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Camping Tents. Photos by Lieven Blancke

How to Choose a Tent for Your Family

Here is a simple guide to picking out a tent for your family, with useful tips on what to look for when it comes to the correct size, design, assembly pieces...among others. Confused with ratings and specifications by any chance? This article will surely enlighten you. NEW!

Finding Great Campsites Just Got Easier

Guest blogger Sarah Smith shares all about this great website and app for campers who are always on the lookout for new and exciting campgrounds to conquer or escape to. All you tenting enthusiasts, meet the Dyrt. NEW!

Having Fun on Weekend Camping Trips

Make camping with young children easy with this helpful article featuring the many creative ways a father comes up with to keep his two daughters occupied outdoors.

10 Steps to Being a Totally Obnoxious Camper

Here's a funny article on the 10 sure fire ways to become a totally obnoxious camper, a.k.a the 10 things not to do to avoid being an annoyance to other people at campsites.

Camping in Big Sky Country - Dog Friendly Campgrounds in Montana

Montana also known as the Big Sky Country, is a land of numerous mountain ranges and camping opportunities that's best shared not only with the family or with a handful of your friends, but also with your dog.

5 Free Activities for Kids at the Campsite

Running out of ideas to keep the little tykes happy while on your next camping trip? Here's a list of 5 free activities for you to try out with the kids. Some of them might be messy, but we guarantee your children will stay occupied and amused all day.

Campfire Fun Ideas

Bring life to nights and shun unwanted boredom while enjoying the warmth of the bonfire! If you're the sort to have trouble getting people entertained while out camping, check out this short list of campfire ideas and have F-U-N.

Love Shooting Stars During Your Campout? Know When

Learn how to plan a stargazing campout, and see more of the stars, the constellations, the new and full moons and, yes, even those breathtaking meteor showers that we as campers love looking at every night outdoors.

13 Wild and Woolly Camping Locations Around the World

Take a gander at these 13 wild and woolly locations, each so completely remote and far-removed that one can't help but simply kick back and enjoy some much-deserved peace and quiet.

4 Day Camping Adventure

Spend four adventurous days on the East Coast. Join us on a tour from the Tasman Peninsula, through Hazards and on to magical Wineglass Bay - and more! - and see the best that Tasmania has to offer.

Yes to Free Camp - Here's How to

Learn the basic starting information to independent or "free" camping so you know where to go, how to utilize your resources and set up camp in the least expensive way. Check out these easy recommendations.

What Kind of Outdoor Lights Work Best When Camping?

Proper lighting is an essential aspect that should not be overlooked when camping especially with the family. We list your options in this article, from natural lighting to LED lanterns, each with the pros and cons so you can make the best choice for the best camping experience.

Create a Mystical Blue Light Campfire

Make camping with the family extra fun and exciting. Create an even cooler campfire that's sure to entertain. Add magic to that boring blaze with this little secret your kids will surely love.

DIY Fire Starters for Family Camping

Are you always struggling to get a fire going especially when camping in the damp outdoors? Check out these 3 homemade fire-starter kits assembled from scraps found at home and never fret again when it's time to light that blaze.

How to Build a Campfire

Learn the essential skill any jolly camper should have in their arsenal. Build a blaze that lasts long and stays strong throughout the night! How? Here are 7 simple steps to follow, each illustrated so you can never go wrong.

How to Identify Poison Ivy

Want to avoid the annoying irritation caused by the ever infamous poison ivy? If you've ever wondered what this itch-and-rash-inducing plant looks like, check out this helpful infographic so you can distinguish its pesky presence from other fauna outdoors.

Ten Camping Games that will Win Your Kids' Hearts

Be bored no more and even bond some more! Make camping outdoors even more fun for you and your kids. Learn these 10 awesome games that everyone in the family will not only love but will surely enjoy playing during those long outdoor escapades.

7 Bizarre Tick Myths

Having tick troubles? Want to learn the 'real' way to safely remove them? Know the facts! Learn the truth behind the most common tick myths and avoid being bothered by these outdoor annoyances.

Sunscreen Myths and Misconceptions

Is sunscreen toxic? Is it really safe? What is the truth about Vitamin D? Separate the facts from fiction. Investigate the many persistent claims about skin cancer, sunscreen and the sun, and sort what's real from all the misconception.

How to Make Easy Camping Meals

Save a ton of time on your next camping trip by minimizing the work it takes to make great meals. Enjoy the great outdoors more with the family and less time fussing over what you're cooking.

