Top 8 Night Markets That Are Worth a Visit

A trip to the markets is always a fun thing to do; even more so when it's done in the absence of the sun and heat. There is something enticing about walking and looking around after dark. Maybe it's because of the twinkling lights of the stalls that make everything look more festive...or maybe it's because it is acceptable to have a drink.

Whatever your reasons may be, you are sure to enjoy the places we found for you.

Queen Victoria Summer Night Market (AKA The Suzuki Night Market)

Corner of Victoria St and Elizabeth St, Melbourne

The Suzuki Night Market. Photos by blog.thatsmelbourne and au.timeout

This is where you want to go when you want to embark on a gastronomical adventure. This night market has just about every food experience you seek - from African curries to fine wines. Locals and tourists alike are raving about this market's wide array of international cuisine. Like they say on their website, "you come for the paella and you stay for the sangria".

If you are not looking to stuff yourself though, the Queen Victoria Summer Night Market is still worth a visit. With over 200 stalls, there will be plenty to see (and buy) like, clothes, shoes, and souvenirs among other crafts.

This night market in Melbourne is open on Wednesday nights. This year, it will kick off on the first week of November and will run through January of the following year.

Ship Point Night Market

Ship Point Pier, Inner Harbor, Victoria

Full of Light Ship Point Night Market. Photos by victoriaharbourfestival and victoriavendors

With only roughly 75 stalls this year, the Ship Point Market is smaller in size compared to the Queen Vic Summer Night Market. Nevertheless, this weekly event oozes creativity in its pores.

It plays host to the Victoria Harbour Festival which aims to showcase original artwork made by homegrown artists. Handcrafted goods like jewellery, soaps, and souvenirs are also sold at this awesome strip.

What's more is that you get to enjoy the sights with some sounds since this event encourages musicians (no matter what kind of music they play) to perform at the Causeway.

If you are starting to think that this place is not family-friendly, we are telling you now - it totally is! There are awesome juggling shows that you can take your tiny tots to see.

Surfers Paradise Beachfront Markets

Surfers Paradise Foreshore, Queensland

Full of Fun Night Market. Photos by marketsonline and mygc

Walk of your hefty dinner and do some bargain hunting at this amazing spot that is so close to the beach. Stretched along the coast are some 120 stalls offering fashion accessories, artwork, photographs, and other handcrafted items that you would love to take home. Best of all, you will get to enjoy your shopping along with the upbeat, live music that is almost always present there.

The Strand Night Markets

Strand Park, Townsville, Queensland

Colorful Night Market. Photos by budgettraveltalk

The Strand Night Markets have all the traditional delights of a night market - lively ambience, fantastic people, beautiful location, and good food. However, what makes it special is its offering of unique gift items. From colourful home decor to handmade jewellery, you will surely find something that you have never seen before.

Another reason why you will love spending the evening here is the cool breeze. Strand Park is located close to the bay so you are in for a refreshing night walk. The Strand Night Markets is held on the first Friday of every month.

The Night Noodle Market

Hyde Park, Sydney

Delicious Authentic Asian Dishes. Photos by goodfood and sydneylodges

It's not just a night market, it's a feast. You can basically get your entire year's full of Asian food at the Night Noodle Market. Authentic Asian dishes like Pad Thai, pork buns, and yep, you've guessed it noodles, are sold hawker-style. This night market attracts over 200,000 visitors per year because it offers more than good food, it offers a complete experience.

However, this feast runs for 3 weeks only so better check out the dates here if you wanna make it this year.

The Rocks Markets

Corner George and Argyle Streets, Central Sydney

Bright Night Market. Photos by Doug Beckers and

Situated between two of Australia's most distinguishable landmarks, Sydney Harbour Bridge and Sydney Opera House, the Rocks Markets are an attraction itself. Actually, two separate (but both celebrated) market events are held in this same area.

First is the Rocks Fire Water Night Markets which run in winter. They serve up freezing patrons with mulled wine, chocolate-dipped strawberries, and even some Thai food in takeout boxes.

The second event, the Rocks Markets by Moonlight, on the other hand, happens in summer time. Like the wintertime event, people come here for the food. It has a party-like atmosphere where people are pumped up by the live music, great food, and cold beer.

Cairns Night Markets

71/73-75 Esplanade, Cairns, Queensland

Go and Shop For More! Photos by Dai Fujihara and Michael Zimmer

There is something for everyone at the Cairns Night Markets. From locally-sourced crops, gorgeous leather goods, to delectable Japanese crepes, you will have a good time filling your tummy and your shopping bags here. In addition to the 130-stall, air-conditioned centre, there is also a 200-seat food court where you can eat in comfort. Up and running since 1991, this place is showing no signs of slowing down and continues to attract tourists year in and year out.

Chinatown Night Market

Dixon Street Mall, Sydney

Oriental and Authentic.. Photos by Alpha

Two words: oriental delight. When you want to soak up on Asian culture and goods, the Chinatown Night Market is the place to be. Apart from the usual market fare made up of affordable clothing, fancy jewellery, and beauty products, you will also find a dragon beard candy maker, a fortune teller, and some tattoo artists. And of course, no Asian-themed market would be complete without food. Here, you can get a sampling of authentic Chinese, Vietnamese, Thai, Japanese, and Indonesian cuisine. The atmosphere here is very slow and relaxed, yet vibrant and lively.