Hello Summer! 11 Tantalizing Outdoor Umbrellas

How much sun is too much this summer? Just for the record, if you’re fair skinned 5-10 minutes soaking in the sun is more than enough. Otherwise, you risk getting skin related problems such as sunburns or worse still skin cancer over time.

Admittedly, the umbrellas give your outdoors an alluring alluring look. Very pleasant to gaze upon.

Therefore, you need an outdoor umbrella such as a cantilever umbrella or any other that you fancy for these and many other mind-blowing reasons that we’ll point out later.

But first, let’s help you to find out your favourite outdoor umbrella.

Ready? Let’s dig in!

1. Cantilever Umbrella

The cantilever umbrella, also known as offset umbrella has a very large canopy and a big solid support base for stability.

The cantilever umbrella features a 360º rotation and can tilt in a number of positions back towards the pole. Also, it has a wind-up handle for easier opening and closing.

Pool side black cantilever umbrella

Unlike the traditional table umbrella (we’ll get to it) which has a pole in the middle, the cantilever umbrella has its pole standing on the sides of the canopy. This means you have ample open space underneath the large canopy. The canopy is held in place by a large sturdy arm.

The cantilever umbrella is a perfect outdoor shade for a stunning patio, poolside, front-yard, or balcony.

For a truly spruced up shade consider pairing your cantilever umbrella with some dazzling outdoor furniture and you will definitely adore your outdoors this summer and beyond.

2. Beach Umbrella

Summertime calls for a trip to the sandy Australian beaches. But you won't be spending your entire time in the water; therefore, you need a beach umbrella or a beach shelter.

Rainbow coloured beach umbrella

A good beach umbrella should be silver lined on the inside part of the canopy to bounce off harmful UV rays. Besides that it should also be:

  • Lightweight but strong
  • Have a wide canopy for sufficient shade
  • Easy to lock in the sand
  • A vented canopy to prevent blow away
  • Adjustable height feature

Watch the video below to see how to set your beach umbrella the easy way so you can sit back, relax, and enjoy your summer. Also check out 101 ways to beach umbrellas.


3. Traditional Table Umbrella

True to its name, this umbrella is a traditional one. Perhaps the most common shade we’ve all known in our lifetime that has effectively provided ample shade for many years.

It looks like the common handheld umbrella but with an oversized canopy and is readily available on all major retailers including Gazebos Australia.

The table umbrella has an aluminium or wooden pole that basically stands in a table hole. And it comes with its own base which helps it stand firmly on its own without putting too much strain on the table.

Blue umbrellas on the street

The traditional table umbrella comes in many shapes, sizes, and colours. You can go for a subdued or elegant look, but whatever your choices just know you will be using the umbrella for a very long time. They are that durable.

If your balcony is large enough, the traditional umbrella will give you ample shade. It’s also useful on the patio, swimming pool area, or your backyard.

Keep the conversations going this summer with a traditional table umbrella. No more squinting your eyes due to sun glare.

4. Sail Umbrella

A shade sail umbrella can uniquely transform any ordinary outdoor space into an architectural statement thanks to its intricate design.

You can use the sail umbrella for a stylish effect on the kids play area, the entertaining area, patio, balcony, carport, pool, boat and just about any other outdoor space that needs shade.

Black rectangular shade sail

Sail umbrellas are available in different shapes and sizes such as the triangle shade sail, the rectangle shade sail, and the square shade sail. And they all look amazing.

Unlike the other pole based umbrellas, the sail umbrella doesn’t need a heavy base or a pole. You don't even need any structure to secure it. Simply tie it to the area you need the shade.

Sail umbrellas last longer because they are made from a commercial grade range fabric that is fade, mould, and mildew resistant. The fabric is also UV stabilised to bounce off harmful rays and keep you cooler in the summer heat.

5. Commercial Shade Umbrella

Commercial umbrellas are ideal for outdoor environments such as town squares, beach resorts, hotels, coffee shops, selected stores, among others recreational venues. It adds an aesthetic beauty to your business outdoors.

White commecial umbrellas

The commercial umbrellas can dramatically boost the number of customers you attract. With the unrelenting summer heat, most people would prefer being in the outdoors but well shaded against harmful UV rays and excess heat.

They prefer the ambient atmosphere that’s different from the indoors.

6. Tilting Umbrella

No doubt about it, the sun is always moving. And sometimes you may find it glaring its harsh rays on you because it has moved to an inconvenient spot. But, if you’ve got a tilting umbrella, you are safe.

Pool side red cantilever umbrella

It is designed with an extra joint toward the canopy area to help the umbrella rotate around the pole. Therefore, as the sun moves just keep tilting your umbrella to the desired position.

The tilting umbrella gives you more options to block the sun and enjoy your outdoors in summer.

7. Palapa Tiki Style Umbrella

If you are an island-themed decor enthusiast then you will love the tiki umbrella. The tiki umbrella is an exotic umbrella made from polypropylene faux grass. It looks like a grass tiki hut. And is largely appreciated and associated with good times in summer.

