32 Forgotten Ways to Spruce up Your Pool Area Once and for All

Are you sick and tired of your pool area looking plain, ordinary, and boring? And now you really want your pool area to look stunning but you don’t know where to start?

Keep reading because we have done the research for you. We’ve compiled fun, creative, and easy ways (mostly forgotten) to spruce up your pool area once and for all.

Look forward to your stunning pool area. But first, dig in!

1. Buy a New Cantilever Umbrella

A cantilever umbrella will look great on your pool area, is flexible, and durable. It has a huge canopy available in assorted colours to match your outdoor theme. Moreover, the cantilever umbrella canopy offers 98% UV radiation protection.

Therefore, a cantilever umbrella will provide excellent shade for your backyard, patio, and swimming pool area.

2. Buy Outdoor Curtains

Outdoor curtains define your swimming pool area while adding colour and motion to your backyard. Hang the curtains to separate the swimming area and dining area.

Alternatively, you can hang them on the sides of your cantilever umbrella, pergola, or anywhere you need privacy.

Sweep them aside to open up space or close them up for an intimate ambience. White curtains will create a cool neutral look, whereas bold colours with exciting prints will give prominence.

3. Coloured Pool Finish

Plain white boring pools are so “yesterday”. The “now” is a coloured swimming pool with a naturally inviting look. How about a Caribbean feel on your pool? Or one in your favourite colour?

Here are some quick tips to help you get started:

  • Get hold of a pool picture you like and ask your pool builder to closely match to it.
  • Don’t agonise over two similar shades. The sun’s brightness will make the colour change in course of the day.
  • Keep in mind that light coloured pools look bigger in smaller areas.
  • Choose a pool colour with your surroundings in mind. Aim for a natural blend in.
  • Have a physical look at a similar pool to the one that you’ve identified. Just to be sure.
  • Pick a colour that you like. But remember you will be the one seeing it every day, therefore, ensure that it pleases your eye.

4. Gravel Between Pool and Fence

Put a layer of white gravel (or in any other colour that you may prefer) between the fence and the pool. It creates a perfect transition between the pool and the fence. And is also low maintenance when it comes to yard work.

Check out the video below for some ideas.

5. Add Water Features

A water feature adds a positive vibe to your swimming pool area. For instance, a simple waterfall has a calming effect. You can install a water feature inside the pool or on the edge - and instantly transform your pool area to a soothing peaceful environment.

6. Try a Shade Sail

It’s a no-brainer that too much exposure to the harsh sun leads to skin related problems.

But don’t let the sun ruin your swimming plans, install a shade sail over your pool.

It will give your swimming pool area an architectural statement while bouncing off up to 98% of the harmful rays.

Shade sails are available in a variety of sizes and shapes - rectangle, square, and triangle. You’ll definitely find a suitable one for your pool.

7. Decorative Pool Patio

A well-dressed pool patio looks stunning and gives your pool area elegance. Don’t forget to shade with a cantilever umbrella. It is roomier and bounces off harmful UV rays as you enjoy the outdoors.

8. Contour the Patio

Achieve multiple seating elevations by designing a composite deck with several levels overlooking the pool. To create the steps or benches use landscape blocks. Overall, you’ll have a classy feel of your pool area, accentuate the shape of your pool and also the patio area.

9. Put up a Fence

Pull a fence around your pool area to enclose it. Think of it like having a car without a seat belt - impossible.

And there are some good reasons as to why you’d need a fence around your pool. Read on…

  • Keeps people safe from drowning, especially children
  • Keeps pets safe from drowning
  • Peace of mind for knowing the pool is out of bounds
  • It may be a requirement by law (depending on where you live)
  • Can lower cost of homeowners insurance
  • Aesthetic purposes when done meticulously

10. Dress up the Fence

Now that you have a fence, it is only fair that you dress it up for a pretty look. Though it may be costly, you will ultimately add an elegant feel to your pool area and backyard.

11. Add an Arched Gate

Add a nice flair to your fence with an arched gate. Make it lockable so that children can’t open it while on their own.

12. Plant Flowers and Greenery

Carefully select and plant flowers and other greenery around the pool area and along the pathways. The look and feel of your pool area will completely change - for the better.

Plants add a dash of nature to your pool area.

The greenery and beautiful flowers in different colours and hues all bring a pleasant look and feel to your pool area.

And if you are a DIY enthusiast, then you will be happy to save yourself some money by decorating your plain pots. A great way to give your old tired looking pots some personality is to paint them.

13. In-pool Chaise

Create a perfect place to lounge with an in-pool chaise. You may prefer crisp white chaise loungers for a classic look. But if you prefer vibrant colours, they are also available and will look perfect on your pool.

