Families Who Camp across America and Blog about It

Looking for great camping tips and ideas? Where better to get them but from those who have been there and done it?

Here are 5 of the best blogs written by those who have travelled and spent the night in tents and under the stars with their loved ones.

Find out more about their adventures (and some misadventures) as they recount tales of their camping experiences in and around the United States.

Camping Blogger

Horseshoe toss is one of Roy and Lisa's camping activities that keep their kids engaged and happy. Photo by Dan Harrelson on Flickr.

Back in his younger days, Roy Scribner traveled to various parts of the world and camped outdoors a lot, from snow caves in the Arctic to the woodlands of America. Presently, he is a husband and a father hoping to share and instill among family the same love for camping and respect for nature that he has, and so far he and his wife Lisa along with their three kids have pitched their tents and hiked in various parts of the Pacific Coast.

Camping Blogger started in 2008, when Roy decided to share to the rest of the world how it was like camping with kids, which is so very different from what he was used to when he was still single. He hopes that Camping Blogger and his posts will inspire families and his readers to go out and explore the outdoors with their kids.

Posts Recommended for Reading:

"One of the most important things we can do as camping parents is to pass along our love of the outdoors to our kids. Now, kids naturally love camping so this isn't a difficult task, but we need to remember that our kids are constantly learning by watching what we do, so teaching our kids starts with us doing the right thing, too." From the blog post 5 Lessons to Teach Kids about Camping Responsibly

Our Florida Camping and Raving Family Journal

These big and hulking white rhinos are some of the main attractions of the safari. Photo by Duncan Rawlinson on Wikimedia.

Sweethearts Andy and Alyse loved the outdoors, so much so that they spent their boyfriend-girlfriend years camping with their friends or by their lonesome. Unfortunately, several events had caused them to give up their favorite pastime.

First is getting married, settling down, and finding work, and second is the slump that American economy had experienced. It was there their lovely daughter Ashleigh who, on her 7th birthday, chose camping over Disney that rekindled the couple's flare for the outdoor life.

As they travel to nearby places and parks for more camping adventures, they started blogging in order to share their thoughts about the different places they've been and make recommendations and suggestions which are truly helpful to their readers.

Posts Recommended for Reading:

  • CB Smith Park in Pembroke Pine, Florida is a post about camping in the said park, complete with the different activities that can be enjoyed and a budget outline as well to help you budget for the trip.
  • Lion Country Safari Campground is about camping with their daughter for the first time.
  • Our History‚Ķ This is a post that outlines their camping history, starting from before they got married, to the events that led them to give up camping, and to how they found their love for camping again.

Camping with Kids

This great view is probablyone of the most memorable things in the family's camping trips in Peak of Otters in Virginia - aside from the stinky neighbor, of course. Photo by Richard Martinon Flickr.

Victoria Marie Lees is a teacher by profession, graduated cum laude in college, and has written and published articles for their local newspapers and magazines. Doesn't sound much fun, eh? Well, you're dead wrong, because her blog Camping with Kids is definitely nothing less than fun and informative.

In this blog, Victoria writes about their family's camping experiences - reviewing campsites and retelling dialogues and conversations with the kids which are quite funny and interesting.

Posts Recommended for Reading:

"Camping with Kids is like pitching a tent upside down. Both are bound to fill with laughter and raindrops." ~Victoria Marie

A Little Campy

Bright foliage and the crisp sound of dried leaves as you walk on them - these are just some of the things that makes fall camping an experience worth doing. Photo by Eric Gmutza on Flickr.

This is a blog that is written by Tiffany, a part time Respiratory Therapist and a full time stay-at-home mom. Aside from writing about her family's camping experiences, her blog also features dedicated pages about camping with children and some recipes that you can cook at camp.

A Little Campy also accepts guests postings from other families who like to camp and would like to share their experiences with others, so basically the site becomes a melting pot of camping ideas from campers all over. Being a great blog, the site received awards from Outdoorsy Moms in 2012 and 2013.

Posts Recommended for Reading:

Real Family Camping

Smoky and a bit burnt perhaps, but cooking in campfire flames add authenticity to any outdoor camping experience. Photo by Paula Rey on Flickr.

This is a blog by Maggie who write posts about hiking and camping with the family and everything else in between. Be sure to check out the various archives for great family camp that covers everything from camping recipes to tips for camping with kids. Maggie also recounts some wonderfully inspiring stories and anecdotes, like their friends camping with special needs children.

"The campfire is the heart of the camping experience. Gather your friends and family, add a beautiful, starry night and a blazing fire and you've got just about everything you need in the world." From blog post 10 Reasons to Go Camping Right Now

To get even more excited, don't forget to bring a mega-sized tent like what we have here in Gazebos Australia that will surely make a great home away from home for you and your family. And when in doubt about whether you and your kids should go camping, reading these five blogs will surely motivate you and more.

They will more than open your eyes and mind as to why every family - in America or anywhere else in the world - should try camping and living outdoors at least once in their lives.