101 Ways to Backyard Umbrellas

Get your shade on! If you’re living in Australia, patios and backyards are two of the areas in your house where you, your loved ones, and friends should be spending time and having fun.

Because these areas are exposed to the rays of the sun, it is important to use a shade such as a backyard umbrella.

There are numerous ways to match your backyard with a patio parasol. Aside from its functionality and the fact that it can protect you from the harmful radiation of the sun's UV rays, it also provides an additional aesthetic feel to the exterior design of your patio, deck, balcony, or yard.

Glance through our compilation of the best installation of backyard umbrellas from Australia and around the globe. We hope that this gallery would inspire you to design and beautify your backyard with the shade capability of backyard umbrellas.

Remember that Australia is a country that has a strong outdoors tradition. You can keep that tradition alive even while you’re staying at home.

Enjoy browsing through the gallery and get your shade on!