Ready, Set, Shop! A Look at the Markets of the World (Part 2)

Chatuchak Weekend Market, Bangkok

Said to be one of the world's largest weekend markets, Chatuchak or Jatujak Weekend Market is a 27-section, 15,000-boths, 27-acre marketplace that sells all sorts of items from all points of Thailand.

Take your pick of the local goods - antique wood carvings, handmade decorative flowers, heavily beaded jewellery boxes, silk, ceramic wares, amulets, trendy fashions and every sized remembrance of the Thai culture and their welcoming kindness. You can find great bargains on an assortment of Thai trinkets - no tourist prices here so you're sure to get a sale.

Then after a full afternoon of sifting through the arts and crafts, find a cosy space amongst the food-vending stalls or the little corner shops and watch the day give way to a lovely night.

"...well designed of ceramics..." Photos by hungrywomaneats and

"...and baskets themselves..." Photos by weltrekordreise and adventurouskate

Chatuchak Weekend Market/Bangkok ©Dias of Diaz see/read more here

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Grand Bazaar, Istanbul, Turkey

Grand Bazaar Site; Grand Bazaar Site

" busy market day..." Photos by Paul Simpson and LWYang

A Hagglers Guide to Shopping: Travelling to Istanbul © SIXVASER see/read more here

In a country that stands in between the borders of Asia and Europe, this market, the Kapali Carsi or Grand Bazaar, although flanked by two entirely differing and contrasting cultures, is an area all its own.

Amongst the largest and oldest covered markets in the world, trade (also amongst the most ancient on the planet) here is done beneath arched ceilings and domed roofs, with business sometimes even trickling outdoors and spilling over the doorways. The sunlight seeps through the windows above, bathing the goods sold within in an almost romantic light.

Earthenware and ceramics are a favourite, alongside Turkish lamps, shades, silverware and gold. There are also a selection of clothes in silk, satin and various textures, of intensely scented spices and perfumes, pastries and little candied delights.

Pick from the assortment of beaded and gemmed bracelets. The lady of the house would surely want a piece of the magnificent craftsmanship that is Istanbul's - or a pair of ornately decorated shoes that's also found here.

"...all colourful items..." Photos by Michael Clarke Stuff and Jez Elliot

Grand-Bazaar-Istanbul-Turkey ©2013 Boxing Kitten; see more here

" the company of lights..." Photos by Brian Jeffrey Beggerly and  Andy L

Visual Guide to Istanbul's Must See Sites © see/read more here

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"...within the grandeur of the Grand Bazaar..."


"..full of love market place...." Photos by Phillip Capper and Office de Tourisme de Colmar

This country had always held the romance of the world, esteemed as a sophisticated and beautiful mosaic of history - the defeats and triumphs of its countries. Europe, it is where falling in love with the sights and sounds, the tastes and scents of the continent is a natural thing, fostered by the beautiful complexities of its people's beliefs and traditions.

The trends are as assorted and captivating as the arts found here. And the marketplaces are a mirror of the love of the European heart. Never mind losing track of time in all you can find in these gorgeous spaces.

Just enjoy the breath of fresh air and a luscious day.

Old Spitalfields Market, London

Official Site; Official Guide

"...good ol' market..." Photos by Craig Nagy and JasonParis

London Pop-ups ©Dan read/see more here

It is London's oldest market that used to open Sundays only but has now become a seven days' affair, open to the local populace as well as visiting tourists.

Here, you can get hold of many products from the shops and stalls that line the glass canopy. There are fashions, original artworks, gifts, antique, books and other impressive selections. And true to the European past time, cafés and restaurants stand ready to provide you with a cup of tea.

Perhaps watch the world pass you by for a day, or spend it digging through articles and mementos to pocket on your way home. Either way, you are sure to enjoy yourself.

"...gorgeous items to bargain..." Photos by Spitalfields_E1

Bag a Bargain at London's Historic Spitalfields Market © Newcombe read/see more here

"...beneath glassy skies..." Photos by La Citta Vita and yisris

On the Scene: Old Spitalfields Market ©pinkjulep/Ashley Turner read/see more here

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Walking through Old Spialfields Market [...] ©mr07623445678

El Rastro, Madrid, Spain

"...the crowds..." Photos by chrisradleyphotography

El Rastro Flea Market © Eva Bohrer see/read more here

Madrid's most popular open air market and one of the oldest on the planet. Since the 15th century, street sellers and stall owners tempt buyers with a myriad of products from books, discs, arts and crafts, second-hand or discounted clothing items and shoes, shirts and scarves for a cold early Sunday morning. You might want to bring home a few curiosities and unusual items.

