Delightful Cakes for Fundraising Events

Cakes are undoubtedly one of the best-sellers in any school fair, making them one of the most popular fundraising ideas not just for the campus but in any type of fundraising event. Almost no one can resist the mouth-watering and tempting appeal of a well-baked and wonderfully designed cake.

It is not that difficult to set up a cake stall in a school fundraising event. Teachers and parents can assist students in baking their own cakes to sell, or the students can ask their parents to bake one and donate it to their kid’s club or class for them to sell in their stalls or gazebos. Still though, students feel a certain sense of pride and accomplishment when they bake their own goods, so it should be a good idea to let the kids give a hand in the whole baking process.

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Setting up the Cake Stand

Experienced teachers and parents are very much aware of the different equipments and tools needed to bake a cake, so let’s skip that part and head on to one of the most important things that you need to pay attention to in this whole endeavour – your cake stall.

There are certain things that you need to gather and prepare before the cake arrives and the fundraising formally opens. Here is a list of them:

1. Portable Gazebo – You will need a gazebo that is wide enough to cover you, your table and the displays on it. You’ll need to put this up first before you can start arranging your tables and display stands. Great looking gazebos on their own are sometimes not enough, and you’ll need to install other accessories in order to improve the function of your portable gazebo.

  • Banner – Don’t just write your club’s or class’ name in the banner. Instead, try to come up with a catchy sign, a name with a unique ring and smashing design.
  • Awnings – Cake frosting tend to melt under hot weather, especially when the sun hits them. Thus, it is a good idea to have an awning that will protect you, your cakes and your customers while they are choosing which cake to buy.
  • Removable Floor – This keeps the dust from rising to your cakes.
  • Screen Walls – Screen walls provide added protection for you and your products against flies and airborne dust from all the people walking and running around.
  • Replacement Canopies – Make your gazebo standout from the rest by using a coloured canopy instead of a dull one.

2. Wide Table – This should be wide enough to hold everything you will need, from cake platters to cutting and serving tools and your money jar.

3. Table Cloths – A single-coloured table cloths add a clean look to your displays and space, but you can also use coloured cloths for a livelier look.

4. Disposable Plates and Forks – Avoid using Styrofoam since they are not environment friendly. Besides, they cost more than paper plates.

5. Plastic Wraps – Ready some plastic wraps for those take outs. If you can afford small boxes and pizza savers, that would be great, but if not, cellophane is your next best bet. Worried that the icing or frosting might stick to the cellophane? Here is a video showing how to wrap a cake using cellophane without creating a mess. From Linda Asare on YouTube.

6. Cake Server and Cutting KnivesNever use a spoon to serve cake. Also, choose a knife with a serrated blade they are specifically designed for cutting bread and pastries.

7. Disposable Plastic Gloves, Hair Nets, and Aprons – Sanitation is very important for food business, especially in a stall in a school fair where there are many children.

Cakes to Serve

People have varying tastes and preferences when it comes to cakes, and in order to run a successful cake stand, you’ll need to offer different kinds of cakes to cater to the varying tastes of your customers. Teachers can group students and assign them a particular cake to bake, or assign one student to ask his or her parents to donate one particular kind and another student to donate another.

Here are some of the most popular cakes that sell best in a school fundraising.

Chocolate Cupcakes

Chocolate cupcakes are a big hit among kids and adults, and so it is one cake recipe that you should definitely have in your display. You can visit All Recipes ( for their list of the different chocolate cupcake recipes that you can follow.

Red Velvet Cupcakes

The name comes from the striking reddish brown colour of the cake which comes from the red food colouring added to it. Some baker’s though, prefer to use beetroot instead because it adds a bit of sweet beetroot taste aside as well. Here is a video demonstration of how to make red velvet cupcakes from Joy of Baking.

Chocolate Crackles

Sometimes referred to as Chocolate Bubbles because of its bubbly appearance. They are by far one of the most famous cupcake dishes especially among kids. Here is an easy chocolate crackles recipe from Best Recipes ( which has a 5-star rating but takes only fifteen minutes to prepare.

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Lamingtons are authentic Australian cake recipe made with chocolate coated sponge cake covered in desiccated coconut. Serve your pair of lamingtons with cream or jam in between for a more delightful taste. Taste ( has a great recipe for making lamingtons.

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Angel Cakes

Who could resist the heavenly sweet taste of an angel cake (a.k.a. angel slice)? The soft sponge bread and the sweet creams in the middle with a white frosting on top lined with strawberry syrup is simply irresistible. Pimp that Snack has an amazing Jumbo Angel Slice recipe that will surely attract curious customers who are used to seeing small-sized angel cakes.

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This meringue type of cake has a crisp shell but soft inside and named after the famous Russian ballet dancer Anna Pavlova. You can find a simple yet delicious pavlova recipe from

You can also visit The Weekly’s Most Delicious Cakes by the Australian Women’s Weekly for 20 more mouth-watering cake recipes in Australia.

Now, you’re all set to put up a cake stand in the school fair! So get your portable gazebo up and roll out the cakes and savour the sweet taste of success!