Market Stall Display Ideas

Are you planning on selling at your local market? This gallery should help you find inspiration and ideas for improving your displays and sell more product. When you’re ready to get started, you may want to consider purchasing an OZtrail Deluxe Gazebo. This is one of the top gazebos used in market stalls around the country.

Poster Cards and Accessories Display. Be creative and at the same time organized. Note the multiple tiers of products to give some height to the display. Get inspired with this cool market stall idea.

Art Poster Display. All posters facing outward so they can be easily viewed by passers-by. The more you expose your products the more you attract your customers. Check out another famous market around Australia.

Mushrooms Display. Mushrooms are loaded with essential nutrients and are low in calories. Produce such as mushroom should be displayed in a way that buyers can check them for freshness and quality.

Black Market Stall (Closer View). Using an old suitcase is a prop that can give an edgy appeal to a stall. Not the scattered linen on the right. The diagonal placement offsets the otherwise square products.

Fashion Clothes and Accessories. Note the consistent colour theme for this market stall. The red and black really make the displays stand out.

Books Display. The books are spread over the table. The idea is to make it easy for customers to browse through. A well-organized market stall is more attractive and the customer will not just pass by but will take a look and buy!

Bread and Pastries Display. Small pieces at the front and larger pieces at the back creates a sense of height. This will make it easier for customers to choose what bread to buy.

Cake Display. Pre-cutting the cake will save time when servicing customers. The only problem is the cake might dry out. Also, you have to make sure that you handle the foods properly to avoid contamination. Check our more helpful tips here.

Colourful Candles Display. Blocks of colour have the best effect. This will allow customers to have an easier time in choosing what colour of candle, the size and type they want to purchase.

Beautiful Candles Display. Use the tiered display to give a sense of height and space. It can make the products look more substantial.

Cheese Display. Bringing along more than you can probably sell in a day creates a sense of luxury and abundance. Even though displaying lots of items in your stall looks good, try to avoid overstocking as it might overwhelm customers.

Christmas Decor Display. It is not just about the products you see, as an entrepreneur, it is important that you have good lightings and the right decorations.

Chocolate Candies Display. Make your market stall look inviting and delicious! When you do that, people will buy all your goodies.Get tips to ensure your success!

Colourful Bag Display. As an entrepreneur, you need to be creative and your stall should not look boring. The more colourful your products are, the more you attract your customers. Learn more.

Different Gifts and Accessories Display. Have some variety on your market stall. This will give your customers a very good impression. Get some awesome ideas here!

Healthy Fruits Display. One amazing idea you can do to attract your customers is to arrange your products in neat sections. It’ll be easy for the customers to look what they want. Presentation is everything.

Colourful Hats Display. A one level stall display may give your customers a hard time to see what you have in store for them. Layering them is very helpful and your products will look more visible.

Beans and Peanuts Display. The food you display will make money for you, but only if you do it right. When selling food, it is very important that you maintain cleanliness always. Get more tips here!

T-Shirts Display. Be creative not just with the designs of your T-shirt line but also how you present them in the market. Sometimes it is good to jumble your display a bit. Some people like to explore and find what they want on their own.

Computer Exhibit Display. Look at how awesome and cool the CPUs are. The way that they are displayed contributes to that cool factor.

Customize Computer Displays. When you display cool stuff just like these in your stall it will invite more people to check what you sell.

Condiments Display. This one looks okay, but to make it stand out adding more decorations and better lighting will help. Making the stall uncluttered will help the store appear cleaner and higher chance of selling all your products by the end of the day.

Jams Display. Perfectly symmetrical displays can create a sense of luxury and space, enticing the customer to buy. The display looks simple but with this type of products, it is best to keep it that way. Remember it is important to maintain visibility on your stall. Get to know more market stall tips here.

Cooking Spices Display. As a stall owner, you need to show off your products to all your customers without saying a word. Putting the spicies in a sack is a great idea to make sure they are not scattered. When you sell foods it is also important you keep cleanliness – learn more tips here!

Jewelries Display. Most of the time women are the ones who visit jewelry stalls and end up buying. So, in order for you to sell more of your products, you have to make sure that your stall look nice, neat and the items are visible enough.

Picture Frames Display. Organize your market stall display so that people will not have a hard time checking what you sell. Hanging those big size picture frames is a great way to make room for the small ones. Check out more ideas on how you to improve your market stall.

Girls Accessories Display. They could’ve used a different color for their backdrop – pink or something powdered color cloth. The more colors you add to your stall the more it looks attractive and people will notice it.

Ladies Bag Display. The bags looks cute but adding more color and decorations to this stall will make it standout and attract more customers/people. You can also add beautiful lights so that people will notice your stall. Get more ideas here!

Craft Display. Usually, craft market stalls are the ones that really standout. Because of the colorful and creative items, people rush through it and buy!

Colourful Ladies Bag Display. When you add colors to your market stall you’re making it look more attractive. the way these colourful bags were displayed, nailed it!

Fabric Display. Although this one looks colorful, they could’ve arrange the fabrics properly – by grouping them together and not hang them as if their curtains. it covers the whole booth and look messy. Check out more helpful tips here

Assorted Nuts Display. It’s a clever idea to place the nuts in baskets. Using a serving spoon is also a good way to maintain cleanliness in your market stall.

