Going, Going, Gone Mobile!

Today's modern life calls for much mobility and portability. And what else can we not live without but phones, laptops and a myriad of other mobile devices? Take advantage of this constant trend and offer customised accessories that customers will love!

Case, Bags and Covers

'Bling' Covers

Provides protection and also satisfaction, 'blinging' covers for laptops, tablets and phones are a major hit in the personalised items business. You can use crystals, stones, fabric and other materials. Bring samples to your market stall of your work or sell the materials for a do-it-yourself option to consumers--people will always like doing it their way! Take orders for custom covers that you can deliver house to house in the area.

Cool and Glittery iPhone Bling Casing. Photos by HappyHandMaker by Linda Yang

Fashionable Glittered iPad Covers. Photos by TheSkinDudes and piimism

Sleeves, Bags, Wallets and Purses

Even more sought after items in markets today are bags with capabilities, if not specially made, to carry gadgets. Multi-purpose sleeves and bags as well as personalized or specialty-crafted purses or wallets are a hit and sell well in Fleas. Now if you are one into custom-tailoring and hand-stitching these items, they can be more valuable and special. Monogramming is also a nice option to give to buyers.

Fashionable Gadget Pouches. Photos by CraftyFrogDesigns

Lightweight Mid-Sized Bags. Photos by LittleAlligatorStore and dottedbliss

Charms and Accessories

Mobile and No-Dust Plugs

Individual and unique, these plugs can add a dash of charm to any phone, laptop and other mobile devices. You can offer them in a variation of shapes, styles and sizes, using materials like Polymer Clay that you can bake with a standard microwave oven (even when outdoors), wood, plastic or resin. You can hand-paint them while buyers wait or just return for them after a few. Another idea is you can have your buyers purchase the materials and do the painting themselves, alfresco-style, around your outdoor stall. That way, they are able to bond with friends or family. And you can just supervise the activity.

Fashionable No Dust Mobile Plugs. Photos by CakeryBakeryCharms and aLilBitOfCute

Mobile Danglers

Dangles are a thing in accessories and have been a hit ever since the first bag tag was invented. Now gone are the days when keys are the only things needing chains, as more and more people opt to hang stuff on a myriad of items for beautification purposes. Even gadgets have long caught on to the fad! And as sellers, we can take advantage.

You can actually sell hand-made trinkets suited to be hung on gadgets. Be they jewellery that's custom-made, personalized straps or tags, people will always look to being unique. Set up a shop where you have the best of your works shown, then besides working on the spot while the customers wait, you can likewise take orders for delivery.

Adorable Phone Danglers. Photos by GeekAndArtsy and RowYourGoat

Decals, Stickers and Statements

It would perhaps be the ultimate thing for customized items as far as accessorizing is concerned. Vinyl-made decals and stickers, especially those that say a statement tell more of the thoughts of a person and acts as an expression of one's feelings. Now processing vinyl may take a little more effort but aren't all handmade things created that way? You can set up shop to exhibit design portfolios and take orders in your outdoor stall, or, if you're the brave entrepreneur, what's stopping you from showing off your prowess by doing the manufacturing during Flea time? Your customers would enjoy to see you live in action—just be careful of those cutters and tools.

Cool and Creative Gadget Sticker. Photos by Cutthesheet and moonandstarco

By Design USB, Stands, Chargers and Earphones

Personalizing is not limited to the gadget itself. Components like earphones and chargers can also be customized to suit a buyer's tastes. There are also the lesser but not necessarily unneeded stands that hold a unit upright when idle at home. If you're the type into thread and yarn braiding, creating custom wraps or carving woodwork and producing specialty monograms, then it is ideal to sell these types of items in your stall. Just make it creative as this is the key to delighting prospective buyers.

Green Stylish Phone USB Cords. Photos by The360Shop and EchoRadios

Cool and Fashionable Earphones and Headset. Photos by Etsy978 and ketchupize

A Solid Modern Light Oak Timber Mobile Charger Stands. Photos by RusticKraft and OlindaWoodDesigns