27 Tiny But Inspiring Market Stalls That Really Pop

It takes a lot of time and effort to become a successful market stall owner. When running a business it is very important for you to know the process, the demands and how to make your business stand-out from the crowd.

Adding decorations, buntings, colorful linens, tables and more to your stall will help it look more attractive and interesting.

Now, the question is HOW will you do this?

We've collected 51 eye-catching market stall images from different locations and events for you. Each of them has different market stall designs and decorations that complement to what they sell.

Check out how they make their stall stand-out.

White is a classic and pure color, it blends easily with different kind of decorations. With white your stall will look neat, clean and you can never go wrong by adding a powdered/pastel colored buntings. Get to know more different type of white gazebos here Check out this stall, what do you think? Well, this one looks fun! Isn't? The color combination is nice and playful. I like the way they add the arrows (left side), it's like showing your customers to check out your stall and see what you have in store for them. Look how the white colored stall stand-out from nature's natural color - green! Although they did not add too many decorations, but the way they display their products is awesome. They use layering to make the items look visible enough and also the space in the center allows the customers to move around and check all the displayed products. Get more ideas on how to display your items here.
For a hot/humid market stall fair, it is important to make sure your stall has proper ventilation. This will give you air and make you feel fresh while you entertain your customers. Just like this stall, look how simple it is but the table cloths and buntings make it look attractive. And look at the signage, it compliments the season and what they sell. Who likes pink? Well, I do! The color combination of the stall makes it look adorable and cute. Customers, especially the women will spend most of their time roaming around this stall, explore and definitely buy something. This is one of the best tips you need to have when you want to start a market stall - be creative and have fun! Check out this article on how to sell more at your market stall. Red is multi-emotion color - it represents love, romance, blood and most of all it ignites someone's appetite! Did you know that? Well, when you decide to run a food stall you can never go wrong with red. Just like this one, see how they incorporate the color red table to the white canopy - awesome, right? The owner uses layering method in order for the customers to see the products easily.
It is nice to have a neat stall but sometimes, it is also a cool idea to add a little spice. Look at this stall, see how the owner adds colorful buntings, curtains, lightings, and floorings. Overall the stall looks stylish and if you think about it, it has a touch of a mysterious gypsy theme. Also, they layer their products to make it noticeable which give convenience to shoppers. In order to sell more you need to know more - click here! Simplicity is thy beauty! The stall does not have that much of decorations or style, however, what makes it stand-out is how they display their colorful and adorable products. The stall has enough space for the customers to move around and check the items. Also, since it's sunny, it is good not to use walls in order to have a well-ventilated stall. Although we're living in the 20th century, a touch of a classic theme will be a great idea if you want to be unique - just like this stall. The classically designed furniture reminds everyone how simple yet beautiful vintage items are. Also, the owner uses a large size banner which is a good idea to allow customers to notice the stall and remember them.
When we talk about food, red represents "hot and spicy" foodstuffs. The owner of this stall just nailed it! Look how they incorporate the red and black colored table to their spicy products. The banner also looks awesome - it is large enough to allow customers to see them and since they're using those spicy icons people will know what they sell even from afar. Connect to your customers by just using banner - click here! Yum! This stall is like a huge basket of fresh fruits. You gotta love the way how they display their products and the decorations (banner/signage) are so cool. This just shows everyone how creative the owner is and it is obvious that they are having fun. Enjoying your work or what you do as an owner is one of the keys to reaching your goal. If you were to choose the best size of a stall (gazebo) better opt for a large (huge) size one. This will give you enough room for your products and space to allow your customers to move around and check your items. Just like this stall, see how spacious it is. You can add a few decorations but make sure it blends with your theme.
Borough market is a huge and famous marketplace in the United Kingdom and this all natural smoothie stall is one of the coolest stalls. This colorful stall makes it stand-out from the crowd. They offer a different type of refreshing smoothie and because they display the menu in front, customers can easily order what they want. Showing your menus to the customers gives convenience in both parties. lthough this stall is overloaded with their products, it still stand-out because of the lightings and how they arrange the items. They display the huge size symbols at the side which serve as a tower and while the small ones are at the center which still give every customer the convenience to check the products. And because they have a small plant display at the front it complements the oriental theme. Using gazebo walls during winter provides you warm while you please your customers with your good customer service and products. This is what this stall is all about. And since it's a little bit dark, using lightings will brighten up your stall which adds attraction. Also, since there are walls, you can hang few of your decorations or items there. Good tip right?!
