Gazebos in the Wild! There are 101 ways to use an OZtrail gazebo. They're a good shelter from the sun, wind and rain for your market stall, dog show, family picnic or sporting event. OZtrail have always made a quality range of gazebos, but there are, as you can see from this ideas gallery, plenty of other ways to use a gazebo.

Just take a look at the snapshots of people popping up their gazebos all over the world! A pop-up canopy is the perfect shelter for tired explorers, wedding feasts, and prize-winning ponies. Every adventure could use a little shade.

Enjoy the gallery! We had fun making it.

Relish the moment with your family out on the beach under a portable shelter.

Enjoy the fresh natural air ventilation outdoors even while keeping your family safe from mosquitoes with a mesh gazebo wall.

Enjoy every occasion with your friends and family under cozy, stylish gazebo tents.

Take a break and free your mind from worries under your serene gazebo tent in your backyard.

 A portable shelter for an excited crowd under the sun!

 Easy to install portable tent for outdoor enjoyment and park adventures.

Need additional temporary shelter to keep your car cooler in summer? Create additional shade with this easy to use gazebo.

Maximise your store’s presence in bay areas so people can easily see your market stall.

Not enough budget for a permanent rental space? Why not try selling at a bazaar along the streets of Australia?

 Strong wind on your beach party? Use heavy duty solid wall with PVC window and sand bag to make your tent more stable.

Picnic in the park after biking? Use your gazebo tent to create additional shade for your bike and family.

Hold a sophisticated debut celebration with stylish coloured gazebos to complement your party’s colour motif.

Help save mother earth by starting your own little jungle in your yard with blue gazebo tents.

Celebrate your individuality with different shades of tents at all types of events.

Out at a trade fair? Catch your next big customer with an attractive, professional looking stall.

 Flower shop? Choose a green Gazebo to attract nature-loving customers.

Pool parties under the sun? Make sure that you have your food station shaded from the sun’s strong UV rays.

Show a little kindness to strangers. Public shelter for either rain or shine.

 Reach out and talk to everyone for your campaign under a nice shaded structure.

You think university life is over? Invite your university friends along for a mini reunion.

First rule of camping: Install a safe weather proof gazebo shelter.

 In times of need in camping, install a visible helpdesk tent even for distant campers.

 Even Ford knows what to use for their car shows.

Need to protect your car from rain and shine? Install a shaded car park for temporary use.

Showing off your precious vintage car? Install a shade shelter in case of rain.

Celebrate every occasion and success in your garden and complement it with a stylish gazebo.

Believe it or not, your stall represents your product in a market. Make it look good.

Looking for new customers? City streets are the best place to attract new business.

Local Health Group use a gazebo for their outdoor activities and campaigns.

Reunion with long lost high school classmates? Don’t forget to bring celebratory drinks.

A tent on green grass complements whatever outdoor activity you are planning.

Elegance and simplicity with a classy white gazebo.

After work jamming session with office mates will always be awesome under a bit of shade.

Do you need a portable hospital? Use white gazebos for your emergency tents.

Even Speedo knows what to use for their merchandising events.

Festival events will never be the same without booths to add some fun.

Weekend lunch date with your family? Share the fun with a portable gazebo shelter.

Get the best out of your market stall in parks and gardens.

Spend quality time with your family under a gazebo shelter.

Yearly family reunions? You need a BIG gazebo for everyone.

If you compare stalls to humans, they would be soldiers. Reliable, well-traveled, and prepared.

Move along with the economy with free markets in the streets of Australia. Your business counts!

Green house for your plants? No way! Use a practical shade instead.

Selling flowers this Valentine’s Day? Use a shade to keep your flowers fresh.

There can never be a better presentation for an environmentalists' event than a stall in a park.

Attract customers with your yummy fresh looking fruit in your stall.

A cozy gazebo shade is your garden’s best friend.

Start raising funds for an impoverished community in developing countries through a bazaar right on your school’s grounds.

Enjoy the sun on your buffet lunch with gazebos to cover your food station.

There is nothing more refreshing after a day’s work than a nap under a simple yet classy white gazebo shade in a garden.

If you are stressed out, spend some time in your green area to relax your eyes and mind.

Go out with your family and enjoy outdoor activities with your white gazebo tents.

Simple gazebos help out at a craft display at Womad Festival 2007.

A red sports car looks hotter with a green gazebo shade.

Worrying about your wedding reception? A white gazebo marquee may be useful for wedding receptions!

Share your barbecues under the shade of a cosy gazebo.

Spend some time with your grandparents and make that moment count.

Start your own hot corn cob corn business with a stall that suits your starting capital!

Need an information centre for a crowd? Be visible to people with a blue stall.

Lakes are prone to mosquitoes. Protect your love ones from mosquito bites by installing a tent with reliable tent wall.

Prevent your bazaar from being a bizarre sore in the eye. Use uniform stalls.

It’s better to shop in a marketplace with organised stalls.

White tents look splendid and tidy in a bazaar.

Multi-colored gazebo tents look vibrant and attractive to many people.

One way to organise and host a bazaar is to keep a uniform white gazebo tents.

Party all night with your mobile sound system? Protect it with a green gazebo shade!

There is nothing more refreshing than a shaded place to rest after long hours of motorbiking under the sun.

A cosy gazebo is all you need for a nappy campaign!

A presentable gazebo for yummy treats is like a heaven on earth.

Be captivated by a mysterious red shade on a white snow.

When you need a gazebo for your multi-function event, always look for the best deluxe accommodation.

Bring out the fun under a comfortable shade on a sunny affair!

Tired after a happy parade? Rest, if you must under a welcoming shade but never let the fun stop.

arty like a rock star in a white gazebo tent with your friends! Don’t forget the camera!

Thinking of spicing up your party? Why not set up a photo booth to capture more fun moments.

Unite with nature with simple and nature-loving tents for your green events.

Do you need a more cost-effective way to house your products for a public launch? A modern day deluxe stalls the best choice!

Hosting a small family reunion? Make it memorable with an afternoon snack under a comfy gazebo garden shade!

A reliable stall representing the vast humanitarian effort of a Rotary club.

Rows of empty white market stalls waiting to accommodate your business.

Chill under a gazebo tent like a real macho cowboy.

Want a secured stall at the market? Try this for a more professional looking solid wall setup.

Stall full of sports apparel; a better way to attract sports buffs to your stall!

Build your team work as you install your stall with your business partners!

Feel nature’s warmth with these blue stalls under the trees.

Help your customers choose the right product for them to build customer loyalty.

Don’t stress yourself at a bazaar. Take some time to have a little chitchat with your friend under a gazebo.

Make a flea market more presentable by using professional stalls.

There is no better place to set up a reliable shelter than a jam-packed bazaar!

Cosy rows of blue stalls inviting every passerby to take a look and see what’s inside.

Make your stall more attractive in a trade fair as the crowd enjoys the sunny weather.

Chill out in a blue shade after playing an exciting game.

Display your quality textile products under a sophisticated stall.

Make your stall a haven for children with an exciting colourful toy exhibit.

Make your customer’s time count. Install a totally attention-grabbing stall.

You and a gazebo and are like two friends under the sun. You can go everywhere but always together.

Promote a healthy lifestyle at your market stall by displaying delicious vegetables.

A portable gazebo is indispensable at classic car shows.

Use your gazebo as a welcoming waiting shade for people.

Drink a cup of coffee with friends under a well-ventilated gazebo waiting area.

You can never go wrong with a clean and crisp white tent under the sun which symbolises elegance.

 Complement the elegance of the jewellery that you sell using a sophisticated looking gazebo.