Enjoy Camping in the Southwest in these Dog Friendly Campgrounds in Virginia

"Virginia is for Lovers..."

That is a popular quote used to describe the Old Dominion and the hometown of eight US presidents. However, because of the many wonderful natural and developed campsites in the area, it would be safe to say that it is also a place for tent campers looking for that great outdoor vacation. There is the famous Blue Ridge Mountains, various state parks with lakes and rivers and creeks, and of course the rich history of the place.

All these things combined with adventurous camping spirit make this state a great getaway site for those in love with their families and pets.

Loft Mountain Campground

Take in the panoramic views that surround the campground and the Appalachian Trails. Photo by Amy Nelson (Roaring Jellyfish) on Flickr.

If you are looking for a campsite that offers great and scenic views of the Shenandoah National Park and the Blue Ridge Mountains, then head on to Loft Mountain Campground located on Big Flat Mountain.

There are about 200 campsites available, 40 of which are dedicated to tent camping. Each campsite is nestled in its own private corner, sheltered by trees and lush vegetation from the other campers in the area. Although all of the sites are good, try to see if you can get the primary loop or the outer edges since they are considered by many to be the prime locations.

In the campgrounds are some hiking trails like the Appalachian Trail that leads to various vantage points that allows you to admire the beauty of the Shenandoah forest, especially in the morning when the tree tops are still blanketed by early morning mist and only the pointed tips of the tallest trees are seen.

You can also go on various day trips outside the campgrounds. You can visit museums and gift shops and try dining in the local restaurants and diners.

To know more about Loft Mountain Campground, you can visit this website or read the past campers' reviews. Also, you can download this handout that summarizes everything you may want to know about the campground rules, regulations, and the campground map.

Misty Mountain Camp Resort

Photo by Hillebrand Steve, US Fish and Wildlife Service on Wikimedia Commons; added by Fæ.

Water adventures are famous in Virginia, and most of them are available in the various campgrounds in the area or nearby. 

Misty Mountain Camp resort is located in Charlottesville, Virginia and boasts of great tent camping experience for families and their pets. Situated at the foot of the scenic Blue Ridge Mountains, the campground is sprawling with trees and grass and the sweet scent of freshness wafting down from the forested boondocks, offering campers the peaceful and quiet feeling of outdoor camping.

There are many fun things to do in the campground like fishing in their pond. Alternatively, you can just sit back and relax at the Stockton Creek or under the shade of trees in your site.

There are several playgrounds where kids can play and a volleyball and basketball court for the sporty campers. You can also cool off in the camp grounds' pool should the day get pretty warm for you. A visit to the Misty Meadow Barn/Farm is also a good way to spend the day.

Aside from these, you can enjoy other activities near the campground like zip lines and adventure trails. You can go kayaking in the Rivanna River and Beaver Creek or go fly fishing in the South River. You can also book for a family tour to the various vineyards and breweries in the area, or go on an air excursion on hot air balloons or small planes.

Learn more about what Misty Mountain Camp Resort can offer you and your family in their website.

Holliday Lake State Park Campground

Kids will have a grand time catching their own fish in the Holliday Lake. Photo by vastateparksstaff on Flickr.

The Holliday Lake State Park Campground offers the best of the Appomattox Buckingham State Park, and as such boasts of green and cool forests and (as the name suggests) the calm and beautiful Holliday Lake. There are about 30 campsites that tent campers can enjoy, situated under the shade of tall trees.

The campground offers various activities and amenities that campers can enjoy, first of which is the Holliday Lake. You can go for a dip in the cool waters of the lake, or rent a boat or kayak and go paddling around the more than 100 acre lake. You can also fish for largemouth bass or crappie in the area. The lake's beach is clean and well-maintained, with lots of picnic tables for those looking to have lunch by the waters.

You can also rent a bike and go around the campgrounds through the paved paths and in and out of the trees.

For those looking for some hiking adventure, there are five hiking trails that you and your kids can enjoy. The longest is the Carter Taylor Trail at 12 miles and is the favorite of many hikers, bikers and horseback riders. There is also the 6.3 mile Lakeshore Trail which goes around the lake and a pine plantation. There are shorter routes as well - less than a mile - like the Saunders Creek Trail, Dogwood Ridge Trail and the Northridge Trail.

Visit this website for a full list of their amenities and the campground map.

Deer Trail Park and Campground

Deer like these are just some of the diverse wildlife in Virginia. Photo by lorax on Wikimedia Commons.

This campground is located in Wytheville, Virginia at the Base of Big Walker Mountain, with more than 30 tent sites which are shady and cool.

One of the highlights of this campground are the roaming deer in the area. They usually come out of the forests to drink from the brook that runs through the campgrounds. Be careful not to get their attention though or they'll run away.Also, don't try to feed them. This helps to keep the deer and you safe.

Another great thing about the place is the fish pond, where you can spend the day sitting by the beach and while waiting for the fish to bite. The pond is stocked by the managers regularly as well. There are mountain biking trails and hiking trails, and a heated pool for those who are not so adventurous and would like to simply relax at camp.

Outside the camp are more hiking trails to be enjoyed like the Seven Sisters Hiking Trail. If you're looking for some fun in the snow, take the one hour drive to the ski resort.

Drop by their website to find out more about what the campground has to offer and for rates and reservations. Also, check out this virtual tour of the campgrounds.

Candy Hill Campgrounds

The Candy Hill Campground trolley is ready to take you on a day tour of the various attractions of Winchester. Photo by vastateparksstaff on Flickr.

The campground is located in the beautiful and charming Winchester, Virginia and accommodates campers of any type and age. There are super wide sites for RV campers with super big motor homes, and smaller and grassy sites for tent campers and day users.

The campground has modern entertainment facilities like a large video and game room with pool tables and air hockey, a large swimming pool and a well-stocked camp store so you don't have to run to town to get what you need. You can rent bikes and golf carts as well and go on a self tour around the campgrounds.

Every Saturdays, there is a trolley bus that takes campers on a tour around the area, from the grounds to the town center. You can also go on a day-trip with your family and visit the many attractions in the place like the wineries, groves and plantations, museums and even the several caves and caverns like the Endless Caverns and Shenandoah Caverns.

The campgrounds' official website has full listings of the various activities and events that you can enjoy on your visit. And to double the fun, don't forget to carry your tent so that there's extra space for everyone.

The mountainous regions of Virginia - with its robust forests and fresh air - is simply one of the best places for that relaxing vacation that you and your family (including your beloved pets) will surely enjoy. Make it a point to visit and enjoy these great outdoors.