Dog Friendly Campgrounds in New York that You and Your Pets Will Love

New York, USA is best known for the Statue of Liberty and the city center, which is sprawling with giant skyscrapers and high end shopping streets. However, out in the countryside are some great places of interest that is famous for things.

New York is not commonly associated with: lush green forests, wide open lakes, aquatic and land creatures - yes, in the outskirts of the bustling metropolitan are state parks and camping grounds that provide a great escape from the busy city life.

And the best part, you can bring not only the whole family but your beloved retriever, terrier or what have you as well!

So get your pop-up beach shelter shade tents, camping gear and portable Pet Beds ready and head on to the following places:

Brown Tract Pond Campground

Camping fee: $18

Season Dates: May to September

This tranquil, idyllic lake provides a sharp contrast to the noisy and busy image New York is known for. Photo by Dredit7 on Wikimedia

Tucked away in the Adirondack regions is this seemingly untouched paradise of lakes and forests which is just perfect for that weekend escapade.

The campground, located in the eastern shores of the Brown Tract Pond, has 90 campsites and has been accommodating campers since its opening in the late 1950's, and despite the numerous renovations and additions of amenities like flush toilets and picnic grounds, has remained true to its goal of providing campers with an all natural atmosphere.

There are various activities that can be enjoyed in Brown Tract Pond, the most obvious ones being boating or canoeing (boats can be rented).

Take note though that motorized boats and water crafts are not allowed here. You can also go fishing in the pond and nearby lakes for trout, bass, perch and other types of fish.

There are also walking trails that lead to West Mountain and Black Bear Mountain, so best bring your hiking boots along.

With regards to pets, dogs are allowed on the camping grounds as long as they are tied to a leash no longer than 6 feet.

Here is a blog/review about the campgrounds by Lynn, one of those who actually experienced camping in the said site. Click the following for a map and list of regulations governing camping in the park.

Clarence Fahnestock State Park Campground

Camping fee: $15/night; $19 on Fridays, Saturdays, Sundays

Season Dates: May to October

Walking the dog under towering trees after waking up to a morning of rays of sunshine beaming through the foliage. Photo by Urban Environmental.

This state park is more than 14,000 acres of delightful outdoors nestled in the Putnam and Dutchess Counties.

Various lakes in the area like Canopus Lake and Stillwater are great points for anglers as they are brimming with bass, pickerel, rainbow trout and more.

However, do note that only row boats are allowed in the area and that if you are bringing your own boat or canoe along you will need to obtain a Regional Boating permit from the Park Office.In addition, you will also need to get a permit from the New York State Department of Natural Conservation before your fishing trip. This permit is available from the Town Hall, although some accredited sporting goods stores are also allowed to give them out.

Some of the highlights of the trip are the different activities made available to campers by the park staff. They organize guided tours and walks as well as some arts and crafts activities.

On Saturday nights, they also put up a movie for campers to enjoy. The park has the usual amenities like tables, showers, as well as pavilions.

Pet dogs are permitted in some parts of the campgrounds, as long as they are on a leash. They are not allowed in the beach and picnic areas though, and only two pets per camper are allowed.

Here is a review of the park from a contributor in

Hearthstone Point

Camping Fee: $22

Season Dates: May to September

Reward your pooch with an enjoyable trip into the outdoors of Hearthstone Point. Photo by DEC.

If you're after something more than a peaceful and day in camp, then Hearthstone Point is definitely for you.

Unlike other campsites that only allow row boats in their waters, Lake George here accommodates both row and motor boats. Thus, you can get your fix of adrenaline from jet skiing and doing other water sports.

Fishing for trout, pike, bass and salmon is also another favorite pastime of campers here. Aside from water activities, hiking and mountain climbing can also be enjoyed.

Here is a map of the camp grounds and the camping regulations in Hearthstone Point.

Pets are allowed in the area. Be sure to bring your dog's papers as park authorities will inspect for rabies vaccinations. You can also walk your dog along but not in the beach or day use areas, and dogs must be kept on a leash and under control at all times.

Watkins Glen State Park

Camping fee: Varies (Click here for the latest)

Season Dates: May to October

Paved trails will take you to secluded and amazing cascades like this in the Watkins Glen State Park. Photo by Optionbooter on Wikimedia.

Camping here in Watkins Glen State Park is somewhere between civilized and roughing it.

There over 300 traditional camping areas with the usual tables and grills, but there are also modern and convenient amenities (aside from restrooms and showers) like an Olympic sized swimming pool, a kiddie's pool, a baseball field and a basketball court.

Going back to the nature part of the camping trip, the Watkins Glen State Park is home to the Seneca Lake and Catherine Creek which are known for rainbow trout. In addition to wide lakes and gently flowing stream, there are also about 19 or so waterfalls in the area, winding its way through gorges and crevices before falling.

The one over at Rainbow Bridge is so beautiful, cascading smoothly over the rocks to the turquoise pool of water below.

The sad thing is that although pets are allowed in the camp grounds, they are not allowed to join you in your walk through the Gorges Trail and Waterfalls, nor are they allowed anywhere near the pools. They should be on a leash at all times and only two dogs are allowed for every camper.

Want to know more? Here are some reviews of the campsite and the trails from tripadvisor.

Rogers Rock Campgrounds

Camping Fee: $22

Season Dates: May to October

A dog and one of the many views of Lake George far off. Photo by HikeWithYourDog.

Roger's Rock is the name for the huge, smooth rock face seen below.

Legend has it that Robert Rogers, from which the rock got its name, had to slide down the face of the rock and plunge into the cold waters of Lake George below (100 feet or so) in order to escape being captured by the pursuing Indians.

There are over 300 campsites where you can pitch your tents situated along the 32-mile long beach of Lake George, which includes those at the Waltonian Islands which are accessible by boat only.

Given the wide expanse of land and water, there are various activities that you and your family will surely love.

The camp allows the use of motorized water crafts here in this area, so get ready for some extreme watersports fun. Just be careful not to hit the swimmers or skin divers and snorkelers in the waters.

There are also bath house and lifeguards on duty to ensure the safety of all campers enjoying in the water. Take note that swimming is only allowed if there are lifeguards around. Pikes and trout and other fish are also in abundance in the area, so you can have a blast trying to hook some of them.

Cycling or plain walking is also fun, and you can take your dogs as long as they are on a leash and have rabies vaccine certificates. However, they are not allowed in the Waltonian Islands camping site.

There are flush toilets and hot showers and water source from spigots are also available. Here is a map of the camping grounds to help you choose the best site for you and your family (and that includes your pooch too).

Doggie Pro-Tip: Remember to always spare your pets their rightful space when you pack up for the trip.

Don't forget to take along the proper food and treats as well as a couple toys to get them occupied. And also consider taking one of our mega-sized tents so that you're sure to have tons of storage and sleeping space while still leaving enough room to fit in your furry family for the night.

A day, weekend, or two weeks in any of these pet friendly camping sites is sure to give you, your family, and even your dog a wonderful and relaxing outdoor fun and adventure.