Outdoor Party Hosting: 28 Tips You Won’t Want to Forget

Summer is back and entertaining outdoors is given. Beach parties, pool parties, and even backyard parties are great ways to enjoy the great weather.

But, like all things planning, it can get hectic and confusing. Nonetheless, you want to throw the coolest party, right?

Throw an outdoor party the right way with these insider tips. Read on...

1. Get a Cantilever Umbrella Shade

For the perfect shade for your outdoor party, get a cantilever umbrella. The umbrella makes a good shade because it’s durable and of the highest quality in its range. Here are a few pointers:

  • Roomier: the canopy is large enough to shade more friends and family. Plus, its supporting pole stands at the side leaving you with more room underneath.
  • Flexible direction: the cantilever umbrella can rotate 360° and also tilt 45° sideways just in case the sun gets to an inconvenient spot.
  • Excellent UV protection: the canopy is rated UPF 50+ meaning up to 98% of the harmful UV rays are bounced.

Cantilever umbrellas are available in many colours, sizes, and shapes. You’ll definitely get one that suits your preferences.

2. Prepare the Yard

Don’t get caught with your backyard unkempt. Tall grass and bushes on your backyard look unpleasant. Some party ruining insects hide in such areas too.

Therefore, work your way to a plush lawn by watering your grass thoroughly leading up to the BBQ. Then cut the grass and clear the bushes few days before the party.

That way your lawn will be ready for lawn bowling, slip and slides, or other outdoor games you have planned!

3. Groom the Garden

Aim for well-manicured flower beds by removing weeds, dead plants, and debris. Clear bushes, prune the shrubs and cut back overgrown plants.

You can add mulch or bark chips on the flower beds for a more finished look. Also, keep away tool and toys that may be lying around.

4. Clean the Patio

As for your outdoor party preparation clean up, it is easy-breezy. Use a broom or a pressure hose depending on the type of surface you’re cleaning.

Be thorough. Remove spider webs from your furniture and sweep rogue leaves and flowers from the sitting area.

Ensure the linens on the patio furniture are clean, fresh, and dry for guests to safely sit on. Don’t forget to clean the driveway and the pathways as well.

5. Clean Up Inside

There are inside spaces where guests may be visiting such as the entryway, the kitchen, and the bathrooms. Don’t overlook these spaces.

Ensure that they are clean and neat. Pay particular attention to the bathrooms. And replenish bathroom supplies throughout the party.

6. Pick a Theme

Picking a theme is the fun part when it comes to decor. Yes, nature is picturesque, but you will still need to pick a theme and colour for your party. Get creative and enjoy turning your ordinary outdoors to a vibrant party spot.

7. Don’t sweat Matched Sets

Don’t overly fuss with having matching china. A diverse mix up will bring a laid-back feel. And that will set the right mood for your party.

8. Ready up Your Grill

Wash off dirt and oil from your grill in readiness for a sizzling barbeque. Use clean water and soap. And to clean the grates, turn on the grill for 10-15 minutes, let it cool down and then wash using a stiff wire grill brush.

Fill up the Propane Tank

If your propane tank runs empty it will mean no more grilling. Don’t be that host that runs out of propane halfway into the party. Fill up your propane tank.

Set up the Grill Station

Set up a section next to your grill and stock it with everything you need. Think utensils, containers, seasonings, and food.

To minimise bringing out multiple seasonings, premix your seasonings beforehand. This will help you prepare dinner seamlessly for your guests.

Fire Up the Grill

Stock up aluminium foil and keep handy enough clean plates next to the grill. Once the meat is grilled and ready, place it on the plates and create a foil tent. This will keep the meat hot until when you’re ready to serve.

9. Choose Food for Everyone

When preparing the party menu, have your guests in mind by considering their dietary preferences. The easiest way to know their preferences is to ask them when extending the invitations. It would be important to note if anyone has food allergies.

Another idea is to try a potluck party. If you all agree to have a potluck, your load as a host will lighten. And everyone will get to try new dishes.

10. Prepare Food in Advance

Have a head start in your food preparations. On the party day, you will have ample time cooking your meals. Plus, flavours will be enhanced.