Isn't this one of the cutest cupcake stall? Yes, it is! They did not put too much effort for the decorations but the color combination makes it stand-out. It is true that when you use large banners people will get to notice your stall easily and even remembers you. And since you are selling foods, it is important to keep it protected from anything, bugs/flies, dust, and even the sun. This will keep them clean and delicious throughout the day. Woodcraft is one of the most interesting products to sell during a market fair. This will allow you to show off your talent and of course earn. Just take note that when you sell this type of items, it is important to use a not too dark color table cloth and canopy. The rationale is, people will get to see the items easily even from a distance. I guess you already have the idea as to where they get the theme for this particular pet stall - Blue's Clues! The color combination is fantastic and so as the decorative dog footprint. Overall the stall speaks for itself by just staring at it even from afar. Like we have mentioned, it is important to make sure that your stall complements the items or products you are selling - also, the dog nailed it! Check out the different type of blue gazebos here!
A catchy stall name or banner will gain your customer's interest - did you know that? Being creative should not limit you by using colorful decorations and lightings - using unique stall name will make a lot a difference. People will be more interested and you will receive good response from them. And this is how this stall stand-out. Also, the stall has enough space for the customers to check what you sell. What can I say, this stall is so sophisticated. Since the stall is selling soap (mostly for women) the floral tablecloth and curtain make it look so feminine. When you look a little bit closer, you will see that in the banner the owner included their website, which is a good thing in order for your customers to keep in touch with you. And since we are now a huge fan of social media, you can also provide your Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, etc. Social media helps every entrepreneur promote their product all over the globe. Did you know that you can earn a lot with your talents? Just like this one, they sell different type of handmade items, which actually help them show off their talent and at the same time earn. When you sell handmade items, it is important to display them visible enough. You will gain your customer's interest when they see your products even from a distance. With this method, people will check your products and eventually buy them.
If you're a girly type of entrepreneur then this stall suits you best. The pink, white and brown color combination makes the neat craft booth stand-out. With so many items displayed, customers will definitely spend most of their time checking them (and eventually buy them). It is a good idea to display not just two type of items, have some sense of variety. The more (different) items you display, the more people will come into your stall and buy. Don't limit yourself to just one or two items. Always explore and study the market. Supposing that you're a fashion designer and want to run a clothing business, then check this one out. They sell different design Nepalese clothing for both men and women. See how they display their items, they hang it for visibility purposes and arrange them accordingly. Keeping your items organize is very important, they will keep your stall look neat and people will be interested in checking your products and will have a good impression to you as well. And using a large sized banner also helps. As mentioned before, red colored food stall is one of the best ways of attracting your customers and this stall made if to the top. Look how they display those chocolate spreads, it's like a way of letting the customers feel the urge to eat chocolate pancakes. Take note that in order for you to sell your products and earn, you must know how to catch your customer's interest. Also, having a good sense of humor while selling will not hurt.
Sell delicious cupcakes for your customer's sweet tooth. Notice that the owner put the cupcakes in a glass stand - a great idea to keep the food clean. We all know that cleanliness is very important when selling items, this does not just apply to food products but also with other market items. Keeping your items clean so as your stall promotes good impression to all your customers. Like what we have mentioned, when selling handmade items such as this, opt for a not too dark color, or better yet go with white. This will not just let your stall look neat and clean but it also helps your items stand out. When you use layering method on displaying your items, this will give convenience to your customers, and of course, will help you keep your items stay in one place. Look how adorable the toys are and since they use pastel-colored curtains and table cloth, the stall looks more child-friendly although they only have a few decorations. Keeping your items organize can still make your stall stand out even if you don't use decorations. As you can see there's a space in the center where your customers can move around and check your products.
Sometimes market stall owners like to go an extra mile when it comes to their stall presentation - just like this one. I must say, they have this sense of professionalism and organize setup. Look how they incorporate the banner to the gazebo they use and since they have this logo, people will know who are they. When running a market stall, it is important to keep everything organize. When using white gazebo, you can mix and match a different color of a tablecloth or curtains. White is a very flexible color and it gives a vibrant look to your stall. It will also make your stall appear clean, especially when you are selling sweet treats, organic food products, drinks and more. Since this stall is selling plants and herbs, using green and brown color table cloth and banner makes it stand out. As mentioned before, it is important to make sure that your setup compliments to what you are selling. One thing about this stall is they keep the sides open so that people will see right away what they have in store for them. This also provides proper ventilation not just for the owner but also to the plants his selling.
Cold or winter season is the best time to sell organic coffees. Check out this stall, see how they present their products. The ones inside the sack bag just nailed it. And just like another stall setup, they use layering method (bottles -right side) for visibility. This method allows the customer to see the products without touching them. Somehow layering the products is like a precautionary action, you're keeping your fragile items secure - you'll never know when accidents come. When creativity strikes, awesome ideas will come out. Check out this stall, although the setup is simple but when you take a closer look, they are using wooden trays and boxes which compliments the organic products they sell. Creativity and blending are your keys to make your stall stand out. Those bottle covers also add color to the stall since the owner uses a strong brown color. If you opt for a food business, using a menu board will help you a lot. This method saves your time so as to your customers. They will immediately know what you have for them - perhaps what will they be asking, later on, are the ingredients. What also makes this stall stand out is how they make those twig looking decorations as a boundary so that people will not get close to the table where they prepare the foods.
