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OZtrail Gazebo Banner Kit

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Want to add a big banner to your gazebo so people can instantly recognise your stall? A seamless, professional presentation can make or break a sale. Connect with your customers...

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Want to add a big banner to your gazebo so people can instantly recognise your stall?

A seamless, professional presentation can make or break a sale. Connect with your customers at the next convention or market with a screen-print ready banner that connects easily to your OZtrail gazebo.

Logos pop against the bright white banner. Customers will feel more comfortable entering your stall knowing exactly who you are and what you represent.

Note: OZtrail Banner Kit is not suitable for Ultramax Gazebo.

Can you print logos and promotions on the banner?

We strongly recommend you check with a local screen-printer to confirm they can print on this material (300 Denier Polyester with sewn hems on edges) before purchasing the item as WE DO NOT REFUND or EXCHANGE items unless they are faulty.

We do not currently offer printing nor do we recommend printing companies who can offer this service.

Banner Product Features

  • Suits Gazebos with a 3 metre side
  • White 300 Denier Water Repellent UVTex Suntough Fabric with Small OZtrail Logo in bottom RHS (approx 25cm x 10cm)
  • Screen print ready
  • Banner Kit frame included
  • Portable and quick to install
  • 3m x 60cm Banner Size
  • Installs on any OZtrail Gazebo with a leg support every 3m (Except Ultramax)
  • Side Support Steel Arms with Adjustable Height Position

Will the OZtrail banner fit non-OZtrail gazebo brands?

Occasionally we get asked whether the OZtrail banner kit will fit a non-OZtrail gazebo. The answer is, yes under some circumstances.

The OZtrail banner kit has a metal post at each end which holds the banner material into an upright frame. The metal posts have clamps that attach to the legs of the OZtrail gazebo.

The legs of an OZtrail gazebo are 32mm x 32mm square.

So, if the non-OZtrail gazebo you have in your hands has legs of no more than 32mm x 32mm and no less than 30mm x 30mm then it should fit.

Check with us first, if you're unsure as OZtrail produces the same product but under different brand names. For example, the same OZtrail gazebo product is branded Spinifex (by Anaconda Camping & Adventure), Marquee Easy Up (by Bunnings Warehouse), Swift Pitch (by Masters Hardware), and QuickTop Weekender, just to name a few. This means that if you don't have an OZtrail gazebo there is a good chance that you will be able to use OZtrail parts and accessories.

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Shipping and Delivery Information

Usually when our customers order a single part or gazebo accessory we charge postage per piece. This enables us to efficiently despatch the product so we can get it to you as quickly as possible. If you purchase more than one item we will always refund the shipping cost difference between what it costs us to package, insure and send and what you paid for delivery. You'll receive the refund into your account within a day of shipping.

In a nutshell, we only charge what it costs us to package, insure and deliver your order. We don't add extra costs or a markup to the delivery charge to make money off our customers.

Check our customer reviews and testimonials; you'll find that our customers often comment on shipping refunds as we find better methods of delivery.

If you're purchasing a gazebo as well as other accessories we will customise your shipping freight based on the company we believe will be best suited based on the products ordered, delivery location, price and expected delivery time. This is calculated on a per order basis, meaning we check every single order to ensure it is sent to you via the best possible service method.

Freight prices are charged based on the physical or cubic weight of the package, whichever is higher, and for delivery via E-Go Road Transport. In some cases we may end up sending the order via Australia Post or on a different freight company (Hunter Express, Toll Ipec, TNT, Fastway Couriers, Brizfreight, etc) if we find their prices to be cheaper and/or their delivery time to be quicker to your location. If we use a different freight company and we find their charges to be cheaper we will refund the freight amount you have been overcharged.

If you have any questions regarding the cost of delivery to you then please feel free to contact us to discuss your options.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Folks we are looking to purchase a branded 3x3 Deluxe Gazebo roof and three sides. We already have the frame so will just replace our current plain navy tops. We are interested in Red or green colours but have not decided. We will need artwork designed for us as part of this process. Please drop me an email to discuss (Feb 2014)

A: Unfortunately we don't get involved in any printing; we just supply the gazebos and replacement canopies. 
-Gazebos Australia

Q: Hi, I'm looking for a gazebo for our sporting team in southern Sydney. I was just wondering if you customise the canopy on the Oztrail Deluxe Pavilion or the Oztrail Deluxe Mega Pavilion. If not, do you know any after market companies that could do this for us. (Feb 2014)

A: Unfortunately we don't get involved in any printing, we just supply the gazebos and replacement canopies. 
-Gazebos Australia

Q: Does this Banner Kit work with the Ultramax Gazebo? Also, if we had our own printed banner can we attach it to this kit? (April 2014)

A: The Banner Kit does not fit onto the frame of the Ultramax Gazebo as its legs are larger and hexagonal. You can put your own banner onto the Banner Kit arms, provided it was made to the correct length and had a pocket sewn at each end to slip over the poles of the Banner Kit.
-Gazebos Australia

Q: I'm based in Brisbane and going through Signarama as you have recommended. Do I have to buy the banner kit and half wall side, for them to print on or do they provide me with own kit. Also, if I go with Signarama, how would I attach it to the OZtrail gazebo? (April 2014)

A: As far as we are aware, they will print onto the OZtrail Banners so you should be able to purchase one from us and take it to them for printing. If you got Signarama to print up a different banner, that wasn't OZtrail, for your gazebo then they would have to provide you with some sort of frame to attach otherwise you would need to purchase the OZtrail Banner Kit and just use their arms and have Signarama make up a cover to suit. I would suggest you talk to Signarama and see what is best for them.
-Gazebos Australia

Q: Hi, was wondering if I can just buy the things at the end and no banner? Thank you! (September 2014)

A: OZtrail only sell the Banner as a complete Kit (arms and banner), they don't sell the arms seperately.
-Gazebos Australia

Q: Hi, I have an OZtrail 3m canopy and was wondering if i can fit the OZtrail Banner Kit and the OZtrail Removable Awning Kit to the same side of my canopy at the same time? (November 2014)

A: From OZtrail's and our point of view, they cannot be put on the same side as the brackets and support posts will interfere with each other, however we have heard of customers of squashing them (for lack of a better word) to make it work but from what I have seen that does bend the support arms out of shape so could cause damage after a while.
-Gazebos Australia

Q: Hello I am just wondering if the oztrail banner comes with the oztrail logo on it, as If i was to purchase, it would interfere with the printing.
- Olivia (December 2015)

A: The Oztrail Banner has the Oztrail logo in the bottom right hand corner and measures approx 25cm x 10cm. Check out this quick photo from our warehouse. You can just see the logo in the image.

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