Buy the Right Outdoor Shade and Get Your Money’s Worth

Buying and installing a shade sail requires more consideration than you may think. You will need to consider the quality and the price, and above all, you need to consider if the shade sail you are about to buy is really worth every dollar. With the different shade sails available in the market today, buying the right outdoor shade is a lot harder. But then again, it is no rocket science, if you know how and what to look for.

Branding: It’s in the Name

First off is checking the available brands and manufacturers, which you can mostly do online. Whenever you buy a shade sail, it is always best to buy branded shade sails – that is, those which are made by established and reputable manufacturers. Here in Australia, the most trusted brands include Coolaroo and Abshade.

Buying a branded shade sails is so much better because of the following reasons:

  • Quality shade sails are made from the finest materials, from high-grade fabric which are both aesthetically appealing and durable.
  • Branded shade sails make use of treated fabric which offers the best protection against harmful ultraviolet (UV) rays from the sun – thus offering better protection than ordinary cloths used in low-quality shade sails.
  • Branded shade sails are made to last for years, thus doing away with the necessity of having to buy a new shade sail every now and then.

All these and more are what shade sails are all about- aesthetics and functionality rolled into one. This is by far the biggest way to get your money’s worth when buying a shade sail.

Abshade Sand Square 5m x 5m Shade Sail from Gazebos Australia

Check Out Testimonials and Forum Boards

Second is to check if the shade sail from that brand is worth it. You can do this by checking out testimonials and forums for further information about the product and the dealer. Testimonials can often be found in the dealer’s website, but sometimes it is better to get a second opinion from another source. If you know someone who uses that particular brand of shade sail, you can go ask and talk to them. If not, you can check out related forums about shade sails. These forums abound the web, so it shouldn’t be too difficult to find them. Furthermore, it is in these forums that you can get some helpful ideas about purchasing certain brands of shade sails and if they are worth your money.

Beware Of Fake Shade Sails

Once you’re confident about the brand of the shade sail, you should next look for legitimate dealers near your area or online. Buying from legitimate retailers is always a wise idea in order to ensure that you are getting authentic and genuine shade sails. You can look for and buy from trusted online dealers and retailers if you cannot buy them directly from the manufacturer. This also allows you to avoid being duped by shady retailers who sell fake and imitation shade sails.

There are legitimate online sellers that sell quality shade sails at low costs, sometimes even lower than the retail price sold at the big department stores and hardware stores. Again, check out forums and discussion boards to make sure that the online retailer you found is legit.

Compare the Price

Just to be sure that you’re spending the right amount of money on a shade sail, be sure to check out other retailers as well. One of the biggest factors that drive consumers to buy shade sails is the price, and most often than not, you will find that some shade sails are priced higher than they should. This is why it is always a good idea to compare the price of a certain shade sail between two retailers. In this case, you can save yourself the trouble of going around from one department store to another by checking legitimate online shade sail sellers.

Coolaroo Charcoal Extreme Rectangle 5m x 3m Shade Sail from Gazebos Australia

Compare the Quality, Too

There are shade sails that come at very low prices, which attract many customers to buy them. However, in the end, they realize that the shade sail they bought are made of poor materials, and thus end up worn out, torn, or dysfunctional and unsightly within a few months of usage, thereby forcing them to buy a new shade sail sometimes within a year of purchasing the old one. In the long run, they end up spending more on buying low quality shade sails.

This can be avoided by buying high-quality shade sails right from the start. Remember that high quality shade sails are made from the best materials available, and are backed up by the manufacturer’s promise. If something does go wrong with the shade sail, the manufacturers will change it free of charge, allowing you to get a new shade sail without the extra cost. In order to identify quality shade sails, you need to look at:

  • The Fabric – check that it is of high-grade fabric, complete with coat to keep the colour fresh and bright even after years of usage, and UV protection.
  • The Stitches – High-quality shade sails are crafted with precision stitching, ensuring even and sturdy stitches all around the shade sail.
  • The Hardware – Shade sails come with their own sets of D-rings or Triangle rings, along with nuts, bolts and steel cables. Always make sure that they are made of high-quality stainless steel that minimises rusting.

Look for a Guarantee

Lastly, talk to the seller about guarantees. Getting a guarantee on your shade sail purchase is another way of making sure that you are getting your money’s worth. This guarantee is a promise made by the manufacturer to the consumer to ensure that their products are made according to standards. With it, you can get much more than what you spend. When it comes to shade sails, there are companies who offer a one year guarantee on their products. However, the best companies can offer much more than that. Some of the best shade sails actually comes with a guarantee that covers ten years period. Now, that’s long enough to ensure that you don’t go buying new shade sails every now and then.

However, when you do ask for a guarantee, go over it carefully to better understand what is covered and what is not. For instance, the ten year guarantee only covers the fabric, and any mishandling on your part can render it null and void. Be sure to read and follow the instructions carefully in order to avoid losing the guarantee. Nobody likes being cheated, and buying a low quality shade sail is like cheating in itself. Not only are you bound to spend more money in the future, as well as suffer from slight depression, but you are also bound to have an unsightly shade sail that will not offer any protection from the harmful UV rays of the sun, but will also ruin the image of your house, or whatever structure you intend to use them for. Thus, be sure to buy only high-quality shade sails from reputable sellers.