GA Shows Homeowners How to Increase Home Value on a Budget with Shade Sails

Brisbane, Australia (12/12/13) – Australia-based portable shade specialty store Gazebos Australia reveals how homeowners can increase home value through economical means. “To those who wish to upgrade their homes but are finding it costly due to the recession, the simple installation of Shade Sails can improve your home’s look and expand livable space at a fraction of the cost of let’s say, building a verandah” explains Katrina McKinnon, owner of Gazebos Australia.

Gazebos Australia also points out a Shade Sail benefit that Australians will truly appreciate – it can help in cutting electricity costs. Due to recent reforms, electricity prices in Australia is at an all-time high this year. This drives both households and businesses to seek alternative cooling methods to keep their electricity bills down. “With the right product, an environmental and economical solution is possible” , adds Katrina. In addition, there is the raised awareness in the effects of global warming which increases the pressure to use environmental-friendly devices.

Shade sails are affordable, easy-to-install, and environmentally-friendly devices that can be set-up in the backyard, or any outdoor space surrounding the house. They are effective in blocking heat and keeping the area under the shade cool. Shade Sails are also made with HDPA (High Density Polyethlene) which are reported to be maintenance-free as they do not rot or degrade even when exposed to various weather conditions such as the sun and rain.

8 ways to improve your home and cut costs with shade sails:

  • Keep the house cool with shade sails. They can deflect a significant amount of heat from the sun; installing them near the house will help bring down the in-house temperature, thus reduce cooling costs.
  • Instead of building a verandah, use a Shade Sail to create a comfortable lounging space in your backyard.
  • Replace fragile umbrellas and other breakable temporary structures with more stable Shade Sails.
  • Extend the life of outdoor furniture with Shade Sails; Shade Sails can block UV rays that can be damaging to most materials.
  • Install a Shade Sail over the pool or playground to keep these structures cool and usable even at high noon.
  • Modernise the exterior of the house with geometric-cut Shade Sails in sophisticated and universally-flattering colours.
  • Shade Sails are easier and more affordable to install unlike other permanent structures that would require a complete construction crew.
  • Shade Sails are maintenance-free; they will remain functioning and won’t require a replacement for many years.

About Gazebos Australia

Gazebos Australia is the leading distributor of environmentally-friendly portable shade products such gazebos and shade sails. They provide top-quality products and deliver to any point in Australia. Gazebos Australia can readily supply information and advice regarding products that can reduce the impact of electricity price hikes on households in Australia.

Photo courtesy from Flickr by gail