Pool side tiki summer umbrella

The palapa tiki style umbrella will provide ample shade in the beach, pool area, home yard, among other outdoor spaces.

It is super easy to use your tiki umbrella. On the sandy beaches, just stick it into the sand. But if you opt to use it on a table, you’ll need a stable 50-70 pound base stand depending on the weather.

8. Shelta LED Umbrella

The Shelta LED umbrella is ideal for use in the evenings or at night. It is designed with low voltage LED lights that give the umbrella a glowing look in the night.

windemere octagonal cantilever umbrella

So, if you are hosting an evening party or a campout, you will find the shelta LED umbrella useful. You can keep your fun-filled summer the party going into the late evening.

Just like the traditional table umbrella, the solar LED umbrella has a pole that goes through the middle of the table. And it can tilt at angles just like the tilting umbrella.

9. Timber Frame Umbrella

As you stay out this summer, protect yourself and your loved ones with a timber frame umbrella. You will undoubtedly enjoy the warmth and shade of this umbrella.

The timber frame umbrella is strongly supported by clean and durable stainless steel hardware for durability. It is also designed with silver trim components which give it a superb finish.

Pool side black umbrella

The large canopy is made from high-quality acrylic canvas which can withstand extreme heat to look newer for longer.

The timber frame umbrellas are available in a wide variety of sizes and colours to choose from. And the prices are reasonable.

10. Aluminium Market Umbrella

Enjoy staying outdoors with this elegant and stylish Aluminium Market Umbrella. It is made from a high-quality polyester canopy that bounces off most of the harmful UV rays.

The umbrella has a centre pole with a unique “collar-twist” located halfway up the centre-pole to quickly tilt the umbrella.

Red and white umbrella use for flower shop

It is perfect for use at a cafe, hotel, restaurant and also your home garden for the best shade regardless of the weather.

The aluminium market umbrella is available in different sizes and colours to suit your preference and style.

11. Rain Umbrella

The fact is it’s going to rain at some point. Summer doesn’t last forever. And you wouldn't want the rain to keep you from having an awesome day, right?

A shelta umbrella will keep dry when the summer sun shines no more. Go for a stylish high quality rain umbrella for ultimate protection.

Long black rain umbrella

And there’s a whole lot of variety to choose from:

Mind-blowing Outdoor Umbrella Benefits

Pool side yellow umbrella

By now you must have picked your favourite umbrella. And you may be curious to find out all the benefits. So, let’s have a quick rundown of how your outdoor umbrella will transform your summer time and even life!

Excited? Let’s begin…


Your cantilever umbrella or any other umbrella you’ve chosen will keep your outdoor space private from neighbours looking down.

Useful all year round

Your outdoor umbrella remains useful even after summer. Whatever the season your umbrella will shade you from either heat, snow, or hail.


An outdoor umbrella blocks harmful UV rays to keep you safe from the hot summer sun. You will feel ten degrees cooler shading under your outdoor umbrella.


Did you know that too much sun harms flat-faced dogs such as bulldogs? Therefore, it is important that your pets are comfortable too during summer.

Imagine how they feel walking on a hot floor or resting under the intense heat yet they can’t take in too much sunshine. Providing them with a large outdoor umbrella will help them cool off when temperatures soar.

Protect your devices

If you enjoy working outdoors, then an outdoor umbrella is essential to keep your devices away from the simmering summer heat. Laptops, tablets, and phones shouldn’t get too hot. Keep them away from overheating with an outdoor umbrella.

Protect your outdoor furniture

As you soak in some vitamin D from the sun and get that good feeling on your skin, your outdoor tables and cushions will be fading and drying out over time. An outdoor umbrella will protect your furniture shaded against the sun so they last longer.


For a fact, there’s a huge difference between a plain patio or deck and one that has a stunning outdoor umbrella. A good outdoor umbrella looks classy while adding a furniture element that has the height to your space.

Outdoor umbrellas come in a variety of shapes and sizes, get creative and spruce up your outdoor space this summer. Go on and feast your eyes for some inspiration on 101 ways to backyard umbrellas.


You can use an umbrella to define your outdoor space. Besides it looking good to the eye, it makes an obvious spot for lounging, eating, or whatever it is intended for.

Structural benefits

If you love birds, you can hang a small feeder to protect them from hot weather. You can also opt to add some lights on the umbrella to brighten up your evenings. Or you can decorate your umbrella on festivities like Christmas or birthdays.

Pro Tip

To keep your outdoor umbrella in tip-top shape, use a protective umbrella cover. Use the cover on a regular table umbrella, a cantilever umbrella, or any other shelta umbrella.

Woman using an umbrella cover

Whether your outdoor umbrella is large or small you’ll find the waterproof umbrella cover a must have protective accessory.

And you get to choose from heavy-duty vinyl, acrylic canvas, and lightweight polyester.

Over to you

Now you’re ready to enjoy your summer and in style. Grab your favourite outdoor umbrella, go out, and enjoy your summer. Obviously, you're spoilt for choice. But, you can never go wrong with an outdoor cantilever umbrella.

Happy summertime!