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Swannanoa School Fair 2010

Image from Cafe Cecil on Flickr. Some Rights Reserved.

Top 5 School Fundraising Ideas that Do Not Involve Selling Food

Are you thinking that serving food as a fundraiser is such a cliche? Do you feel the need to have your product stand out from the rest in a school fair? Here are five great ideas that might be successful and unique projects for a fundraising event, without having to sell food.

Great and Easy Fundraising Ideas that Sell in School Fairs

If you have difficulty in picking the best fundraiser idea that could make your income-generating project fun and successful, here is an array of great products that you can sell to customers in school fairs. With the necessary equipment and shade, these might spare you valuable resources and effort in the school fair.

Cakes Galore: Delightful Cakes for Fundraising Events

Cakes are one of the best delicacies you can put up for sale in a school fair. These irresistable mouth-watering goodies is not as hard as it seem. These guide will help you prepare on what you need in setting up a cake stall and what tempting cakes you could serve.