List for further details! Enjoy your Market!

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