GA Presents An Economical Home Improvement Idea To Increase Home’s Appeal

Brisbane, Australia (1/10/13) – Australian homeowners who wish to improve the aesthetic of their property and subsequently increase value often turn to the addition of outdoor structures, such as verandas and pergolas, as a solution. However, this might not be readily available to some homeowners because of the costs. It is a full-scale project that requires careful planning, a construction crew, and expensive materials which can rack up to a bill that is worth hundreds, if not thousands, of dollars.

Gazebos Australia, the leading shade specialty store in Australia, presents a more cost-effective option in improving your home – installing a shade sail. A shade sail is an affordable and easy-to-install device that can be attached to the home as an extension or can be erected with poles to create a comfortable, shaded area outdoors.

Shade sails which are either square or triangular in shape, comes in an array of sophisticated shades that are complementary to most colours. “The shade sail’s geometric design can lend a modern touch to any home in addition to its other benefits,” says Katrina, owner of Gazebos Australia.

Unlike building a veranda or pergola which involves exhaustive planning, the preparation needed for installing a shade sail is far less complicated. Moreover, such constructions may take weeks to complete and the costs may increase throughout the process. As a matter of fact, homeowners often go over their budgets by the thousands. On the other hand, shade sails will take no more than a day to set up and the amount to be spent is easily estimated and remains fixed throughout the completion of the project. “Moreover, the project can be carried out by two or three people at most and within the day too, further reducing the cost.”, adds Katrina.

These devices are also known to be maintenance-free. HDPA (High Density Polyethylene) fabric, the material used in making shade sails, is said to be resistant to fading, mould, and mildew eliminating  the need to be cleaned on a regular basis.

About Gazebos Australia is the leading distributor of innovative portable shade products such gazebos and shade sails. They provide top-quality products and deliver to any point in Australia. Gazebos Australia can readily supply information and advice regarding affordable products that can substitute for more conventional and costly means of home improvement.