Clevacover Clothesline Cover


Clevacover is a family run business based in Oxenford, Australia. Their mission is to improve your laundry experience by providing a lasting solution to the outdoor clothesline problems that we are all too familiar with. Clevacover is guided by three principles: quality, function, and innovation.

Benefits of Using Clevacover Products

Clevacover is offering you lasting laundry room solutions that will help you:

  • Reduce your environmental impact
  • Save money that could be used on dryers. Now you will be air drying your laundry
  • Enjoy a stylish laundry room that’s functional and easy to use

Clevacover Laundry Solutions

  • Flexibility to bring in your washing at your convenience.
  • Flexibility to hang out your washing no matter when.
  • Protection against harmful UV rays, sunburns, and sunspots while hanging your clothes.
  • Your clothes will be natural air dried. No need for a costly dryer that may even shrink your clothes.
  • Clevacover clothesline lets you hang clothes and undergarments in privacy away from the prowling eyes.
  • You will save on electricity and the environment when you naturally air dry your clothes.
  • The clothes cover can double up as a shaded area for the whole family including pets.
  • When entertaining guests, your clothesline cover can act as an instant umbrella on your yard.
  • Come rain or shine your clothes will naturally air dry.
  • Protects your laundry from bird poop, dust, and pollen.
  • The Clevacover clothesline has an improved stylish and sleek look. No more messy looking lines and framing.

Clevacover in Future

The Clevacover brand trusted and known for its high-quality standards in the laundry business. Clevacover endeavours to always provide more products, solutions, and styles for your laundry functions.

Once you have better laundry room solutions, you will definitely spend less time doing laundry. And ultimately, you will have more time to spend time with your loved ones or doing the things you love.

Best Selling Clevacover Products

If you don’t have a Clevacover clothesline cover yet, then you’re missing out. And here’s why:

  • Your clothes will have to dry under the intense Australian sun.
  • If the rain beats you (and it often does), you’ll have to leave your now rained on clothes out to dry for days or even have to rewash them.
  • You can’t hang your laundry out when it is raining.
  • The horror of finding sun bleach marks on your favourite garment.
  • Bird and bat poop stains on your clean dry laundry. Rewash is the only option.

And that’s just sad because laundry chores will always be a pain. Luckily, Clevacover is here to make your laundry experience a lot easier and more fun.

Clevacover Clothesline Cover Reviews

Highly Effective

It is brilliant, recommend to anyone, especially cool climate winters. Cannot believe how effective it is or how long it has taken to find it. So much better than a clothes airer that takes days to dry clothes, oh and no pegs!
Will H.

Can’t Live Without It!

I live in Queensland and we have some pretty crazy weather. My Clevacover has dealt with it all and is still going. My clothes are protected and stay clean and I can even go out and bring them in when it’s raining. Thanks, Clevacover, you’re the best! Couldn’t live without it.
Jenell R.

The Best Thing I’ve Ever Bought

I have bought a Clevacover and think it’s the best thing I have bought. Rain, hail or shine. I now have peace of mind my clothes will not get sun damaged or wet in the rain. I am very happy with my purchase. It was really easy to assemble even I could do it by myself. I would certainly recommend using a Clevacover.
Heather L.

No Sunburns

7 loads of washing hung and collected today. I would have been sunburnt to a crisp if it wasn’t for my ClevaCover. I love it.
Niki B.

Great Product

Got one last Christmas, great idea helps out with the rain whilst I’m at work. Got a rotary clothesline at the moment but moving house next January so going to get another for the new place. Great product.
Pearse T.


I’ve had mine for 6 or 7 years its up 24/7 and I have only just replaced it. Awesome idea I wouldn’t be without mine.
Spike M.

Great Line

Good delivery, easy to assemble, great line.
Steel G.

Easy Installation

I absolutely love the cover, so easy to install and looks great, I now don’t have to worry about rain or sun.
Susana F.

Provides Great Space

The clothesline is easy to install and great. I love the space it provides!
Angela G.

Fits Narrow Space

Great product that was easy to install and fits really well into a narrow space without compromising the amount of line space I have. Very happy, thank you.  Heather W.


Works great and love the distance I can span this line. 
Ben B.

Easy to use within the space it was put. Great item.
Scott C.

Dries Clothes in the Rain

I was pleasantly surprised at how well the Clevacover has performed after purchasing it over a year ago. It looks as good as new and so does my clothes with them being protected from the sun and with the Clevacover I can put a wash on regardless of the weather as they still dry in the rain. 
Ryan T.