Top 9 Fascinating Aussie Bloggers

Do you love living vicariously through others, especially adventure bloggers? We've found some of the best blogs about Australia to give you a whirlwind tour of this big brown land. Get in touch and tell us your favourites too!


4WDAUS Aussie Travel Blog

Photo on 4WDAUS

Steve Kruger and Alison Kruger together with their exploration 4WDAUS vehicle have a marvellous life: travelling full-time across the incredible country of Australia.

As you navigate the 4WDAUS website, you will come across a wide array of quality photographs. Each photo has a short story highlighting its important aspects. All written by these two travel hardened modern day adventurers.

Steve and Alison love meeting people while on travel. So, don’t be surprised to find a photo of yourself on their blog.

Your travel experience through their blog series include:

If you’re wondering what these two adventurers are up to, then here’s your answer:

“In more recent times our travels have taken us across the Nullarbor, into the Victorian High Country and Australia’s East and West coasts where we have taken some amazing photographs and met some wonderful people."

"We have stood where atomic bombs were exploded, travelled roads built by the famous Australian Len Beadell and captured some of Australia’s greatest icons like the Pinnacles, Sydney Harbour Bridge, The Opera House and Uluru (Ayers Rock).”

One Year in Australia

One Year In Australia, made by sweethearts Ewa and Jakub, took to Oz in a vacation of a lifetime.

They captured some of Australia's fascinating outdoor essence and scenes; the kind that makes us fall in love with our backyards (--ahem, especially when said backyard happens to be the outback), and have us break out the camping tents and drag everyone we can into an outside adventure.

The road less travelled. Photo on One Year In Australia

Ah, and it's also great to read so many positive comments from other people on the planet as to why the country is so bloody spectacular. Because it truly is!

Our favourite posts:

  • Irrational fear of Crocodiles
  • Hiking the Cathedral Ranges
  • Awesome Great Barrier Reef
"This experimental project has come to an end with Ewa and me still being together - Woohoo ... I will try to keep this website up as a souvenir for ourselves and as a guide or inspiration for others."

"Before I log off, however, I also wanted to thank all the Australian and not so Australian people we met along the way for making this trip more pleasurable, for giving us a helping hand in times of need (and there was plenty of this), and for being way too friendly - you know who you are."

From Blog Post What's next?

Extra-Ordinary Living

Great things start small. Photo on Extra-Ordinary Living.

The Extra-Ordinary Living blog is a short one. Some 17 entries filled with the thoughts of Cassie Lobley, a mother of two, on how life is like living far off in the Cape York Peninsula—a land of climatic extremes where wildlife, bushwalking, fishing, and the outdoors are the norm. But she writes beautifully.

The blog's overall philosophy is very appealing, about how to live to the fullest, proving that you don't really need much to enjoy. Well, with a location like the Cape, who wouldn't? 4WD driving down Wenlock River, fishing, camping, trekking...and turtles! Don't forget the mozzies.

Cassie and her family were not the sorts to sit around, mope and complain. To quote her words:

"You can sit in the air con, Facebooking your friends and family about how much a small, remote town sucks and count down the days until you go back to the 'coast' or you can suck up what life throws at you and make the most of every day with the people and places you have right now."

So they did go out and had fun. That's the pure essence of being outside in the first place.

"Life should not be a journey to the grave with the intention of arriving safely in an attractive and well-preserved body but rather to skid in sideways, chocolate in one hand, champers in the other, body dirty, sunburnt, wrinkled and thoroughly used up, totally worn out and screaming ‘Yah Hoo, Whatta Ride!'"
From Cassie Lobley

ACT and NSW camping

Photo on ACT and NSW camping blog.

The idea of the ACT and NSW camping blog is to get people to visit campsites around ACT and NSW, and the author is right, these are places you can just drive to from Canberra (well, some others go a distance farther but still close enough).

The fascinating part is that the places recommended in this blog are free or low cost, and allow for pets like dogs so you don't have to worry about leaving them behind during a camping trip.

Oura Beach Reserve was one, and then there's Grabine Lakeside State Park, Paddy's River Dam, Lowden Waterwheel among others.

4WD's are also a common equation in the entries found in this blog, as the author takes his trusty vehicle on almost any terrain—water, mud, parched earth—while touring! (Reminds me of what they say; that you can stuff anything into a 4WD and still drive it!)

Then there's his favourite: spotting the wildlife! Every entry seems to have at least one picture of animals. Nicely done! Makes you want to grab that tent, rev up that truck and head outside on the next weekend.

Travel Outback Australia

Travel Outback Australia

Photo on Travel Outback Australia

Gary and Amanda are all about Outback travel in their blog travel outback Australia. They live, work, and play in the Outback.

So if you require to experience the outback yourself, their blog is a must read. It is a super easy to read one-stop shop for

  • Travel tips
  • Product reviews
  • Road trip itineraries
  • Destination information
  • Inspiring photography

Go Camping Australia

Lake Bonney at sunset. Photo on Go Camping Australia.

