Gazebo Spare Parts

We stock the largest range of OZtrail spare parts and replacement accessories in our Australian warehouse, ready to be shipped to your door. If you need a new replacement part for your gazebo to check the lists below. Sounds confusing? Just click on the Live Chat below and we’ll help you sort it out. For all other fittings not found in this page, please send your request via with clear photographs or provide an OZtrail item code.

Please note: 

  • Standard 3m x 3m share fittings with no other model
  • Standard Compact and Compact Pavilion share fittings
  • Deluxe Gazebo, Deluxe Mega, Deluxe Pavilion and Deluxe Compact share fittings
  • Deluxe King and Deluxe Mega Pavilion share some fittings with other Deluxe models but also have their own fittings
  • Fiesta Compact and Fiesta Deluxe share fittings with no other model, except for replacement canopies


Bolts & Screws

Did someone fall on your gazebo and bend the bolts and screws? Tried to find replacements at your local hardware but they just won’t fit? We have a full range of genuine OZtrail replacement parts always in stock in our warehouse. Most parts fit into an Australia Post package and are quick and easy to despatch. If you don’t see what you need just email

Other Spare Parts

Need an extra set of pegs and ropes for your OZtrail gazebo? Get genuine OZtrail guy ropes, foot nails, canopy straps, and metal floor pegs delivered promptly to your door. Experience our fast, friendly service.

Carry Bags

OZtrail carries bags are manufactured in heavy-duty polyester canvas with reinforced seams to withstand the bumps and scrapes as you drag your gazebo in and out of your cars and trucks. Depending on your usage patterns you might need a genuine OZtrail replacement bag. Choose the correct bag size that fits your OZtrail gazebo model.


Did Uncle Harry accidentally crash tackle your gazebo and now the legs are wonky? This is the most common injury suffered by OZtrail gazebos. Luckily we stock the widest range of legs and struts with fixed shipping costs to most areas in Australia. Just to be on the safe side, get an extra one for next time Uncle Harry visits…

Moulded Plastic Fittings

Long-term exposure to the sun, wind and rain can lead to cracked plastic fittings on your OZtrail gazebo. We offer a selection of replacement components. Check the diagram on each product page and match to your broken piece. If you need help, send a photo to and we’ll help you choose the right bit of plastic.


Struts are the pieces that fit into the canopy area and hold up the roof of your OZtrail gazebo. If you have trouble identifying which strut is broken please contact us via chat in the bottom right corner of your screen or email your request to for a speedy reply.