7 Incredible Travel Bloggers from around the World

Many people wish to travel the world - reaching dreamy destinations like the countryside of Tuscany or the hitting the paradise beaches of Bali.

Sadly though, most of the same people never get to set foot outside their locale and end up looking at postcards and images of their travel bucket lists from the Internet.

But while they wallow in their unfortunate fate, there are some people who took courage in leaving behind the life that they had, packed their clothes in a suitcase or backpack and bought a plane ticket for the first destination that came to their minds.

This courage and their love for travelling are the main reasons why they ended up being where they are now - and are the exact same reasons why they made it to our list of incredible travel bloggers from around the world.

Be inspired by the many epic journeys across the globe of our top 7 wanderers/bloggers of the world in no particular order.

Photo by Joe Mabel

Turner Barr (Around the World in 80 Jobs)

Just like many other travel bloggers, Turner Barr has funded his travels by working abroad. What makes him a special mention? Well, if you read his blog Around the World in 80 Jobs, then you'd know.

Turner Barr has been travelling the world since 2007, and all the while doing all sorts of jobs that came his way - from awesome rackets like being a pizza maker in Italy, to not so cool gigs like shovelling elephant poop in Thailand or being a toilet attendant in Holland.

He blogs about these things in an amusing, funny, and somewhat informative way which should make for a great read. Here's a photo of him throwing the net: fishing in Laos.

 Photo by Turner Barr on  ATW80

Barbara Weibel (Hole in the Donut)

Barbara is getting to be one of the most inspiring travelling persons out there in the world right now.

Before travelling, Barbara had various careers which most of us would never think of giving up. Several years later, after feeling unwell for some time, she received news that she had Chronic Lyme Disease which put her in bed for the time - a time where she realized what she really wanted in life - photography, writing and travel. She then made a promise to herself that once she gets better, she'll spend the rest of her life doing what made her happy.

And she did.

For years she has travelled to most of the continents of the world and took amazing photographs and wrote about them in her blog Hole in the Donut (which is how she described her life before travelling: solid on the outside but empty on the inside.)

Her story is a testament that it is never too late to start doing what you love, no matter what bump or hole on the road may be.

Here's an image she took of Ursus Brewery and Restaurant in Cluj-Napoca, Romania in a restored beer factory.

Photo by Barbara Weibel on holeinthedonut

Alexandra Baackes (Alexa in Wonderland)

This lovely New Yorker has been travelling for years, left the upscale life in the city and took to off to the paradise islands of Southeast Asia back in 2009. From there, Alexandra has been through different countries in Europe, the Caribbean, and the North and South Americas.

Her love for scuba diving and the marine ecosystem is pretty evident in her blog posts, like the one about Diving in Malapascua, Philippines and Protecting the Shark's of Indonesia.

Photo by Alexandra Baackes on Alexinwanderland

Derek Earl Baron (Wandering Earl)

Over 10 years of travelling experience (and counting) is what makes Earl a notable travel blogger...

Like the previous travel blogger above, Earl seems to have his adventurous travel spirit influenced by his the famous political theorists and author Thomas Paine as he espouses on his post about the New Breed of Explorer.

You can read about his travel adventures in his blog, as well as some misadventures (do read The Day I saw a Headless Man in India).

Here's an image of wandering Earl's least favourite destination: Budapest, Hungary.

 Photo by Derek Earl on Wanderingearl

Niall Doherty (Disrupting the Rabblement)

"To travel around the world without flying." That is what Niall Doherty aims to do, and he gives an account of how he does that in his post about How to Travel the World Indefinitely. Well, it sounds pretty difficult, but nothing seems to be difficult or challenging that this guy here won't try.

Disrupting the Rabblement was inspired by an essay by James Joyce, and is much more fitting to the lifestyle and the philosophy that Niall holds on to today. So far, his inspirations are starting to be the catalyst for many other travel bloggers and wanna-be-travel-bloggers whom he advises to "Think for yourself, Face your fears, Live your dreams, Piss off some zombies."