11. Define Your “Outdoor Room” with a Gazebo

A beautiful gazebo will not only provide shade for your guests but also define your outdoor dining area. Buy a good quality gazebo that can comfortably shelter all your guests. And there are so many colours to choose from so that you match with your party theme.

12. Pull in Friends for Help

Ask a few of the guests whether they’d be willing to arrive a bit early to lend you a hand with pre-party preparation. Make it sound fun for them by enticing them with food sampling. And start the music early just for them.

13. Create a Mobile Drinks Station

Good food goes down with good drinks. To help everyone serve themselves easily, set up a mobile bar cart and stock it up with essential refreshments, ice, glasses, and snacks. If the drinks run low, wheel the cart back to the kitchen for refilling.

14. Display Fresh Cuttings

Pick some beautiful cuttings from your garden to decorate the party area. Once you arrange your fresh flowers and greenery they will add a pop of colour to your setting. Oh, and the natural floral fragrance will pleasantly fill the air.

15. Cook Healthy Sides

Grill some vegetables as a side dish to accompany the main dish. Skewering the vegetables is an ideal preparation method. Rotate the veggies on metal tongs and grill them for about five minutes.

16. Up your Table Game

Transform an ordinary dull table to an appealing one with a table runner. It will give your table extra flair.

While at it, go for an unfuzzy centrepiece. Choose one that is simple and elegant for a pretty look.

17. Pick the Right Music

Great food, good music and excellent company equal a great party. You get the idea, right? Therefore, create a perfect music playlist to liven up your party. The music should be entertaining and pleasant. Not too loud or overwhelming.

18. Create Different Seating Areas

If the part is accommodating kids, set up their play area separate so that they can have fun as the adults talk. You may also want to keep some sturdy wicker armchairs so your guests who may prefer lolling.

19. Set up Outdoor Lights

Don’t let the sundown ruin the party spirit. Lights create a special atmosphere in the night, almost magical. Have in place string holiday, candles in different shapes and sizes or lanterns. If you’re still grilling in the night, grill lights will also provide some light.

A cleverer option is to get an LED cantilever umbrella. The LED light is a dual charge (solar capable and AC adaptor) giving approximately 5 – 8 hours run time once fully charged.

20. Target Comfy Seating

Comfortable seats with thick cushions will encourage your guests to remain seated around the table. Add colourful throw in pillows for extra comfort.

21. Provide Additional Seating

Chances are you don’t own enough furniture for a say 20+ seating capacity. Don’t sweat it when you have an upcoming party. Improvise the additional seating.

Set some nice blankets and cushions on the ground. And if that can’t seat all your guests then you may need to hire more chairs.

22. Repurpose Indoor Furniture

To create enough sitting space for all your guests, you may have to grab some of the indoor furniture and repurpose them for the outdoors. For example, cover a cot with pillows and it becomes a settee.

23. Work with the Weather

You want to please the crowd, right? Therefore, be intentional on the kind of snacks you’re serving with respect to the weather. If it’s windy, skip the tablecloth to avoid blow-offs. And as the guests arrive, greet each with a bowl of fresh fruits.

24. Encourage Mingling

Set up your outdoor party area in a way that encourages the guests to roam. The idea is to set up tables in separate spots. Put everything within easy reach and set them free. For instance, have drinks in one spot, desserts in another spot, and so on.

25. Keep Bugs Off the Guest List

To keep annoying insects at bay, circle your party area with citronella candles or incense sticks to light when night falls.

26. Create a Fire Pit

If your party is going into the night, a fire will keep everyone warm and comfortable. Create a fire pit and have everyone gather around for some mores and stories.

27. Set up Yard games

Take the party fun a notch higher by incorporating some yard games. Games are a fun way to keep everyone happy and interacting. Choose games that will encourage everyone to participate.

28. Enjoy your Party

As a host, you may get carried away by the hosting and miss out on the fun. Purpose to relax and enjoy the part and allow your guests the same privilege.

In Conclusion

Evidently, organizing an outdoor party is not rocket science. It is the small details that you have to keep in mind. Luckily, we’ve outlined them for you.

So, go on and enjoy your party preparations and the actual party. In case you forget everything else, remember to provide your guests with ample shade using a cantilever umbrella.