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Markets and sporting events don’t always allow merchants and viewers the same amount of space. This is why OZtrail gazebos come in different sizes – so you can choose one that is perfect for you.

If you are given only limited space and needs to squeeze into a small spot in a market event, the OZtrail Deluxe 2.4 Gazebo (white or navy) would be your best bet. It has a ground and canopy coverage of the only 2.4m, making it slightly smaller than the standard-sized gazebo which covers 3m. Despite its smaller size, you can rely on its Deluxe construction which boasts of thicker and sturdier legs.

Now, most markets do not have limited spaces and lets you have a bit more room. In this event, you can opt for our best-seller – the OZtrail Deluxe 3.0 Gazebo which has a ground and canopy coverage of 3m x 3m. Next in line in terms of size is the OZtrail Deluxe 4.5 Gazebo which covers just a little more ground with its 4.5m length.

For sporting events, longer tents fare better since they can seat more spectators in a row. The OZtrail Deluxe 6.0 Gazebo has a ground and canopy coverage of 3m x 6m. This also makes it a fantastic stall dog shows and other special occasions, like family gatherings, when you need plenty of room to move. Smaller pavilions are also available like the OZtrail Fiesta Compact 4.8 Gazebo which is narrower and shorter at 2.4m x 4.8m.

In need of wall partitions or screens? Fret not because whichever size you get, there are accessories of a corresponding size like the OZtrail Mesh Wall which can be attached to the OZtrail Deluxe Pavilion.

2.4m sides

When you need something smaller than the average 3m x 3m, go for Compact Gazebos which have 2.4m sides. And for a narrower pavilion type gazebo, there’s also OZtrail Compact Pavillion. The selection below includes wall kits and replacement canopies that will fit your Compact Gazebos perfectly!

3m sides

For the best market stall gazebo, go and take a closer look at our best-seller, the OZtrail Deluxe Gazebo which has 3m sides. You can also take your pick from the replacement canopies, even ones with built-in awnings, which are specifically designed for OZtrail gazebos with this size.

4.5m sides

For more room, gazebos like the OZtrail Deluxe 4.5 overs a wider ground and canopy coverage. OZtrail also offers wall kits and replacement canopies that will fit its 4.5m sides perfectly.

4.8m sides

The OZtrail Fiesta Compact 4.8 Gazebon is bigger than your average gazebo but narrower than the OZtrail Deluxe 6.0 Gazebo. It has a 2.4m x 4.8m dimension for which replacement canopies and walls are available.

6m sides

For maximum space, you will be undoubtedly satisfied with the OZtrail Deluxe 6.0 Pavilion. Its 3m x 6m ground and canopy coverage is perfect for those special gatherings! And if you need a bit more privacy and protection to go with it, worry not because wall kits for gazebos with 6m sides are also offered by OZtrail.


Looking to make a change with your gazebo? Check out these sleek black replacement canopies. It will serve as the perfect background if you wish to print your colourful company logo on your stall’s canopy.



Green, a vibrant colour of nature and energy is unmistakably a favourite in most market events. Traditionally, green is associated with growth and renewal. Therefore, you are sure to send the right vibes with your green gazebo. What’s more, it blends perfectly in the outdoors.


The cool blue colour of sky and sea promotes trust and confidence. Blue means Deluxe. Blue means you’ve got the best. And if you are looking to restore your OZtrail Deluxe Gazebos to their former glory, take your pick from these blue gazebos.


Add some spice to your gazebo and give it a red makeover. Step out boldly with this brilliant colour associated with determination and passion. With a red canopy gazebo, you will surely stand out from a mass of greens and blues.


White is the colour of perfection. No wonder the OZtrail Corporate and Aluminium Gazebos come with white canopies which are perfect for printing. These types of canopies are probably the easiest to customize. And even if you don’t have an OZtrail Corporate or Aluminium, white replacement canopies for other sizes are available too.


Yellow is a vibrant colour that pops out beautifully in a sea of colours. It denotes happiness, energy and positivity. So, if you need a happy colour to match the summer vibe, go get yourself an eye-catching yellow canopy. We have one that perfectly fits our best-seller, the OZtrail Deluxe Gazebo.


A natural coloured gazebo canopy is simply elegant and a beauty to behold. It exudes calmness. In a sea of vibrant colours, your natural gazebo will stand out from the crowd as a unique piece. Furthermore, accessories such as banner kits will strikingly attract attention against a natural background.

Buying Guide

Gazebos Australia delivers nothing but the best products that match the needs of our customers. For market stallholders, the top choice is the best-selling OZtrail Deluxe Gazebo which features a sturdy construction, a 3m x 3m ground coverage, and can come with matching banner kits that can help with the promotion. If you’re looking for something bigger, the OZtrail Deluxe Pavilion is the ideal choice for you with its 3m x 6m canopy coverage. Add-ons can make our gazebos even more convenient. The OZtrail Gazebo Removable Floor for example makes for easy cleanup, while the OZtrail Solid Wall 3m with 2 Zip Doorways can offer protection and extra shade. If you want more security the OZtrail Solid Wall 4.5m is the recommended add-on, while the OZtrail Multi-Use Gazebo Lights can keep your space well lighted.

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