Beached Humpback Whale: Sheltered And Well Taken Care Of

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The world was intrigued by the outburst of a trending news about a poor whale that was washed up last Tuesday about 6:30 in the evening. It was released to the sea on Wednesday afternoon, but in less than 24 hours, it was washed again back to the shore.

Concerned citizens jumped over the water to help save the 15-20 ton and 10 meters long beached humpback whale after it has been repeatedly washed by the sea to the beach of Palm Cove.

Despite the cold wind and water at the beach, and the danger that was ahead of this kindhearted person who was willing to save the whale, they decided to take the risk into their own hands by combining their forces to move the mammal back to the sea before the dim.

As the light was beginning to fade out, authorities cautioned the onlookers that it was too risky and dangerous to continue the rescue operation.

The mission resumed in the morning when a harness from Sea World was placed around exhausted whale and connected to a rescue boat. Due to the heavy weight, all three attempts to pull the mammal failed with the string snapping every time.

Photo via Instagram by tpegler

There was no choice for the rescuers but to shelter the whale and maintain to keep it wet by pouring buckets of water into its skin as the tide went out halfway through the day.

Good thing there are OZtrail gazebos that are large enough to be able to shade the poor whale’s full body from the sun. It stayed steady and strong through the loose sand on the ground.

The Sea World Rescue Crew finally pulled in the mammal back to the deep waters after several attempts through the rising tide.

Eyewitnesses were overjoyed to see the young humpback whale back to the sea after being stranded about 36 hours on the beach last Thursday.

Sea World deserves a great deal of credit for helping the poor whale and keeping it alive all day. The crowd is also commended for their efforts and self-risk to try and help this poor exhausted creature.

That’s exactly the sort of altruistic attitude that should be encouraged. What happened to the mammal might be a natural or man-made disaster. This can be a calling to contemplate what is really happening in the environment.

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