Pet Friendly Camping in Northern NSW

A pet is another member of the family, so why exclude them from a family camping trip? An increasing number of campsites now cater to campers with pets, but which one is nearest you?

Keep reading for our list for Northern NSW.

It is estimated that one in three families own a pet. The type might vary dramatically - from dogs to cats to chatty parrots - but whichever they may be, owners tend to have a passionate affection for their pets, and consider them part of the family.

So, it's only to be expected that when they go camping, they don't want to leave their furry friend at home.

Make sure you pack a portable pet bed so they have somewhere to rest. And don't forget when you think about spending your quality time outdoors, it is best to use a gazebo that will guarantee you a perfect shelter.

Traditionally, camping sites didn't permit families to bring their pets, but times have changed.

Now, a growing number are catering to campers with family pets, providing safe, open spaces for them to play, roam or chirp in.

But which sites are the best to go to? For campers heading to Northern NSW, here's a shortlist of pet-friendly camping spots that are definitely worth checking out.

Broadwater camping area for families
Photo from: Broadwater Stopover Tourist Park

Broadwater Stopover Tourist Park

"The Best Value for Your Money"

Broadwater is a pet-friendly park situated in one of Australia's most beautiful areas.

Experience the serenity of never-ending lush green grass for as little as $19 per night. The park has been consistently voted the best value for money. And has earned an enviable reputation for having the most approachable and accommodating staff.

It's located next to a koala sanctuary. Animals have always been cared for in the area so extending warm hospitality to your family pet is only natural.

Broadwater is also near a variety of popular tourist sites, so there are plenty of activities on offer for the whole family.

View at Brown's RocksPhoto from: Caravan Park Photos.

Brown's Rocks Caravan Park

"Gem of the Clarence"

Located on Goodwood Island, on the Clarence River, near the town of Yamba, Brown's Rock Caravan Park lies within a stone's throw of some of the best fishing spots on the river.

It offers an almost complete escape from the stresses of civilization, with the highway 8 kilometres away and cane fields surrounding the park itself.

So, while at it, you're free to put your two feet up (and your pet all 4) and forget about the world and its problems.

Visit the Brown's Rock Caravan Park Official site here.

Stunning Maca's Camping GroundPhoto from:

Maca's Camping Ground

"The Ideal Place to Go"

Maca's Camping Ground is located close to Mt. Jerusalem National Park, just off the Main Arm Road, northwest of Mullumbimby.

It offers both powered and unpowered sites and can accommodate caravans, motorhomes, and tents.

The ground is ideal for campers with dogs, with guests free to rest in the peaceful environs of the park itself or to immerse themselves in nature on a long walk into the 300-acre park.

Other facilities include showers, kitchens, and laundry areas, while cabins and tents are available for hire.

Visit Maca's Camping Ground Official site here.

Ferry Reserve Holiday Park
Photo from: North Coast Holiday Parks

Ferry Reserve Holiday Park

"Scenic Views on a Family Getaway"

Ferry Reserve Holiday Park boasts a dramatic setting on the south shore of the Brunswick River, with the stunning Mt. Warning providing a striking backdrop.

The park is located on the site where the first ferry crossing of the river took place. It is the only park in the area to offer direct access to the river. Therefore, excellent boating, swimming, kayaking, and snorkelling facilities are on offer.

There are also walking/cycling pathways direct to the town of Brunswick Head. The park is dog-friendly only during the off-peak season - not during peak season.

Beautiful Woombah WoodsPhoto from: Caravan Park Photos.

Woombah Woods Caravan Park

"A haven in the woods"

The Woombah Woods Caravan Park is located just north of the Clarence River, on the verges of Mororo State Forest.

Their facilities include shady campsites and cabins. But they also offer one bedroom air-conditioned cottages complete with a fenced verandah, making it ideal for a keeping a pet.

The park also boasts swimming pools, a BBQ area, and a petting zoo for kids - all for as little as $48.50 per night.

Visit Woombah Woods Caravan Park Official site here.

Many a sleepy morningPhoto from: Mt Warning Rainforest Park.

Mt. Warning Rainforest Park

"Where Australia's Day Begins"

The Mt. Warning Rainforest Park is located right between two of the most famous tourist spots in Northern NSW - Mt. Warning and the Gold Coast. And it's a favourite escape into the wilderness for thousands of families every year.

As a pet-friendly camping spot, you and your family pet can roam through the lush rainforest, or make an early-morning trek to the top of Mt. Warning in time to see the magnificent sunrise.

Indeed it is a perfect place to leave the stresses of city life behind. Its rates start at just $20 per night.

Visit Mt. Warning Rainforest Park Official site here.

Coachwood Camping Area

Coachwood camping area is a cute little spot tucked in the magnificent Barrington Tops National Park. It is located in the Chichester State Forest and it is about 3.5 hours from Sydney.

Expect to enjoy river-based activities at this spot and of course some vast playground for your furry little friend.

The best news is this camping spot is free, so expect to be attended on a first come first serve basis.

they provide bins, firepits, and long-drop toilets. But you'll have to carry your own water.

Otherwise, it is a fun place to head over to this weekend, accessible with a 2WD vehicle but take extra caution when it is wet or your car is low.

Visit Coachwood Camping Area here

pet friendly camping nsw
Photo on: Pixabay

Ayers Rock Campground

"Touch the Silence" 

The Ayers Rock Campground is just 15 kilometres from Uluru. They cater for your camping needs including:

  • Air-conditioned cabins
  • Tent camping 
  • Powered sites for caravans
  • Motorhomes
  • Campervans
  • Camper trailers

Undoubtedly, camping under the lush green grass with native desert oaks hovering over your head high in the sky sounds like so much fun!

But the great outdoors doesn't end there. You will get to enjoy swimming at the pool, a vast playground for your loved ones (including furry mate) to enjoy. BBQ, an outdoor kitchen and self-service laundry facilities are also available.

 The Ayers campground is located within the Ayers Rock Resort which has some amazing amenities you should check out. Also the there are exciting free daily activities such as guided garden strolls and indigenous bush yarns. Participate in them while at it.

Ayers campground campfire
Photo from: Ayers Rock Resort

Over to You

There you have it. A nifty list of all the must-visit pet-friendly camping places in Northern NSW.

We bet you're now more than ever excited to spend some time in the great outdoors. Remember to get yourself a gazebo for guaranteed perfect shelter.

Originally Published: February 2018

Updated September 2018: Added two more pet-friendly camping sites; Coachwood and Ayers campgrounds.