There are old cameras, puppets, comic books and watercolour reproductions of greater artworks that look like the originals. Take a bite out of what the barquilleros (wafer-sellers) are selling and enjoy a few bottles of beer while watching the chotis (Madrid dance) and musicians. It's always a good way to end the day.

"...must-haves..." Photos by leo gonzales and barcelonablonde

Where in Spain Wednesday ©JESSICA OF HOLAYESSICA read more here

"...delicate fans..." Photos by Hernan Pinera and vemiya

El Rastro Flea Market ©antoniotajuelo/4105997210 see more here

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Wine Glass Music at El Rastro © robinstrafails

"...El Rastro and its luscious sights and sounds..."

El Rastro © pixeltriangular

Marché aux puces, Paris

"...typical Parisian Flea Market..." Photos by hipparis and myfrenchfinds

Antique Shopping in Paris © Leo see/read more here

Flea markets are a huge hit in any country, but Parisians take the concept to a whole new level. There are always plenty in the City of Lights enough that you can actually jump from one market to another on a good weekend or weekday.

The most famous of which is the St. Ouen Flea Market that claims to be the largest of its kind in the world and attracts more visitors per year, selling goods ranging from old to new in furniture, decors, glass and metalwork. Much similar with Marché aux pucesdela Porte de Vanves that just teems with tourists and locals alike in search of pre-loved fashions and some tiny trikets.

The Marché aux puces (or flea market) dedicated for books and publications of all shapes, sizes and ages, Livre Ancien et d'Occasionis another well-known "flea" amongst so many in Paris that you can head out to for some serious digging.

There are also some timeless photographs, old prints and some illustrations and maps that can be framed for display at home. You can "people watch" or go hunting for treasures to keep as there will always be many interesting knick knacks like gramophones or a jewellery boxes, clothing items and shoes and little trinkets of beads present in the Parisian fleas.

Fresh produce is also a staple. Sample a slice of cheese or a tasty pastry while formulating your next haggling strategy. There will always be chances to lower down the price - just add a little patience and persistence to the mix.

"...just silver..." Photos by Kathleen Tyler Conklin and Ralf Smallkaa

Paris Markets ©Paris ma vie see/read more here

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Marche Aux Puces St-Ouen Flea Market #1-4 © mariepanic

San Lorenzo Market, Florence, Italy

"...Let's talk shopping..." Photos by capaworld.capa

Firenze!! Maven Heaven ©Pamela Simon read/see more here

Mercato di San Lorenzo is a carnival of sounds and colours, ranking amongst the largest, amusing with its mystic of Italian traditions as shown by the splendid goods they sell.

The streets veining the church on all sides are filled with stalls, brimming with arts and crafts and many souvenir items like Murano´s glass, coats, wallets and other leather items, scarves and the famous Venetian masks are all up for sale. If you don't want to purchase anything, just fancy the traffic of faces or the architecture and sculptures that adorns the columns, ceilings and surrounding buildings in the area.

They're equally nice to ogle at for a few minutes or so. Art had always been so splendid here.

"...the bargain expanse..." Photos by ptwo and

Travelthon: Florence, Italy ©Jayme del Rosario see/read more here

" arch of masks..."

©European Odyssey/Nadir Kahn see more here

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Queen Victoria Market. Photos by Julie Lyn

After escaping into the world and getting lost into the vastness of the market cultures belonging to other continents, nothing still beats that of home. Australia...founded on the epic struggles and triumphs of its people, the healthy gifts of beliefs and myths making for it a concoction of vibrant uniqueness showcased in the products we have to boast.

Of course, we have the best markets in the world, with items made special by the efforts of our own people.

