9 Best Things To Take On A Picnic

When you have your day off and you see that the weather is good, there's nothing more refreshing as a picnic. It doesn't take much to put up one and you'll have a splendid time with family and friends. Here is a list of 10 best things to take on a picnic.

1. Foods

Best Choice of Foods for Picnic. Photos by Steyn Viljoen and unplush

Common classic picnic foods are sandwiches, fruits, salad, chips, hotdogs, pies, chicken and vegetables. Finger foods are the most comfortable to eat and serve. You can always be creative in making your picnic a memorable one. You can try exotic foods in the market or even visit local supermarket to get ideas. But be cautious of dishes made with mayonnaise or other ingredients that may spoil in the heat. You can also go for vinegar-based salads and spreads, which keep well in the cooler and shave a few calories, too.

2. Drinks

Best Drinks During Picnic. Photos by Nico Paix and Raheel Shahid

A cold and refreshing picnic drinks can add the finishing touch to your outdoor meal. It is good to drink plenty of fluids especially when you are active o.utside and exposed to the heat of the sun to keep you hydrated. A water flavored with lemon and mint would be refreshing, healthy and cheap. You can also bring assorted kid-friendly and adult beverages such as bottled water, fruit punch or juice, and soda.

3. Utensils and Dishware

Utensils and Dishware for Picnic. Photos by David Blaine and kaboompics

Proper washing of utensils and dishware materials are difficult on a picnic that's why you should pack plenty of this. Juices from some raw foods contain bacteria that are harmful and can contaminate other foods and cause foodborne illness. With this, never use utensils and dishware that have touched raw foods to store fresh or cook foods unless they have been washed. Moreover, real stuff over disposable materials, this maybe plastic or paper, are highly preferred to make the picnic feel more special, and it also saves the environment.

4. Portable Umbrellas Or Gazebo

Use Portable Gazebos and Beach Umbrella During Camping. Photos by Ralph Daily and OZtrail Deluxe Compact

Make sure to be ready for an unpredictable weather, bringing your umbrella or portable gazebo will save you from a bad day. This will let you enjoy the outdoor picnic when the sun heats up at the peak of the day, or when rain falls. This will also serve as shelter for your food and belongings while you go and have fun!

5. Things for fun

Outdoor Fun. Photos by Virginia State Parks and kaboompics

Maybe you haven't played a “game” outside in a long time. Playing can be beneficial and fun. Aside from that, it can be both for parents and kids to enjoy. Card game are classic games that are commonly played on picnics. Ball games are also fun, active and entertaining to play. It stimulates gross motor skills, coordination, team building and social skills. It is also the most easy and common way of playing with your love ones.

6. Sunscreen and Bug Spray or Insect Repellant

Bug Spray and Sunscreen is Important. Photos by Ruthie Hansen and bryan

If you are overly concerned about your skin, then you can put sunscreen to prevent the skin from getting tanned or bug spray to keep the bugs away. Sunscreens are generally considered somewhat safe if a small quantity is eaten, but can cause allergic reactions or skin/eye irritation. Use caution when applying sunscreen to avoid getting it in the eyes or in the mouth, especially with young children. Bugs are generally uninvited guest to picnics, and using insect repellant or bug spray is the most effective ingredient to get rid of them.

7. Comfortable blanket or ground covering to sit on

Use Removable Floor or Picnic Blanket. Photos by Scott Webb and OZtrail Gazebo Removable Floor

Some blankets roll up into a convenient carrying cases. If you worry too much about ruining your favorite blanket or quilt, bring along a vinyl tablecloth to serve under layer. It doesn't have to be that expensive or fancy. The important thing is that you and your foods won't have direct contact to the ground. You can also use the OZtrail removable floor which is perfect for your picnic as this one is waterproof and lightweight. 

8. Cooler for items that need to be kept cold

Keep Your Drinks Cool. Photos by Clayton Parker and sv1ambo

Going on a picnic means carrying a lot of food stuff. Coolers are definitely an asset when you are planning to go on an outing. Coolers are simply great for carrying drinks and foods because of its light weight. Most of this things come with wheels and handle, which makes transportation quite easy. You can use plenty of ice packs to keep everything chilled. You can also freeze bottled water, lemonade, or fruit juice to double as ice packs and save space. Just be sure you have the time to let them thaw prior to serving. Last but not least, don't put the cooler in your trunk during transport, as it's the hottest part of the car.

9. Tote, back pack, or picnic basket

Make Use Of Your Food Basket. Photos by Aoife Ni Mhathuna and alex lang

You don't necessarily need to get an old fashioned wicker basket, but try to use something more charming than a bunch of grocery bags. The backpack basket is great if you're doing a little hiking to your picnic space, whether that hiking is urban or back-country trails. You can also use a basket as your food storage. You can put the foods you'll want first on top, and leave dessert on the bottom. You'll conserve more chill by having a basket open for less time.