Inspirations: Beautiful Photos of Market Stalls the World Over

Gazebos Australia presents this unique gallery of photos collected from across the globe, featuring the clean, green, remarkably colourful, innovative and sometimes surprising market stalls that will inspire you on your next display.

Spic and Span

MBK Indoor Market in Bangkok Thailand. Photos by Wright Outta Nowhere

In Bangkok Thailand, MBK stalls to be exact…although not fully outdoors, as they say, having a place for everything makes all the difference and this is a perfect example. So caps off to vendors who want their displays and floors clean enough to eat out of (not that we should, of course). 

So Many Things To Look At – Olvera Market, Los Angeles. Photos by Marika Bortolami and Fido

Another good example of a market stall design that’s just so ‘spic-and-span’ in this stop at the Olvera St. Market in LA. A quaint stall in the Mexican market that’s so colour-rich, not to mention, so well-organised. Even the displayed parasol seems to have been arranged into a specific layout. 

Tusk Fair Trade and OZtrail Gazebo White Canopy. Photos by GazebosAustralia and Harrogate News

Tusk Fair Trade in the World Village Market, North Yorkshire UK. Ethnic and beautiful, with all the clean lines of the product arrangement coming into play under the light of day. You’ll need a white canopy for this one, but the seeping sunshine will work its highlighting magic very well.

Stall to an Overflowing

Overflowing Market Display In Marrakesh, Moroccan. Photos by hnhiri and DEZALB

Here’s a market stall that’s so overloaded with goods, it appears to be a rainbow cave. Found in Marrakesh. Moroccan markets have always been home to splendid displays of wares, and often very colourful such as this one. 

Colorful China Market Stall Display. Photos by Christina Gallivan and tefl Search

Multi-awarded Singaporean pop singer-songwriter and playwright, Dick Lee’s favourite close-up shot of a market stall in Hefang, China reveals an abundance of colour and designs (properly grouped together) that make an interesting wall. 

Colorful Market Stall in Türkmenabat. Photos by and Danielzolli

Another form of ‘displayed abundance’. A sea (and fall in the background) of turkmen textile with stunning patterns at Türkmenabat, one of the biggest Markets all over Central Asia. Not all items need to be hung in a market stall. Sometimes, all you need is to just artistically leave them in rolls on the clean floor. 

The Green and Great Ideas

Green Czech Republic Market. Photos by inhabitat

Going green in Czech Republic. Connectible market stalls that are not only easy to set up (they’re foldable, just like a book), they’re also eco-friendly. A large chalkboard on one side makes it easy to advertise even without the use of banners. 

Stylish Pointed Canopies, Sydney Australia. Photos by Brian Giesen and Bruce Tuten

Gazebos themselves can serve as the talk of the town and sometimes, picking a stand-out design can also work. These stylishly pointed canopies, for example, found in Sydney Australia have certainly become a subject for conversation among curious passersby.

Old People Selling Items. Photos by Mark Wu of MangoVine

Speaking of mobile, this is one amazing convertible mobile stall. Take it from this old-timer; any form of handicap should not stop a person from making the most out of a market.

Stars and Studded Stalls

Starry European Market Stall. Photos by

This stall selling unique and festive items for the holidays in Europe takes the cake for making the stall literally ‘twinkling’ with colour and light, which is a great idea, to catch the interest of shoppers and onlookers.

Colorful Holiday Market Stall. Photos by europeanbestdestinations

“Deck the Halls…” or the roof of your stalls. Look at that Winter paradise stall roof that’s have been converted literally into a Christmas tree forest of lights. Also achievable using a sturdy gazebo and some imagination. Picture taken in Stuttgart, Market Stall Lane, Germany.

Stylish Bracelet Tubes. Photos by Anguskirk and Steven Depolo

Using ‘bracelet tubes’ (and a lot of them) to highlight your best weaved or beaded works, makes such an eye candy that shoppers are sure to come poking about for a look. Like this image taken in the Teulada Market of Costa Blanca.

Well-Executed Themes

Beautiful Glass Display. Photos by GlassWithCare

This is actually an exhibition stall of fragile glass products by GlassWithCare UK, but they sure make good work in executing that vineyard/tendriled garden alcove theme. Especially since their store’s trademark design is the ivy leaf.

Nicely Done Handmade Items. Photos by Bonnie Christine

Another fine theme execution, this time, following the shades of brown. Elegantly laid backdrop and products at the Rockton World’s Fair, Hamilton, Ontario, Canada.

Gorgeous Item Display. Photos by ♥Paper Pastries

This adorable theme is almost good enough to eat, thanks to the darling efforts by ♥ Paper Pastries of San Diego County, USA during a craft show. Styling your stalls based on the concept of your store always works wonders.

Swinging Displays

Colorful Hanging Product Display. Photos by Klaus Nahr and southeastasiabackpacker

Hanging products up the ceiling frees more space, not to mention, makes a fine canopy of cascading colors like this streetside stall in Arambol Beach, Goa India. Within are even more items like fine textiles, trinkets and food stuff.

Beautiful and Colorful Flowers. Photos by Expedia

Another display that makes use of hanging produce to add interest to the store. In Amsterdam’s flower market, this stall has been turned into a literally ‘blooming’ garden, complete with an archway, plants, flowers (covering the ceiling above) and wooden accents. This style could also be achieved under a gazebo. Check this next image:

Colorful and Attractive Paper Umbrella. Photos by and Alpha

A good way to make people notice: hanging parasols upside-down under the white of your gazebo (like from the ceiling of the OZtrail Ultramax), like what this seller did, in an antique market of Xi’an, China.

Photo courtesy from Flickr by Alpha