Queen Victoria Market, Melbourne

Official Site

"...proudly Oz..." Photos by telegraph and au.timeout

Shopping in Melbourne ©Emma's TravelTours/Emma read/see more here

This historic landmark is a tourist attraction and retailer's paradise that spreads over seven hectares, open for visits 5 days a week but is better seen when it takes on a carnival ambience on Sundays. It's when entertainers come to perform for crowds so you can stop to watch here and there while perusing the countless stands.

If you're a foodie, this is heaven...there are precincts for fresh produce, vegetables, fruits, breads, candy, pastry and prepared food. You might chance on some wine tasting.

But for tourists, there are glorious items. Bargainers always welcome! The General Merchandise stalls should be your first stop if you want to carry something home with you like clothing, gifts, home wares, art and paintings, aboriginal boomerangs and stuffed toys of Aussie animals. There are also bags and some original handicrafts, leather goods and accessories.

You can pack less, that's always advised, and carry more back as souvenirs.

" of culture..." Photos by melbournegems and

Queen Victoria Market ©Alexander Sharif/see more here

"! A tower of dips..." Photos by melhotornot

Hat tip to the best dips ©Clem Bastow read more here

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Balmain Market, Sydney

Official Site

"...Balmain Markets..." Photos by and

Besides portable gazebos, a canopy of leaves provided by the trees in the churchyard makes for a more rustic appeal to the market, actually 3rd oldest in Sydney, where you can leisurely haggle for an assortment of goods like clothes, art, toys, collectibles, books, handicrafts and jewellery. Be there rain or sun, the market is open with its mixture of fascinating products for visits and tours, the memorabilia and other hand-made trinkets a hit with tourists.

If you've grown exhausted and need a break, stop by the food stalls to be refreshed. Grab a bite from inside the church hall too, or look for one of those stalls offering massages (hope they'll be there) and get a quick rejuvenating rub. Then on your feet and off again for more shopping as there is more to explore until the market closes by 4pm.

"...tourists and the trinkets..." Photos by

"...outdoors and busy shopping..." Photos by rebeccasaw

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Paddington Markets, Sydney

Official Site

" one side, Paddington Markets..." Photos by

Another old beauty of a marketplace in Sydney, Paddington is still just as popular with tourists, locals and visitors from all walks. Support emerging designers and artists as they display their greatest creations in the form of clothing, arts and crafts under the shade of portable gazebos, while also supporting the good cause of the Eddie Dixon Centre that gets its funding from the markets to help the needy and less fortunate of Sydney.

Ever wanted to meet the maker of an object before buying your choice? This unique shopping experience is found in Paddington, no less, as artisans themselves can be found roving around or near their stalls.

Discuss and bargain until you're contented as the product range is enormous: tote bags, wood work, handicrafts, fun collectibles and individually designed quality wares that you will want to own.

Stop for lunch under nature's colours as trees and flowers (natural in the area or otherwise brought in for sale) punctuates every end. Charming as it is exquisite; the visits are always memorable, so hope to see you again soon.

"...the lights in Paddington..." read/see more here

"...appreciating the art..." Photos by distinctescapes and blog.hercuriomajesty

Appreciating a Good Market ©Travelshus/Annie see/read more here

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Salamanca Market, Tasmania

Official Site

"...'neath the golden gazebos..." Photos by expedia and wikipedia

Salamanca Markets, Five Lucky Ducks [...] ©fiveluckyducks read/see more here

The word "salamanca" actually translates to various meanings around the world, but the best so far is one for the market that appears without disappointment every Saturday morning when the roads leading to Salamanca Place are closed and stalls appear with vendors and dealers of various items.

A haven for tourists and a playground for bargain-seekers, this market offers a ranged galore of glass-blowers' trinkets, pottery and wood arts as well as paintings, fresh produce and some of the most delightful edibles around.

Your eyes and ears would never run out of things to see and hear as the friendly bustle make for some worthwhile conversation with tourists. Well-maintained lawns offer a good place to laze around while adjoining wharves house restaurants that offer seafood, boats and a spectacular view.

So if you think you're done, better think again as adventures could still be have just across the road or around the corner.

"...colours, textures, textiles..." Photos by salamancabazaar and worldwanderingkiwi

Australia Snapshot: Hobart's Salamanca Market ©Natasha von Geldern; read/see more here

"...just so vibrant..." Photos by swissnomads and texsralians

Come to Tasmania! ©the TexStralians/Laurie see/read more here

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