Native American Indian Culture Trip in New Mexico

Discover the proud legacy of our Native American Indian brethren and come into a better understanding of their culture, beliefs and way of life.

Tips for Stress-Free Camp Cooking

Fret no more when cooking outdoors. Top tips to making camp cooking completely stress-free and even surprisingly enjoyable. Read on and make life easier for the camp cook.

Packing Tips For Family Camping Trips

Avoid panicking when packing for the whole family. Learn these fool-proof tips featuring Essential Kids. Read here.

10 Intriguing Walks for Brave Trekkers

For daring adventurers seeking the more extraordinary & amazing type of hiking experience around, try our top 10 most intriguing trails! Think you got what it takes? Then pack up and head out.

Top Tips for Camping With Kids

Ever wanted to take your kids camping? Plan an awesome trip! Read up on top tips to make camping with children fun and totally enjoyable.

8 Serene Camping Spots To Dream About: A Gallery

Ready for some relaxation? Check out these 8 serene spots that are perfect not only for pitching tents but also for catching up with some alone time.

Modular Tent Systems for Families: A Versatile Choice

Why are Modular Tent Systems the more popular choice for passionate camping families? Learn the functional durable characteristics that make this genius tent completely awesome. Read it all here.

Finding the Right Kind of Tent: Dome vs. Tunnel vs. Modular System Tents

In need of some helpful advice choosing the right tent to suit your family's needs? No problem. Compare the dome, tunnel as well as modular system shelters and find out which is the best. Read here before you buy.

Indulge: 27 Relaxing Beach Camping Locations

You might not be a very huge fan of sand...but one can't really help but appreciate that amazing feeling you get when sitting on the beach. So here's to the sun and surf! A stunning picture collection of the best shores to camp and relax, indulge and enjoy in.

The Camping Family's Guide to Choosing the Perfect Tent

Be confused no more with this handy guide that helps you in choosing the best tent so that you & your family can feel comfortable on any trip, on any location. Read more here.

12 Crazy Places To Pitch A Tent: A Camping Cove Picture Gallery

A picture gallery of the wildest, hardest, coldest and most remote locations to go camping. Check out where these (maybe almost) insane yet amazing bunch of adventurers pitch their tents on a normal day. Would you likewise dare?

Families Who Camp across America and Blog About It

Looking for some motivation to go camping? Check out these 5 amazing blogs by American families who've been there, done that, and get inspired to head on out on your own adventure. Who knows? You might start your own camping blog soon too.

Best Lightweight Shelters: Tarps VS Hammock-Tent Innovation

The question of which - tarp or hammock-tent - is finally answered. Read more here and learn which of these two 'lightweight' options is the best shelter to use outdoors.

Dog Friendly Campgrounds Series

Camping with Family, Friends and Pets. Photos by OakleyOriginals

Beach Camping? Visit These 5 Great Dog Friendly Campgrounds in Florida, USA

Florida boasts of the longest coastline best for pitching large tents, with utterly beautiful sunsets in the background and worthwhile camping fun guaranteed for the whole family including your pet dog! Check out our top recommended spots and activities not only for you and your family but also for your beloved pooch.

Enjoy Camping in the Southwest in these Dog Friendly Campgrounds in Virginia

Virginia is a state of great getaways for those in love with their families and, yes, their pets. Visit the various parks in this dog-friendly state and enjoy its views with lakes, rivers, creeks and a rich history that will have you coming back for sure!

Dog Friendly Campsites in Texas, USA

With beautiful prairies and jagged mountains in the background, Texas boasts of many campsites that are great for family camping as well as for dog camping! Want to know where these places are? Read the full article here.

Go Camping in These Dog Friendly Campgrounds in Michigan, USA

Another great article featuring some of the most dog-friendliest campgrounds, this time, in Michigan, USA. Learn why this Great Lakes' State is the best camping stop to make this part of the country.

Campgrounds in New York that You and Your Pets Will Love

A stone's throw away from New York's fast-paced city life, these splendid 'pet-friendly' locations will surely get you and your beloved dog excited. So grab that large tent and head on out! Here are some of the best camping places to visit. Read more.

Dog Friendly Camping Sites Along Route 66

The historic highway, Route 66, also happens to be the best place for some dog-friendly camping. Allow us to show you where on the Mother Road. Read the full article.