Photo Exhibit Display. The display looks good. The way they organized the items makes the stall noticeable. Improving visual appearance will please your customers.

Ornament Display. The ornaments on display are fragile, anyone who bumps into the table might cause damage. Consider putting some warning signs in your stall, this will let people know that you’re selling fragile items.

Costume Display. This is a great example of having a colorful and well-arranged market stall. The way the colors wee incorporated it is also quite striking.

Seafoods Display. In order to keep your seafood display fresh, use a lot of ice. The use of leaves on the display is also a great touch.

Poster Exhibit Display. With this type of stall, space is very important. Your stall should have enough space so people can move around. Make sure the checkout area is visible to customers when they enter the store.

Assorted Bottle Display. When you display bottle,s it’ll be good if you group them according to the kind of drink or products they contain. that way people/buyers will not have a hard time looking at your items and buy!

Orchids Display. This one looks like a set of wild flowers. Adding a Bermuda grass will make them look even better. Learn here!

Flowers Display. This is one of the best display that we have featured here. The flowers look great and the images they have helped the buyers visualize how the flowers will look like once they bloom.

Variety Flowers Display. Selling lovely and colorful flowers is one great way to earn more. Make sure to group them accordingly so that buyers will have the easy way to choose and, of course, less damage on your flowers.

White and Red Wine Display. Adding lightings to this stall will make it stand out. That addition will also allow people to see the brand and the type of wine better. Learn more!

Fruits Display. Be inspired with this stall. Look how they group the fruits, it gives easy access to buyers and even those who are just checking.

Assorted Pasta Display. As stall owner, you should know the importance of proper food handling. Using a serving spoon or clean gloves is very important. Learn here!

Healthy Fruit Juice Display. This would look nicer and more appetizing if they use a tablecloth that is brighter and they have some fresh fruit for decorations.

Fruit Stall Display. When you sell fruits it is important to make sure they look fresh all throughout the day. Adding lights to this stall will make it look better. Check some cool ideas here.

Vegetables and Fruits Display. When displaying your items in your stall it is best that you use moderation. Take a look at the picture o the example. It looks cluttered.

Glassware Display. They could have made their display better by using a dark colored tablecloth and good lighting. That would have allowed the glass to stand out.

Gourmet Preserves Display. This guy could do better with a larger sign behind him telling people what he’s selling. We know they’re gourmet preserves but what makes them special?

Sports Accessories Display. They could’ve added images of famous sports stars and use a different color for their backdrop. Poor quality display.

Guitars Display. The way they hang the guitars look okay but they could’ve added some photos of a famous guitarist. This will make the stall look attractive.

Hats Display. Check out this gorgeous and stylish hats. Using a different color for their backdrop and more lights will make the stall pop-up.

Herbal Tonic Display. They could’ve added some decorations to make the stall stand out and people will notice the products. Learn more here!

Craft Art Display. This one looks fine but adding lights and some decorations will make this stall/display stand out. Although the crafts look good, too much brown makes it look lame. Get more ideas here!

Beer Barrels Display. Using barrels creates a more rustic feel for your display. It’s like your bringing the bar to your own market stall and for all beer lovers, it’s like heaven.

Jewellery Display. Hanging your pieces of jewelry will save you space and also will show people what you are selling. Remember the more visible your items will be, the more chances you have of selling.

Assorted Colour Baseball Caps Display. When you organize your product display people will have an easy time in choosing what they want to buy.

Colourful Basket Display. The umbrella looks nice and it does compliment the colorful basket bags. The way the sun hit the items makes it look more attractive.

Craft Booth Display. Again, using old suitcases not only doubles up as a good display setup but you can also pack away and take back home very easily.

Customize Rig Display. This one looks cool. Instead of just sticking to the typical machine designs, customizing it will help you sell and people will be curious on how you make it.

Figurine Display. Those flowers really compliment the figurines. It is important to make sure that your stall decorations compliment your items/products.

Strings Display. Grouping similar colors together creates a sense of more and abundance. It will also help your customers look for the right color or shade they want.

Organic Fruits Display. Interesting use of a different style of containers for the fruit displays at this market. Layering your products like this will make it look more visible.

Various Crafts Display. Be creative when presenting your products. Make sure to use backdrop and decorations that will compliment your products. Also, make sure that they are visible and organized.

Souvenirs Display. Souvenir shops are some of the most visited market stalls in the country. Look how they place each item and group them according to types, size nd color. This will help the customers choose what they want.

Various Products Display. Your market stall should always look inviting, people love item that are visually interesting. Adding more lighting to this stall will make it even better.

Assorted Vase Display. When displaying fragile items, it is very important to maintain safety and each item are visible, so that customers can see without holding them.

Dietary Vegetables Display. When you sell vegetables it is important to make sure that all your vegetables still looks fresh and clean all throughout the day. Spraying water will help them stay fresh.

Assorted Wine Display. In order for your stall not to look boring make sure to have variety with the way you display your products. In the picture, the twigs that serve as the decorations look awesome so does the cloth they us. it definitely compliment the stall.

Photo courtesy from Flickr by Karen Roe