I love Go Camping Australia for the sheer simplicity of it. Also because they have entries related to family life (like when they made S'Mores for Easter or the 5 reasons to take your children camping—I might actually write something like this for OutdoorOz).

All things camping...they also have helpful reviews on gear—those they actually take out during their trips like a BlackWolf Turbo Lite Plus 240 and air mattresses (they had a good advice about this topic: no blow up air mattresses during the winter; you'll sleep on a thin bed of ice for sure!

Take a good self-inflatable instead. They learned this the hard, cold way).

They also have campsite reviews, the entries taking you from Kangaroo Island to Jervis Bay, with insights, some helpful information on amenities, location, resources, what you can do and cannot do—and pictures!

My personal favourite at their campsite reviews is the beautifully taken horde of pictures. The site is very much open for contributions too, calling out to fellow campers to share their ideas, snapshots and experiences.

Ah, it feels like home to the campers here. Their top 10 lists are also an interesting read for the bushwalker.

"We enjoy camping as a family, though we don't profess to be experts. It's all about having a good time (hopefully). Sometimes it works for us, and other times it doesn't. We will share with you, our reader, the good, the bad and the ugly!"
From Go Camping Australia Blog

Our trip around Oz

Under the towering greens: the Family. Photo from Our trip around Oz.

Our trip around Oz reminds me of those 'if' moments when the thought of taking a car and just driving on away from everything and everyone with no specific destination becomes a very romantic idea. Taking risks.

I like the fact this family actually left their comfort zone (I mean actually selling their home type of out of the comfort zone idea) to go on a caravan and just be out there, travelling, camping, parking and celebrating.

They saw many places, met many people, and bonded...with great photos and remembrances too (the hubby made sure). But it was rather sad when the trip had ended and you read a post that went something like: "I'll miss so many things about being together, the five of us, all the time.

In the beginning, it took a while to get used to, but now, of course, it's the norm for us and I think I'll genuinely miss the closeness. I've said to many people along the way that I don't think we will understand exactly what we've done until we get home and the excitement all dies down, then we will realise that our trip was truly magical and a memory that we shall never forget!"

I found myself teary-eyed. I think this is actually what made this blog one of my favourites: the sentimentality. You know, that honest expression of what people felt that bloomed into the words. Kind of like what the author did here—just wearing the heart and soul on a sleeve, making each stop made throughout their trip as special.

"Ok, so this is it. We have decided to be brave and make this monumental decision of selling our beloved home, taking long service leave and taking 2 out of the 3 kids out of school for 6 months."

"We figure it's now or never. Time is very rarely on your side and Wayne and I think if we don't do this now, then before we know it the older girls will be in high school and would be a lot harder, firstly to convince them to leave their friends and come travelling around with their parents, and secondly it's too hard to take them from school at that age."

"So whilst Frankie isn't the ideal age, being the 3rd child has made Wayne and I both a little less 'nervous' I guess is the word I'm looking for, she'll just have to come along and grow into a toddler on the way. I'm sure there will be moments of ‘why did we do this now' but we are hoping that those moments will be few and far between."
From Blog Post ‘The Early Stages'


Ytravel in Aussie

Caz and Craig are travel addicts living life unplugged. They've been to almost anywhere you can think of in Australia. And they have documented their travel experiences in their blog ytravel. They even did an 18-month family trip around Oz.

If you are dreaming of travelling but a bit sceptical about how to make it happen, then you can get some practical advice and motivation from their blog as well.

Some of the tips include:

  • Travel tips
  • How to save money on accommodation
  • Gow to plan your trip
  • Family travel tips
  • Destination tips
  • Travel resources

Explore Australia

Hypipamee Crater. Photo on Explore Australia.

This Melbourne-based publisher is about the best bet I have when it comes to quality Australian maps, guides and atlases. Their site is also home to a great blog I've been following the last few months. I especially enjoy the fact they are pro-novice.

Especially for those people who have never been outdoors that much, they have a lot of beautiful suggestions and wonderful advice.

The discussions about the many naturally-endowed areas and camping grounds around Oz pique my curious interest, and I especially agree with one comment,

"What is it about free campsites all having spectacular views?"

They just do. It actually goes to show that you don't really need to spend all that much to enjoy.

The images are absolutely ogle-worthy too. This one is my favourite from right off the blog. To the bowels of the earth! It's just eerie and awe-inspiring at the same time, really.

But there are also a lot of other places described in the blog, particularly some amazing scenery you wouldn't mind poking out of your tent for.

Top Favourite Posts:

"Whoever says that camping isn't for everyone obviously hasn't been to the campsites on our list.
"With their fantastic amenities and often spectacular locations, these camping areas are sure to convince even the most fervent anti-tentist that camping can be fun and enjoyable."
From Blog Post ‘Top 5 camping spots to take a novice camper'


Just like our adventurous Aussie bloggers, you too can jump in the bandwagon and have some amazing outdoor experiences. You want memories to relish for a lifetime, right?

So, check out all the outdoor camping equipment for your next trip in the captivating country of Australia.


Originally Published: February 2018

Updated September 2018: Added more bloggers - 4WDAUS, Ytravel, and Travel Outback Australia sections.