Chaise loungers are easy to clean and resistant to harmful UV rays. Hence, they will last longer despite being outdoors exposed to harsh weather elements.

14. Meditation Spot

Pick a corner in your pool area and personalise it into a private meditation and relaxing spot. A few suggestions to get you started are a comfy chair, a small side table, a potted fruit tree, your favourite beverage or juice, and a good book.

15. Hammock

Add a hammock to your pool area to create a relaxing intimate vibe. When it comes to hammock fabric colour and patterns, your options are endless.

Get even cosier with a throw blanket and pillows and enjoy some sun while lying on your hammock.

16. Buy Pouf Seats

Pouffe seats look like all grown up bean bag chairs. They can be round shaped, tall like an ottoman, cube-shaped, or flat shaped like a throw pillow. When buying a pouffe seat, go for one that is:

  • Mildew resistant
  • Washable fill/foam
  • Outdoor fabric resistant to mildew, water, and UV rays

17. Outdoor Rug

Add a stylish outdoor rug in the sitting area near your pool. Gone are the days of muted brown outdoor rugs. Now you can get the rugs in brightly coloured solids, stripes, geometrics, and many other shapes.

Choose a rug material that suits your surface area because it will be used outdoors under harsh weather conditions.

18. Hang Tapestries

Use tapestries in your pool area to create focal walls, privacy, and to separate spaces. Choose from the many types of tapestries including:

  • Bohemian tapestry
  • Mandala tapestries
  • Large tapestries
  • Small tapestries
  • Bansky style tapestry
  • Modern tapestries e.g. moon, sun, etc.

19. Plant Vertical Gardens

A vertical garden saves a lot of space. On the other hand, it gives your pool area an additional organic element of natural tropics. Interestingly, you’ll achieve all these without breaking the bank.

20. Storage Table

An outdoor table with added storage underneath will save you space and money. The storage table doubles up as a surface for your food and refreshments and a place to stow your pool items, pouffes, or anything else you want to keep out of sight.

21. Add Bird Feeders

Do you enjoy the sound of chirping birds as they flow about in the outdoors? If yes, then it will be a good idea for you to add a bird feeder to your outdoor space to attract the birds.

22. Durable Dining set

Provide a seating place on your pool area where the whole family can sit and enjoy a meal after a swim. Dining set prices and styles vary. Therefore, pick one that can withstand the harsh sun and pool water splashes.

23. Pool Solar Shower

A pool solar shower is easy to install and uninstall when not in use. It will help you save on electricity bills and the cost of building a shower room. It is also a great way to go green.

24. Waterproof Lighting

Indeed, waterproof floor lamps are available in the market today. Installing them around your pool area will give your pool an irresistibly inviting look.

Plus, you can install some landscape lighting which will give your pool area amazing ambience during night time.

25. Underwater Lighting

Lights under the water look spectacular in the night. Therefore, install remote-controlled multi-coloured LED lights. Adjust the colour and brightness to suit your mood as you enjoy a night swim.

26. String Lights

Drape strings of lights above the pool area to create a pleasant atmosphere. Choose lights that suit your fancy; round bulbs, caged, bulbs, parrot lights, or twinkling LEDs - your options are limitless.

27. Floating Pool Lights

If you prefer temporary lighting the floating pool lights is a good option. There are endless possibilities when it comes to pool lights and you the solar-powered lights are more convenient if you intend to frequently use them.

28. Funky Lighting

You don't have to stick to string lights only. Funky lights will also make your pool area shine while adding an elegant quality to your outdoor space. And you can achieve this even without a roof. Run cables to poles and hang your fancy paper lanterns, mason jar lights, bird cages, and much more.

29. Poolside Pool Table

Thankfully, waterproof tables are now available in the market. You can enjoy a pool game and afterwards leave your pool table outside and not worry about it get soaked by the rains.

30. Outdoor Kitchen

An outdoor kitchen where you can prepare, cook, and serve meals is handy. Otherwise, you will be forced to miss out on all the fun as you prepare dinner in an indoor kitchen.

31. In-pool Bar

An in-pool bar with underwater stools will be a pleasant addition to your pool regardless of the size.

It’s a flexible option because you can opt for permanent stools or removable ones. Plus it’s possible for an in-pool bar to be built into your existing pool.

32. Pergola

Incorporate a pergola in your pool are for some for a defined space and some sun. Put some chairs and enjoy the pergola shade after a swim in the pool.

You can also grow some climbing plants on your pergola for extra shade.

In Conclusion

Now it is your turn to get started and spruce up your pool area. Start with simple steps such as buying a new cantilever umbrella and planting some flowers and greenery. And keep going with the above-forgotten ways for a truly stunning pool area.

Happy Sprucing!