Modular Tent Systems for Families- A Versatile Choice

As you might have read in The Camping Family's Guide to Choosing the Perfect Family Tent, the best bet for your family would have to be either dome tents or tunnel tents. These multi-room structures will provide plenty of space for small families of 5 to large families of 10, along with their stuff. However, there is another option to be explored - MTS tents.

The Modular Tent System

MTS stands for Modular Tent System and are tents that can usually shelter 2-3 people. There are two types of modular tents:

  • Main hub - a one-room tent that can accommodate 3 people and is usually multi-functional.
  • Pod - the pod is used as a sleeping space and allows 2 people to lie down comfortably.

As with all tents from the Camping Equipment Co., they have a waterproof rain fly, breathable inner tents, quality assembly pieces, and are built to last. What makes them a cut above the rest is that they are designed to be combined with other MTS tents. This feature yields a lot of possibilities both for solo campers and families!

Create Your Private Space

Oftentimes, it is difficult to get a sense of privacy when camping out with a large group. The MTS can improve this situation, though.

Getting a set of combined MTS tents like the Axis & Zulu 10-Person Combo Family Camping Tent can provide a large family of 8 ample space and privacy. Should one of the older children, or the parents the selves, want to have a sleeping area that is closed off from the rest of the tent, they can simply take one of the Zulu 3's, zip up the fabric door at the end that is connected to the Axis completely closed. And with that simple maneuver, they can have a room to themselves.

Exiting this private space won't invade the privacy of the people in the rest of the tent since the Zulu 3 is equipped with 2 entryways: you can just get out at the unattached side. Pretty convenient, isn't it?

Be In Control of the Layout

The MTS also allows you to choose the layout of the combined tents. You can position the pods as you see fit, or as allowed by the space available in the camping grounds. Moreover, you will also have the option to expand the tent further as all sides of the main hub (the Axis) can be attached with pods (the Zulu), or scale down its capacity. Now you never have to bring a tent that is too big when there are only 4 of you camping.

Going solo. Photo by tgruszewski on Flickr.

Use Them Individually

Remember that MTS tents are basically individual tents that can be attached together to create a bigger structure. With MTS tents, you can choose to scatter around your area in the camping grounds, or huddle together.

Modular Tents are also ideal for families whose members camp out at different times of the season. One member can take one of the pods on his solo trips. Or perhaps a couple can take the main hub and use it as a sun shelter on a weekend getaway.

Set Them Up With Ease

Modular tents have the lightest weights among Camping Cove's selection - all of them weigh in at less than 15 kgs. This is something that you will find very beneficial if you are traveling with a couple of old folks, or if some trek to the campsite is required. Being relatively small tents with light weights, setting up MTS tents will be super easy. Assemble the pieces individually first, then link them later. If you have any doubts about these tents faring well in foul weather, then it is time to cast them aside - despite their size, MTS tents are made with reliable materials and tests have shown that they can withstand unexpected, but realistic weather conditions.

If you do not find assembling smaller tents easy enough, you will be delightful to know that there are MTS tents that can be set-up instantly.

Pop-Up Convenience

Remember those pop-up fairytale books that you loved as a kid? You just flip the page and princess and her castle comes to life! Assembling the Pop-Up MTS tents will be just as easy as that.

They involve a simple and hassle-free 3-step process:

  • Release from the straps.
  • Pop into shape.
  • Stake down the corners.

Pop-Up MTS Tents such as the Miga 3 Person Instant Set-Up Tent and Atlas Pop-Up Screen Tent are installed with high-tension wire frames that make this awesome mechanism possible. Paired with massive ABS stakes, these structures are quite unshakeable.

All in all, MTS or modular tents are extremely versatile tents that families with a passion for camping out will surely find convenient and useful. They can provide more privacy than tunnel and dome tents, can be utilized individually, and are lighter in weight, all while providing the same superb quality as all our Camping Cove products.