The Perks of a Pretty Stall: Top 11 Tips for Market Stall Presentation

It is no secret: the most beautiful stalls make more money. Customers flock to them, attracted to the wares on the tables.

According to Truro Farmers Market, a remarkable stall would make a customer - stop; take a second look; come back again, and tell their friends about it.

The good news is creating such a stall is not that hard to achieve. With a few tweaks here and there, you'll have a pretty amazing stall that is worth stopping by.

By following one or by combining a few of the tips below you will be well on your way to success. 

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Tip 1: Create a Sense of Abundance

People won't stop by a stall that looks like it is running out of things to sell. This is why you should create a sense of abundance.

If you have no budgetary constraints and your goods are not perishable, bring more than what you can sell for the day and put them on display. But, what if I can't do that? That brings us to our second point…

Chocolate Coins and sweet macarons
Photo by Benson Kua and Maria Firsova

Tip 2: The Importance of Layering

Your display table can still look brimming with goods if you arrange it well. How? By creating layers.

That means you place taller products at the back and smaller products up front. If all your products are roughly the same height, use their boxes or containers as stands so some of them will be placed higher than the others.

Layering also makes your wares accessible to both the eyes and the hands. Potential customers usually want to handle the product or take a closer inspection before purchasing. Make this easy for them.

Craft fair and dreams of gold
Photo by Jennifer and Michael Coghlan

Tip 3: Use Creative Containers

Don't just lay down your products on the table. Use containers, or props, and be creative with it.

Instead of using plain cardboard boxes, why not use old picnic baskets? Sellers over at Garden Web suggest using bushel baskets if you are selling fruits.

And it's not just baskets, the Retro Mummy suggests using bowls and cake stands.

If you are selling jewellery and other trinkets, they would look extra lovely hanging from a rotating steel tree. For cards and invitations, it would be wise to invest in a sturdy stand

Before the market event, a trip to a store that specializes in display containers would be good so you can get more ideas. You can also choose to go to Pinterest and just D-I-Y!

Ghords, pumpkins, and apple baskets
Photo by Don Graham and Anthony Albright

Tip 4: Cover It Up!

Unless you are using a handsome wooden table, use a tablecloth. There are no hard and fast rules in choosing the print, as long as it won't distract your customers from the products, then you are good to go. 

City market opening day and farmers market invercargill
Photo by Mack Male and itravelNZ

Do not settle on scrawling “SALE” on a blank cardboard paper – that would be plain and boring. Hire a helpful and creative hand to make catchy signs for you.

You can also opt for chalkboard signs which are not only hip and cool but totally economical since you can reuse them for the next event.  And even when fancy fonts are in, make sure that you use one that is readable.

Natural smoothie and bread stall
Photo by Garry Knight and David Holt

Tip 6: Lighting

This is especially important if you have a walk-in stall. Surely, you do not want your customers to be stumbling in the dark!

Detachable LED lights like the OZtrail Multi-Use Gazebo Lights is actually a good idea since you can choose where to focus the lighting.

If you want to go a bit fancier, you can also use string lights or fairy lights for a twinkling effect!

You must be reminded, though, to go soft and easy, you want to make a sale, not give people a migraine. 

Christmas markey and Christmas fair
Photo by Martin Pettitt

Tip 7: Dress Up Your Gazebo

Make your stall stand out.  You can do this even from a distance by choosing a differently-coloured canopy for your stall.

Most gazebos used as market stalls are dark hue, but if you are using OZtrail, other colours such as red and yellow are available.

The best though would have to be white. A white canopy also makes a fantastic canvas if you want to print your logo on the canopy. 

If replacing your canopy is out of the question, you can have banners instead. Again, this will make you visible even from afar. Lots of companies in Australia offer great services as you can see on our guide here. 

You can also make your stall feel a bit more festive with the use of bunting.

Pink market stall and craft market stall
 Photo by juxtaposition and Public Information Office

Tip 8: Remove Eyesores

It's not enough that you create a memorable display table. You must also make an effort to get rid of anything that's not pleasing to the eyes.

That garbage bag? Hide it. Your stocks? Keep them in a nice box and stow them underneath the table. Better yet, why not bring a portable drawer with you? This will help tons in organizing your stuff.

Pastry display and adorable market display
Photo by John Keogh and Suedehead

Tip 9: Set up Product Demo

Customers love to feel, touch, smell, or taste (whichever is applicable) a particular product before purchasing. And you better take advantage of that fact and show them a demo.

Here are a few ways to demo your product:

  • Offer samples customers can experience themselves
  • Display the product within easy reach
  • Wear the clothes you're selling
  • Demonstrate how the product works

Tip 10: Be Unique

Unique egg among common eggsDesigned by Freepik

You may not be the only stall selling a particular product, but you can stand out from the crowd.

As you plan how you will display, package, and price your products keep an eye on your competitor's efforts. And take your stall display a notch higher.

Being a unique stall will help customers remember you better and even spread the word to their friends and family.

A simple trick to stand out and be unique is to choose a colourful gazebo for your market stall. Whether you want to go for a gazebo with a bold colour or a neutral colour, your stall will be unique.

Tip 11: Smile All Day Long

Bright smile lady
Photo by Michael Dam on Unsplash

Naturally, you are the first point of contact when customers walk into your stall. Therefore, as you run business, don't forget to put on a bright smile.

Remember a smile is contagious thus your warm welcoming vibes will rub on to your customers.

Don't be that stall holder that looks bored, seated on your fold chair and scrolling endlessly through your Facebook feed. Chances are you will ruin all the effort, hard work, and creativity you put into making your stall look pretty.

Don't Forget What's Essential

We know that you are now inspired and eager to plan your next display, but before you do, make sure that you have an excellent all-weather gazebo.

The best-selling OZtrail Deluxe Gazebo provides superb protection against the sun and the rain. It can also be attached with wall kits and awnings should you wish to increase your defence against the elements.



Originally published: January 2018

Updated October 2018: Added more perks sections - set up product demo, be unique, and smile all day long.