Dog Friendly Campsites in Texas, USA

Texas is located in the southern part of the USA and is along the Gulf of Mexico. In general, the western side of the Lone Star State has beautiful landscapes of prairies and jagged mountains that poke the sky, while the eastern parts are more forest-like, brimming with lakes and forests of oaks and maples among others. All these combined makes Texas a one stop camping ground that basically covers everything that you can look for in a camp site.

Another great thing about camping in Texas is that majority of the campgrounds are not only family oriented but dog friendly as well; thus, your kids don't have to feel guilty and worry about leaving the family pet at home. Here are some of the best dog friendly campsites in Texas where you can enjoy tent camping with your whole family (family pet included).

Lazy R and R Cove

Even dogs get excited when they see water. Photo by woodleywonderworks on Flickr.

If you are looking for something rustic and remote camping, then this is just what you need.

This campsite is located south of the state's capital, next to the Guadalupe River. The river is home to various fish, so this is a nice place to teach the kids how to throw those fish lines and catch their first fish. You can do your fishing from the shores of the river, or on a paddle boat or a canoe, since the waters are generally calm and slow moving. Alternatively, you can also go fishing in one of the creeks in the area, like the Cypress Creek or the Rebecca Creek, which is also great for swimming, by the way.

Dogs will definitely love the campsite. After all, the camp owners have their own dogs running around the place. Your canine friend will enjoy the freedom of running around the place without a leash. They can also go swimming in the Mermaid's Cove to cool themselves off. However, for the safety of all campers, big dogs like pitbulls and rottweilers are not allowed in the camping grounds, or if allowed at all, they should be kept in a leash.

You can check for available campgrounds and their corresponding rates in Lazy R and R's official website.

TOP TRIP TIP: Before heading to the campsite, be sure your dog is ready. One way is by making sure that they are protected from fleas and ticks that live in the woods. Use flea and tick powders to protect your dogs coat from being infested.

San Antonio KOA

Hiking in the woods or simply walking in the bark park is a great exercise for both you and your dogs. Photo by vastateparksstaff on Flickr.

This campsite is located just five miles from the city center, making it one of the easiest to find and go to. There are 40 acres of pecan forest in the area, with over 150 campsites, 50 of which are dedicated for tent campers with picnic tables and fire rings. The Salado Creek passes by the campgrounds, which (although is not suitable for swimming) is great for fishing activities and is free of charge.

For those wanting to swim, there is a swimming pool that can be enjoyed all year round. There is also a playground that the kids will love, and bike rentals with bike paths that go around the whole campground. There is a dedicated dog walk for your pets, just be sure to keep them on a leash and to clean up after their mess.

Check their website to learn more about what they offer a map of the campgrounds. Read the campsite reviews on tripadvisor as well to see why this campground ranks one out of seven specialty lodgings in the area and why it received a 4/5 rating.

TOP TRIP TIP: Be sure to keep your dogs shots updated. Pay your vet a visit for the vaccines and rabies shot and bring the papers with you since many park rangers will check them before allowing your pooch in the grounds.

Jackson Hill Park and Marina

Tent camping by the Sam Rayburn Lake is a great way to spend the weekend with the family. Photo by Roger Mommaerts (roger_mommaerts) on Flickr.

The campsite is located in Broaddus, Texas against the beautiful Sam Rayburn Lake. Thus, the site offers great water experience for campers and visitors to the place. You can go fishing bass and catfish on the lake, or enjoy floating on a tube or swimming.

One of the great things about the campsite is that you can bring your catch to the management and they can set you up to have your catch cooked for you as part of your fishing adventure. There are boat launches so you can travel across the waters of the lake, play beach volleyball in the sands or just lounge lazily in a recliner.

The camp managers also set up various activities involving various groups and sponsors so you and your family won't run out of things to do and enjoy.

Dogs are very welcome to the park, and if you have horse, you can bring them, too.

See great pictures of the place and the happy campers along with their amazing catch in the campsite's official Facebook page and website.

TOP TRIP TIP: Don't forget to bring your dog's collar. Be sure that it has your dog's name, your name, address, and contact number. In addition, include rabies tags as well so that the finders will not be afraid to get near your dog.

Bonham State Park

Most bike trails allow dogs on them, just be sure to keep an eye on your pooch to make sure they don't go off track (like when they decide to run after some wildlife). Photo by Gabriel Amadeus on Flickr.

This camping ground is pretty small by comparison to the others mentioned here, with only 21 sites available for tent campers distributed among the trees and the lake's shoreline (tent site number 19 and 20 are reputed to be the best sites). Despite its meager size, it is filled with fun and engaging activities that the whole family will surely enjoy.

There is a dedicated part of the lake for swimming, and you can play beach volleyball in the sandy shores right next to the waters. If you have a boat, there is a boat ramp where you can launch them so you can enjoy boating in the lake. The gentle inclines of the green and rolling hills offer hiking trails for a relaxing walk, and bike trails for those looking for great bike ride.

Check this website to find out more about the camp grounds, including the rates and other details.

TOP TRIP TIP: Conditioning your dog for a trip is also a good idea before heading out to the campsite. One way of doing this is by taking your dogs for a walk in your local parks or short day trips to prepare them for long hikes in the campsite.

Mustang Island State Park

Camping by the beach, enjoying the sunset and listening to the rhythmic crashing of waves is wonderful way to relieve yourself of stress. Photo by °Florian on Flickr.

The island park is located between the cities of Corpus Christi and Port Aransas. The island has five miles of beach and coast that is dedicated for the enjoyment of its campers and visitors.

There are many things to do in the campground. You can go swimming or surfing and you can also go fishing and beachcombing. There are also many birds in the area which makes it a perfect spot for those looking for some bird watching.

You can also go mountain biking in the dedicated trails. Kayaking in the Mustang Island State park paddling trail is also a must, as it goes around the western side of the scenic Corpus Christi Bay. Enjoy pitching your tents by the beachside and listening to the lull of the waves coming in.

Your dogs can also have fun in the water, but not in the designated swimming areas for people. When strolling around the park or when left alone, your dogs should be on a leash.

Visit this website to find out more about the campsite. Here is a map of the campgrounds you can refer to when making your reservations.

TOP TRIP TIP: Before leaving home for these great outdoor spots, make suredouble check all your equipment as well as provisions for everyone (including the dog's). And to ensure that you have all the space you'll ever need, bring along a trusty and pop-up beach shelter shade tent and Pet Bed or Kennel Mat.

There are many campsites in Texas which are great for family camping, whether you are looking to stay for the weekend or for the whole week. With all the great amenities for tent camping and the exciting and fun activities found in it, the Lone Star State will get a 5 star rating from the happy campers who step and stay in its territory.