8 Serene Camping Spots To Dream About - A Gallery

There is so much relaxing to be done. So much relaxing! My idea of a getaway is camping in a quiet spot, somewhere that I can enjoy the peace and quiet. No cars, not too many children, and no overhead flight paths. This collection of photos reminds to me to get outdoors and enjoy the quieter locations to just pitch my tent and wind down for some much-deserved relaxation...

The photographer describes this as “another great wild camping spot at the deserted and quite spooky farm at Kvalen” with good reason. This fjord or narrow inlet valley created by glaciers, with its steep sides and cliffs, is about as peaceful a location as you can get to. Taken in Kvalen, Lustrafjord, Norway. Photo by Andy Nelson (ReverendMungo) on Flickr

Larimer County, Colorado. The photographer's take on the so-called “camouflaged tent”. Sometimes, we can just be like him, preferring not to be seen, and would rather be left alone. Photo by Zane Selvans on Flickr

Carbon County, Wyoming. A tent hidden behind the willows where, according to the photographer's description, is a place where pronghorns gallop near, and from where you could hear coyotes yipping. Imagine, a night in the company of wildlife. Just amazing. Photo by Zane Selvans on Flickr

Fire Island National Seashore, Ocean Beach, NY. This shot was taken a distance from the actual beach, and was hidden behind the dunes, surrounded by flowers, far from the noise. Photo by Andrew Mace (andrew c mace) on Flickr

One beautifully serene valley setting in a location somewhere in Outer Mongolia. Green and wildflowers all around, extending beyond the landscape, with not a single trace of the bustle and hustle to disturb your camping. Just so relaxing. Photo by Britton Adventures on Flickr

Shiretoko, Hokkaido, Japan. The photographer's description: Perched way up on a cliff, at the end of a tiny dirt path, next to a cute little onsen (or hot springs). Such a wonderful paradise all to yourself with an option to shrug the tent altogether and take advantage of the healing spring accommodations nearby. Photo by Kevin Jaako (Jaako) on Flickr

Castlebay, Barra, Outer Hebrides of Scotland. A literal rift between you and civilization. The thought of being far but not entirely far from the city with enough of a gap to make your wild camping peaceful. Perhaps watch the city light up at night. Perfect. Photo by CaptainOates on Flickr

Wharariki Beach, Golden Bay with the Archway Islands in the background. The proof that, sometimes, it's not only the location but the changing ambiance and how you make the most of it that makes for a peaceful, relaxing moment when outdoors. Photo by Nathan Hollis on Flickr