Indulge - 27 Relaxing Beach Camping Locations

I'm not a fan of sand, admittedly. I don't like how it gets into everything and sticks into anything, and there's always way too much of it! I would like to astroturf the beach right down to the water if I could have my way.

Having said that, however, one can't really help but appreciate the lovely feeling you get when sitting on the beach, enveloped in the warm sun with the lazy breeze blowing. Cool drinks in the shade and the surf to swim in, and that one instance in the world when you seem to fell utterly alone. Like paradise was all yours...

©Nathan Gibbs (nathangibbs) on Flickr: Camping in San Felipe. The description fits the lovely picture: The rising sun eclipsed by a beach umbrella.

©Vlad B. on Flickr: Snake River Beach, Golf, Myrtle, South Carolina. Sun and large shelters. Refreshing waters. Friends. A perfect spot to pitch and enjoy some camping on the sand. Don't forget your sunscreen. No trees around to provide you with shade.

©Jimmy Smith (jwinfred) on Flickr: Beach Camping in Florida USA. Sand as far as the eye can see, and you may need to sweep it out more often than you have to. But look at that sun, the lazy rays that play its warmth on the fabric of your tents before sunsets, giving way to star-lit nights. The annoyance is worth it.

©Philip Squires (Dr Phil) on Flickr: 'Palm Beach' North Cyprus. A small tent and an umbrella against some good ol' sunlight? This is still such a Heaven on Earth location, with the port city of Famagusta almost as ancient as its loveliness.

©ricky montalvo (ricky.montalvo) on Flickr: Stinson Beach, Marin County, California. Large tents would not be so out-of-place in this location, and would definitely look so utterly stunning on the sands. And look at that surf! It just beckons you to jump into the waves and have a refreshing dip.

©Robert Park (Exolucere) on Flickr: Windy Bay, Idaho. This camper has done an amusing job of hiding his tent in some of the vegetation for a quiet evening. According to him, the space was nestled in between the highway and the beach, although, at this angle, you wouldn't really see any resemblance to the modern world (such as the highway) around. It looked more like a lost little corner of paradise.

©Borislav Dimitrov (Боби Димитров) on Flickr: Smokinya, Bulgarian. A seaside with a solitary tent with some Leucocrinum montanum or sand lilies in the background. Located between two camps (Veselie (meaning “glee”) and Kavatsite (meaning “the poplars”), despite being close to a coastal town, it still stays secluded, perfect for when you want some alone time.

©Daniela (muhawi001) on Flickr: Not much of a campsite on a beach in Hawaii, according to the photograph owner, however, look at that location! And the surf! Beautiful...

©°Florian on Flickr: Corvina Beach campground, Salton Sea State Recreation Area, California. This image bags the title "dramatic" without contest. Pastel skies by the end of the day, a lovely tent with the moon above for company.

©Irvine- on Flickr: Lagunillas, Paracas, Peru. This image is described by the photographer as "camping on the beach in the middle of nowhere"...and in the middle of the dark no less. Would be a great setting for a bonfire (if allowed) and some S'Mores.

©Ian Line (Ian B. Line) on Flickr: Hawaii. Stunning choice of location to beach camp. According to the description, to the left of this place is the set for the TV show "Lost", sporting multiple cliffs where not many people venture to. Just amazing.

©sk3p (skep) on Flickr: Baltic Sea. Grateful to be out camping and finding the perfect secluded spot; hopefully though, it's not that close to the edge.

©Stephen Coles (Stewf) on Flickr: Manresa State Beach is a beach near Watsonville, California in Santa Cruz County, which features a beautiful expanse of sea and sand to just relax in with friends or family. A solo tent would be nice too.

©Lisa (Beach650) on Flickr: Keeha Beach. Vancouver Island, British Columbia, Canada. Windy and cold, this location is far from the sunny paradise sometimes and according to you some, would take you through VERY muddy trails (that's all year round) before you get there. But be rewarded not only with the stunning view, but also a chance to see whales and other marine mammals puffing nearby. That's just awesome.

©leighadactyl on Flickr: Gulf Islands National Seashore; along the Gulf of Mexico barrier islands of Florida and Mississippi. This image could be mistaken for a dessert, but rest assured it's near water. The sands are just that expansive, with wide open spaces you can run, stroll and camp along on.

©Donna Smith (Snap-Smith-so behind.sorry...) on Flickr: Oregon Coast; Port Orford, Curry County, Oregon. Something about dark waters both scare and intrigue me, even with such a gentleness as they roll on to the shore. It gives you that feeling you can't explain, making you ponder.

©Martin (dekstop) on Flickr: Bonn, Germany. This photo should be titled "Prepare for the Worst", and it really made us laugh. A little embankment, of sand nonetheless, is not going to hold back the tide. I'd love to have seen a before and after photo...

©ippei & janine naoi (ippei + janine) on Flickr: Kurima Island, Okinawa, Japan. The island is known for being one of the world's best diving destinations not only for the sheer number of marine life around but also for its clearest waters on the planet, visible even at a depth of 50 to 60 meters. And look at that powdery sand that's like a cushion to the feet, adding to the relaxing atmosphere of the island.

©Arne_ on Flickr: Windswept and debris-filled it may be, the Gulf of Mexico, Florida is still a good place to pitch a tent and be alone. Plus the combination of calm waters and's just one perfect day.

©Hans Selde (hjselde) on Flickr: Camping under the full moon's light, "sleeping next to the waves, tides in action, clear skies, shooting stars, no bears!"

©Richard Leng (richardleng) on Flickr: Anclote Key Preserve State Park, Florida. This image is described as "primitave camping", but is actually more of a return to the basics and just enjoying the simple things like the blue green waters, the sun, and the relaxing peacefulness.

©Aaron Huber (FlickaHuber) on Flickr: Shi Shi Beach, Olympic National Park. Pronounce it as "shy-shy", the best nature beach in Washington, a wilderness area that definitely holds on its own in terms of beauty and serenity. Home to many lovely photo opportunities and quiet time.

©Mike and Karen (Two Wheeled Wanderers) on Flickr: Playa Santispac in Baja, Mexico. Something about this photo makes it so completely amazing. Maybe the calm waters, the distant mountains and the way the tent so peacefully blends with it all?

©Robbie Graham (rg250871) on Flickr: Traigh Eais, Barra, Scotland. When going on some wild camping, what's better than a lovely beach? A lovely beach with dunes to pitch your tent where the tide can't reach. Problem is, you'll need to slide down from it to get to the water, and may carry tons of sand along going back into camp.

©Mathew Grimm (brothergrimm) on Flickr: Olympic National Park, Washington. The trees on the magnificently water-carved rock are a gorgeous highlight to the view. It would pay to find this spot and wake up to it in the mornings.

©Image Yorimashi on Flickr: Okinawa. Beachside and peaceful. I wonder if they got to catch some sleep. Or did they spent the whole night just looking up at the sky with the large and looming Super Moon.

©Alasdair McIntosh (Ally Mac) on Flickr: Eigg, Scotland. It's one of those moments when you're just so thankful to be alive to experience some "lonely camping right on the beach" (as described by the camper), and being treated to some pretty gorgeous view that's one of the best ways, no doubt, to end the day.