Using a large size gazebo is perfect when you sell handmade items or crafts, especially when you have large sized products like the ones hanging at the side. A Large gazebo will give you and your customers enough space to move around. Like we've mentioned before, gazebo walls can be helpful since you can hang your decorations or items to it. Also, when you extend your time (until night), lighting is a must - it will brighten up your stall and people will still see your products. As a business owner, it is important to keep your products look presentable all throughout the day. Look how the owner hangs the items according to its size, color, and even design. This method will give your customers a very good impression to your and to your business as well. Keeping things clean and organize is a must when you run a business. As mentioned before, when you sell handmade products it is important to use a not too dark color. The owner of this stall use a mild color green and add a some flowers to compliment the wooden handmade crafts they sell. Keeping a space in the center allows every customer to roam around.
A night market is fun and you should expect that there will be a huge crowd. So, in order to make your stall stand out, using lights is a must - people will not notice your stall if it is too dark. As much as possible you should put lightings in every corner of your stall, this will help your customers see every bit of your items and eventually buy something. Although this stall looks a little bit crowded, but what makes it stand out is how they present their products. They use layering method at the center and hang the other items for visibility. This particular setup provides space for customers to roam around. This is one of the advantages when you use a large size gazebo. I guess you now have the idea why lightings are very important during night market. It brightens up your stall and makes it noticeable to everyone. What makes this stall stand out is how they display their adorable items and of course lightings in every corner.
Craft booth is one of the most visited stalls in every market fair. Customers are very excited to see what you have for them and the best part is you get the chance to show off your talent and creativity. The owner of this stall did not limit his/herself by just placing the items at the corner, they took an extra mile by using a hot pink and black color combination of a table cloth. Also, look at the pole at the front, it has a little pink crown at the top which adds a girly touch. This stall does not have many items to offer but what makes it stand out is how they decorate it. The color combination is very feminine and it suits best to the pieces of jewelry they sell. The booth somehow looks like a royal place of jewelry. This is an example of an effortless market stall. You want to know how a cool and creepy stall looks like? Well, check this one out! It simply shows everyone how creative the owner is. It may look a little creepy because of the eyes and the designs of the t-shirts and other stuff, but that's the reason why it stands out - it is simply peculiar!
Again, you can never go wrong with a white canopy -you can easily combine different colors for this. Look how they display their products and the table at the front, it serves as a reception area where people can ask you about your products. The white ribbon at the corner makes the stall look elegant even if it's under the sun. This U-shape setup is one of the most suggested stall plans, it gives space to everyone to check on your stuff and also it's very welcoming. If you want to make your stall look a little classy and fun you can add buntings. Most of the time when you sell jewelry and other ladylike products, you need to make your stall appear or look feminine as much as possible. This will help you promote your product to your customers even from a distance. They will automatically know that your selling something that are intended for females.
If you want to make your stall unique from everyone else why not opt for a large black gazebo. This cuisine stall nailed it! Look how they incorporate the black gazebo with what they sell. Also, you gotta love the signage they have installed right beside their stall, it provides enough information so people can still contact them. Another U-shape stall plan but with a touch of natural and organic color which suits best to the product they sell. And since they sell food, it's a great idea to keep it inside the food tray or glass. Keeping your food products clean is very important. Contaminated food products can destroy your image and may pull your business down. Well look at that menu board, isn't it cute? If you opt to run a food stall it is best to use a menu board, this will be very convenient to you and to your customers. Although you still need to communicate to them, it will save your time since they can already see what you offer.
Sometimes a little to nothing is what you need to make your stall look beautiful, just like this one. The owner did not put a lot of decorations but what makes it stand out is how they present their goodies. They use cupcake stands so that every customer will have the opportunity to check the displayed items. Labeling each food items is also a good idea - the method will help the customer choose which one they like the most. Do you see the advantage of using a large size gazebo? I guess you do now. It will give you enough space to move around and make use of it. You can add more decorations, tables, and stands. Also, when times like this (summer) we suggest that you use mild colored curtains or tablecloth. Using floorings can also help your stall stand out - it adds beauty and attraction to all bypassers. Every customer will also have a good impression to you and when they have that good feeling, they will immediately check on your stall and eventually buy something from you.
Photo courtesy from Flickr by Liz West