34 Stunning Entertainment Areas to Inspire You

Where do you entertain your visitors?

Do you keep them cooped up inside your place?

In a place like Australia, staying indoors should be a crime. Our country is meant to be enjoyed in the outdoors and that’s why you should have an outdoor living/entertaining space. This can be achieved with the use of shade sails. These shades are environmentally friendly devices that need no maintenance and can be attached to your home to make an outdoor entertainment area. Shade Sails are not just great additions to house's or building's exterior views and appeal, but also a way to reduce cooling bill.

The following are 34 of the most stunning entertainment areas that you can use as inspiration for creating your own.

The combinations are virtually endless. You can copy one of the images here directly, but where is the fun in that? It would be better to just get some ideas here and come up with a look that would be totally your own.

Photo courtesy from Flickr by Gail