Here's a photo he took of Chiang Rai's spectacular and surreal White Temple. 

 Photo by Niall Doherty on Disrupting the Rubblement

Gary Arndt (Everything Everywhere)

A picture says a thousand words - and every one of Gary Arndt's image resounds with all the adjectives that can describe the joys of travelling the world.

He has travelled to and taken pictures of over 100 countries, and accordingly has visited all of the 7 continents (Not many travellers go to Antarctica, but this guy did). What we may envy the most about him though (Aside from being talented with cameras and being popular) is that he has visited over 250 UNESCO World Heritage Sites and thus seen most of the wonders that the world has to offer.

Here's an image he took at Rapa Nui, Easter Island.


 Photo by Gary Arndt on Everything Everywhere

Marcello Arrambide (Wandering Trader)

Travelling and making money on day trading is the speciality of this travel blogger.

Marcello has been on the road (sea and sky as well) and has been travelling since 2009 and has visited 80 countries around the world. His blog, the Wandering Trader is a great collection and documentary of all the places that he's been to. Plus, you can learn a thing or two about trading in the stock market (and be able to make this one of the sources of your travel funds) in the same blog.

Enjoy this photo Marcello took of a sunset in Israel.


Photo by Marcello Arrambide on Wandering Trader

You Too Can Join Them!

Don't just sit there green with envy and wondering when you will ever travel. There is hope! Don't be sceptical. We'll show you how in a minute.

Evidently, our 7 amazing globe wanderers are living the life. Their stories of "pack and go" only tells us that in the world of travel, the first step is really the hardest, but once you're out there - exploring the world, immersing in different culture and having a blast at the same time - the next steps are simply a walk in the park...or city, or beach...what have you.

Photo by Oleksandr P on Pexels

Start Local

The journey of a thousand miles starts with the first step. There are many scenic places within your locality or even country that you can visit before leaping continents.

Here are some quick suggestions:

Beach Time

Pack your beach gear and head for a good swim at the sandy beaches. Don't forget to carry your beach umbrella to protect you against the scorching sun as you enjoy your outdoors. You may also fancy a beach shelter for variety.

Go Camping

You can effortlessly turn a lazy weekend into an epic adventure by taking out your camping arsenal and heading for the great outdoors. It is a great way to unplug and appreciate nature. Top on your packing list should be a gazebo to keep you safe from the sometimes harsh weather elements.

Go Fishing

Fishing is a fun pastime that will help you experience many benefits as you relish the great outdoors. But don't forget to carry an OZtrail gazebo for the perfect shelter against sunburns and heat rash.

This gazebo is silver lined on the inside to keep away 98% of the harmful UV rays. Plus, it has a vented canopy to keep you cooler underneath it. A smart option it is.

Could be you need further convincing? Here are some reasons why fishing is a great adventure...

  • Relieves stress, freedom in the outdoors
  • Contributes to environment conservation
  • Great for social bonding
  • The thrill - you caught a fish! Hooray!
  • Self-fulfilment as you master outdoor skills
  • Health benefits- being in the outdoors active

Travel National

Photo of Kangaroo Island on Way to Australia

Did you know that there are so many beautiful national destinations in Australia that you can visit this weekend or when on holiday?

Have you visited yet the following places? If not, get them on your bucket list:

  • The Great Barrier Reef
  • Australia's National Parks
  • The Twelve Apostles
  • Tasmanian Wilderness
  • Whitsunday Islands
  • Kangaroo Island

The list is endless, you can check all the interesting sites here and plan to visit.

Go International

Once you've gotten the gist of it, you can plan to take on the world. Remember to budget for your trips and meticulously plan ahead. You may even consider travelling with your dog and a dog bed as you cross international borders. Either way, have fun while at it! 


Originally published: March 2018
Updated September 2018: Added "you too can join them" section for ideas on how you too can travel