Pet Friendly Camping in the South Coast of NSW

The South Coast of New South Wales is one of the most exciting places to go camping and have an adventure. Enjoy the beach in a whole new way using your beach shelter and with South Coast varied surroundings and the amazing beach landscapes.

And although camping here with friends and families is a great experience, those who prefer the silent yet fun company of their pets will have an equally great time given the various activities and tent camping sites are available.

If you're planning on going on a long trip with your pets for several days make sure you bring a portable Pet Bed or Kennel Mat so they have their own place to rest, then the following campsites will be great stops for overnight camping.

Eden Tourist Park

If you're starting from the south going up, then Eden Tourist Park in Eden, NSW is the first campground that you should stop by. The campgrounds are located near two of the most beautiful attractions of Eden: Aslings Beach and Lake Curalo.

The Aslings Beach is a great place for those who love basking under the sun and swimming in the cool waters.

Moreover, if you're a surfing enthusiast, then you'll definitely love coming here. Both the beach and the lake provide excellent fishing opportunities, although the beach is more preferred because of the chance of sighting whales in the months of August to November.

Alternatively, you can just take your pet for a stroll along the banks of Lake Curalo, where you can sit down at the end of the day to enjoy watching the sunset.

Image from Kevin Krejci on Flickr

Ocean Lake Caravan Park

Ocean Lake Caravan Park in Bermagui, NSW is the next best campsite to visit on your way up. Just like the first campsite, the Ocean Lake Caravan Park is located next to another lake, specifically Lake Wallaga which is quite famous for its fishing activities.

When you're not camping just yet, you can enjoy going to the nearby beaches which are also offering great surfing experience. Don't forget your beach umbrella though, you know how harsh the Australian sun can be, right?

If not, you can visit the different attractions of Bermagui like the local wineries such as Mimosa Wines and Tilba Winery or go snorkelling at the Bermagui Blue Pool.

Trip Tip:

When you bring along your dog or cat or any other pet on a camping trip, be sure that they have a pet collar which contains your name and contact information just in case they get lost. In addition, try to buy a collar with a glow in the dark features, that way you won't have a hard time looking for them at night.

Big 4 South Durras Holiday Park

After Bermagui, drive further north to South Durras, NSW where you'll find various tourist attractions that will surely give you a grand time. If you're into kayaking instead of surfing, you'll surely love the Eurobodalla.

This unique water system of 20 lakes and more than 80 beaches is a kayaker's paradise. While paddling along you'll see various wildlife that makes up the diverse ecosystem of the place.

Dogs are not allowed in any of the natural reserves, so if you want to visit the reserves you'll have to leave your dogs in the care of the different dog and pet kennels like Barbara's Boarding Kennels in Princes Highway, Benandarah.

It is an hour away from the reserve, but it is only 6 minutes away from the Big 4 South Durras Holiday Park where you'll be spending the night in a cosy swag.

Although you may not be able to bring your pet dogs to the nature reserves and some areas, there are tons of beaches where you can take them for a stroll like Barlings Beach, Lilli Pilli, Maloneys Beach, and Malua Bay to name a few.

Man's best friend. Image

Currarong Beachside Tourist Park

After spending the night in South Durras, drive further north until you reach Currarong. This place is teeming with beautiful beaches that rival most of the beaches previously mentioned above.

Since Currarong is a coastal town, it is but natural that the majority of the fun activities to be had in the place are all related to the sea like whale watching and dolphin watching in addition to the usual swimming and diving activities.

Aside from these though, there are also other inland activities that you can enjoy with your pooch like bushwalking and cycling. After a long day, you can set up your beach tent/beach shelter in Currarong Beachside Tourist Park.

Trip Tip: Pets are prone to different elements from the outdoors which can be very harmful to them. Thus, it is best that you never let your pets out of your sight when camping, lest they eat a poisonous berry or get infested by fleas. In the latter case, a tick repellent collar is a good idea, and be sure to clean them up before leaving.

Nowra Gateway Caravan Park

A nearby place that you can visit after Currarong is Nowra, NSW. This town is teeming with various sights that you should not fail to visit. Some of the most notable ones include the beverage manufacturers like the Cambewarra Estate Wines, Lyrebird Ridge Organic Winery, and the HopDOg Beer Works Brewery.

There are also various hiking trails in the area like the Bens Walk, Bomaderry Creek walks Track, the Grotto Walk and the Hanging Rock Lookout.

Furthermore, there are two architectural beauties which you shouldn't miss when you're in Nowra, the first is the Meroogal and the Bundanon (the home of the artist the late Arthur Boyd).

End your day by swag camping in the beautiful Nowra Gateway Caravan Park which is situated right next to the river.

Image from Richard Law

Wollondilly River Station

Wollondilly River Station is an insanely breathtaking pet and family friendly eco bush camping ground. All pet animals are welcome here. ALL. They even allow you to get your dog off the leash as long as you have him under control.

Remember to take a pet bed with you so your pet can sleep in comfort while in the outdoors.

The campsite is located at Goodman's Ford right at the heart of the spectacular southern highlands of NSW. It takes about three hours drive from Sydney to the site.

On each side of the property straddles the Woodley river, a natural beauty to behold as the cool river water flows through its rugged terrain.

Wollondilly River Station is an ideal campsite for the experienced campers. You will be literally in a bush with no power nor an on-site shop. And their prices are flat all year round, so you can budget for your camp with confidence.

You may also want to keep the kids super entertained with free and fun-filled activities. They will leave with cherished memories for sure.

Image by Pixabay

Mystery Bay Camping Ground

How nice would it be to go bush camping by the beach with your furry little friends? Awesome right? Mystery bay camping ground, a quiet coastal hamlet located between Narooma and central Tilba could be your perfect getaway this weekend.

They allow dogs on condition that they are on a leash and you keep them under control. Just don't forget to carry a dog pet bed, otherwise, your dog will end up sleeping in the cold. And that's just sad.

Also, as you plan to head over to Mystery Bay Camping Ground, remember that there are no bookings. They will attend to you on a first come first serve basis.

Other things to note is there's no power throughout the site, showers are cold but they've got plenty of space to park your vehicle no matter the size.

Here are some fun activities you may want to sample while you camp there:

  • Explore the magical beaches and rocky caves
  • Swimming in the cool refreshing turquoise bay waters
  • Surfing even onto neighbouring beaches
  • Beach fishing
  • Whale watching cruises

All these activities are thrilling but, you must not forget to pack your essentials. The perfect tent to protect you from the scorching sun as you camp is a must. And a beach umbrella that stands out from the crowd while still giving you maximum shield against harmful UV rays.

In Conclusion

The South Coast of New South Wales holds some of the finest beach destinations in Australia, and would thus make a wonderful addition to a beach lover's travel bucket list.

And the best part is that you don't have to leave your pets at home or to your neighbours because pets are welcome to join you in all the tent campsites mentioned above.

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Originally published: March 2017
Updated September 2018: Added Mystery Bay Campground and Wollondilly River Station to provide more pet-friendly campsites.